A Guide to Kissing

November 7, 2015

Do you remember when you were 14 years-old and you’ve been asked out on a date by your gorgeous crush? You hung out at your favourite coffee shop where you tried your first cappuccino, and you bought her that cute ‘Hello Kitty’ purse that she wanted to get. When you took her back home and stood outside her front door, she started to stare at you with her ‘kiss me!’ eyes. She wasn’t wearing that cherry-flavored lip balm for no reason, and you didn’t brush your teeth 3 times before you left the house for the sake of having whiter teeth. She moved closer to you with a smile on her face, and then, you went in for the kill!

First impressions are important!

Of course, your kissing technique back before you finished high school wasn’t exactly the best, but after the many years of meeting new people and getting intimate with them has made you more experienced in the smooching field.

The type of kiss you give to your partner should be your signature kiss; no one should able to replicate it. Your kiss defines what kind of lover you are and how you would interact with a beautiful lady. Believe me when I say a lot of people would get an idea of how good you are in bed by the way that you kiss them.

One time a friend from my old university came over to my house to watch one of his favourite TV shows. We were both lying on the bed with the laptop in front of us, and he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I knew from that moment he was going to try and do something more than just resting his arm on me. I just got to say right now that his kissing was terrible. There was no passion in his smooching and we were bashing our teeth together! This gave me the impression he was quite sloppy in bed, I knew my prediction was true when I gave him a second chance…

Make her feel tingly all over

If you’re someone who has been in that kind of scenario before, you may be asking yourself “How could I give my lover a good impression with my lips?” Well, you can start off by brushing her hair behind her ear and give her a soft, closed-mouth kiss. Don’t apply too much force on her as it may make her feel intimidated by you, after a few smooches you can start kissing her with an open mouth, but don’t slip your tongue inside her just yet; women love anticipation just as much as you do. Then, begin to play with her tongue by performing the famous French kiss. What would make your companion feel really good is when you caress her shoulder or thigh the same time you’re kissing her; women love that too!

Your gorgeous companion will begin to realise that you are amazing at kissing, but why should you stop there? The next thing you could do is pull your lips away from her mouth and start kissing her neck. You’ll get your partner’s pants wet by softly breathing on her skin while rubbing your hands all over her body.

When you’ve reached this stage, you can take a small gamble and give her some hickeys. I say gamble because not every woman likes to have a lot of marks around her neck, for the reason that they would be on show for other people to see. However, if you’re interacting with a companion who loves the feel of a man gently sucking on her neck, then why not go for it? You would tell that she doesn’t like it if you notice her trying to push your shoulders away from her. For a lady who likes it, she would be grabbing your hair tightly so you wouldn’t be able to stop kissing her neck!

Showing the world your exceptional talents!

There are places where you can’t be overly intimate with your partner, if you’re found performing a public display of affection, there would be a lot of people showing faces of disapproval – mainly due to the fact that they’re not getting any tongue action themselves! However, you can be seductive and subtle at the same time when you’re out on a dinner date with your sweetheart.

The next time you go to a fancy restaurant with your beautiful companion, make sure you’re sitting quite close to her so you can gently touch her hand, lift it up and kiss them softly. Think about it, fingers have a lot of nerve-endings in them, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if your lover starts to feel frisky and rubs your leg with her foot underneath the table!

However, there are many men who just simply don’t give a fuck about what other people think when showing off their tonsil-tennis skills. You could pick up a small ice cube from your glass of Aperol Spritz and place it in between your lips, so your partner would be able to experience a French kiss with a twist. Why stop with the ice cubes though? When dessert arrives at your table, ask your darling to pick up a piece of fruit with her fingers, and pop it seductively into your mouth. This would give you the chance to enhance the sensation in her fingertips as you gently suck on them.

Should you expect escorts to kiss you?

While many women love to have smooching sessions with their partners, the same couldn’t always be said for an escort interacting with a punter. Escorts consider kissing as something personal or intimate to do between two people, most of them would try to avoid doing it to keep a firm line between business and pleasure. Although, there are some courtesans who do offer G.F.E. services (girl friend experience) where French kissing is involved, so not all hope is lost if you’re a client who is enthusiastic about smooching. Overall, if you’re looking to impress your partner or an escort, you’d better make sure that your kissing game is strong!

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