The Top Ten Male Fantasies

November 26, 2013

Unable to satisfy your man or do you just want to delve deeper in to the male psyche? Most women claim openly that they understand men very deeply and carefully, yet very few women are actually able to understand what her man wants, and when. Obviously, we all have our fantasies, male or female. Now, depending upon the type of person, these fantasies can turn out to be pretty amazing at times. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top ten fantasies across the globe that members of the male sex harbour inside them.

1) On their Boss’s Desk

Easily one of the oldest fantasies in the world, wouldn’t you like to bang a chick on the desk of your pesky boss? There are very few things that can be as satisfying as doing a chick on your boss’s desk, knowing that you are giving her everything she wants, on the desk of a person who has often beguiled and humiliated you. Having surveyed people who have done the deed on the desk of their boss, one of the feelings that is shared by all such men is that they feel highly confident. After all, who wouldn’t? you just banged a chick on desk of the person whose continuously been giving you orders!

2) In Her Parent’s Bed

Call men daredevils, but we just leave to try something foolish and stupid. Not only does it leave an oddly satisfying experience, but it also does wonders to the man’s confidence on a whole. One of the most popular male fantasies is to have sex with the woman in her parent’s bed. This is even more satisfying for the man if the father is disapproving of the relationship that his daughter has with the man. This way, he always has this feeling in his head that he’s pulled one over the old man. Might feel clichéd, but it’s the truth and from numerous surveys that were carried out, a lot of men stated that they’d like to do their girlfriends in her parent’s bed!

mysterious woman in fetish mask seducing man

3) On an Plane

Let’s face it, we’ve all heard about the Mile High Club! There’s no feeling like doing a chick on an airplane flying more than 35, 000 feet above the ground; it’s a feeling that can’t be put in to words. It is easily going to be the most uncomfortable sex on your part, but few things in life can be more rewarding than doing your girlfriend in the tiny, cramped environment of the airplane washroom. Most would say that the sheer idea itself is useless and idiotic, yet the male brain works in different ways. What do you do when you are a flight moving across the Atlantic for over eight hours continuously? Joining the Mile High Club, or banging a chick on the airplane flying high above the earth is easily one of the most popular male fantasies.

4) High School Teacher Role Play

There’s a reason why tight, skinny outfits depicting teachers sell so popularly; they provide good role playing experiences. If you are a man, the odds are stacked in the favor that you definitely had a crush on your high school teacher. If you did, wouldn’t you like to bang somebody whose wearing her clothing? Teachers are always considered to be a part of a man’s fantasy, and childhood fantasies never really seem to go away. As a result, this is one of the greatest fantasies for most men.

A sexy young female standing at a chalkboard.

5) Threesomes

Who doesn’t want to have a threesome? For men, of course, the mere idea of a threesome is often linked with psychology. But, having grown up in an environment full of porn videos that promote threesomes, it is the fantasy of every man to stage a threesome with another woman. After all, who doesn’t like more than one woman pleasuring him in bed, in ways that only the male mind can perceive? This is like experiencing all those feelings that you see in porn movies!

6) Doing it with an Older Women

I can easily imagine that the person who came up with the term ‘MILF’ was a man. It is only logical. Male members would just jump at the idea of having sex with an older woman. Just look at the search results for the term ‘MILF’. Google’s search terms have easily shown that MILFs are very common, and when it comes to it, you wouldn’t really give up at the idea of doing your hot, sexy boss!

Naked art beautiful mid aged interracial couple

7) Sex in Space

As funny as it sounds, a survey revealed that a lot of men want to have sex in space. The mind of a man works in mysterious ways. They want to do a chick in zero gravity! Sex in space has become even more glorified considering the massive amount of exposure that the International Space Station has achieved. It’s safe to say that sex in space is easily the coolest fad right now. That doesn’t mean many are going to ever get the chance, but it sounds nice!

8) On the Rooftop

Easily achievable and pretty minute considering the various fantasies that most men have, banging a chick under the bright blue sky leaves an amazing after feeling in the man once he’s done. This is you, banging a chick, right under the watchful eye of the heavens above, with no ceiling in between. How satisfying could that be? Do it under the night stars, and the experience is going to be one that you won’t forget for a long time to come!

9) In Public

Might sound twisted, but having sex in public places, hidden in plain sight is actually quite a very popular fantasy for men. After all, it gives a feeling of fooling everybody around you, and who doesn’t like that feeling?

10) Sex with a porn star

Number ten on our list is a fantasy harbored by all men; banging a porn star. After all, these women are skilled, with great bodies and know some of the most amazing ways to satisfy you in bed!

So have you one any of these? If not, why not start chalking them off your list?



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