8 Things To Think About Before Beach Sex

May 6, 2016

A sexy woman standing with sand on her ass thanks to beach sex

Shagging on the beach is a delightful experience if and when you know how to handle the elements. Having a go in the great outdoors is wild, unbridled and it can provide terrific panoramas during your amateur primitive porn. Awesome beach sex can either end up as a beautiful memory, a hilarious story or depending on where you shag, you could even land in jail! Before you go on that sexy sandy safari let’s take a look at some components to consider including and not limited to, how to get down and dirty on the beach and make it look good!

1. For better or worse, sand

This sandy mess wants in whether you like it or not. If you shag on a blanket, it won’t be tidy for very long. You have a choice, you can either get pissed at the sand creeping and crawling all over your body or you can embrace this sexy chapter. Sure this itchy stuff is small, granular and when it gets into places you never intended it to get into it starts to chafe. Take a deep breath, relax and have fun because it’s just sand, man! Don’t sweat the small stuff when you have got bigger kinkier fish to fry with beach sex!

Joey from FRIENDS enjoying his mermaid tits as a beach sex symbol

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2. Um, no walls, no privacy

Is being free from public attention and not being observed or disturbed by other people a prerequisite of yours before you can have sex? Then stay home and enjoy vanilla sex for the rest of your life. If you dig the thrill of being naked within nature then you’re in the right place. If someone saw you while you were in the raw and you’d feel like ‘big whoop,’ then my kinky friend, you’re no fish out of water when it comes to smashing that snatch on the sand!

3. If caught you’ll have to register as a sex offender

If you’re shagging in another country, it’s best to know the law of the land before you lay the pipe on the playa, player. In some countries like America, you’d have to register as a sex offender if you were caught shagging in public even if that sex was consensual. That charge blemishes your record for the rest of your life so it’s worth it to keep walking down that beach until you find a tucked away spot away from prying eyes and the long arm of the law!

David Bowie and a woman getting caught enjoying beach sex

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4. Bugs want a piece of the action

You can’t blame them, you literally came into their house to have a go so it’s illogical to expect that they would leave just because you want to cum. There are sand flies, sea fleas and bull ants that are total S&M enthusiasts because they sure get off on biting and stinging. You just may leave this peaceful playa with some welts and rashes but all’s fair in love, war, and beach sex!

An anime character shaking bugs from their boobs

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5. Your bits may burn

Let it be known, if you let that hot shiny sun glisten where it doesn’t usually shine then your complexion could turn into an unexpected barbecue. Best bet is to slowly allow those select sexy bits to see the sun for only a short period of time and then cover them back up. It’s a not so sexy fact that boobs and cocks can burn and peel just like the rest of your kinky real estate! Better yet, take some protection in the form of sun cream.

6. Everything will taste like salt water with a dash of sand

The spray of the sea seasons everything with a layer of salt and then glazes you like a sandy cupcake. Best part is, you two are the dessert and these flavors are a part of the sexy sea’s recipe. Before you lip lock the kinky parts of your lover’s body, prepare thyself to lick and suck past the salt to get to the silver lining to this salty sandy cloud.

A couple kissing in the water

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7. Positions are limited

You can only bump fuzzies on a blanket for so long until you’re going to want to switch it up. Take this sexy session into the sea and plow the poo tang while the waves discretely cover you like a kinky blanket. If you find a rock, take a seat and let her ride you. If she bends over and holds onto that palm tree then you can take old one eye to the optometrist and tap that ass aloha style. The beach sex positions might be limited, but you’ll have fun trying them all out.

8. Nightfall is a sexy window of opportunity

After that sun sets, the mood lighting of the night sky adds a layer of privacy that the sun just doesn’t have. By the light of the moon, sexy body parts glow and shine like the stars! Shagging on the beach in the night time is sexy, fun and romantic even if you can’t remember their name!

A couple enjoying the beach at night

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Why beach sex is the best

Enjoying beach sex is totally worth it if you’re aware of what you’re going up against and when you rock that primitive porn like the kinky obstacle course it is. Of course, getting caught is a huge risk for many. Want to know how not to do it? Check out Anna’s blog how not to get caught having public sex for some great tips.

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