A Guide To Pleasuring Breasts

October 30, 2015

Whenever I encounter men who talk about their sexual preferences, I always ask them if they prefer either tits or ass. Most of the answers have always been the ass, maybe because they look so big and juicy, or that it provides them more cushion for the pushing.

Do you like tits over ass?

There was one guy who told me that he preferred tits over ass and the way he pleasures a girl’s breasts. I was impressed by some of his techniques, but I felt he could have been given more tips that would get women rubbing their tender breasts all over him. If you’re a tits man, here are a few suggestions you can take note of.

Like all of a woman’s erogenous zones, you can’t just attack them with your hands or cock. They have to be given a warm up before they can start working out. There have been many experiences where guys decided to go straight into squeezing my 34D size boobs and I had to subtly push their hand out of the way. One time, I had to grab one guy’s wrist and said to him,

“No. You’re doing that wrong.”

It was quite harsh, but the man was clueless! He was trying to run before he could even crawl…

Warm up her body

You should start off by kissing her, you can begin to gently brush her hair behind her ear, rub her cheek and then trail your fingers down to one of her breasts. The first thing you do is to try and raise her nipples up. Lightly pinch them and rub your thumb over them so they start to rise. That’s when you know the woman is getting excited. If her nipples aren’t hard, you’re not doing it right. Don’t even attempt to make out with her in a cold room, because she would only be focusing on raising her body temperature. You should be the one heating her up!

FYI: A woman’s breasts increase 25% in size when they’re turned on. The breasts react in a similar way with your cock. You’re obviously not turned on if someone is touching you when you’re as limp as a dead fish.

A woman likes to be felt up all over her body, so keep kissing her lips or nibble on her ear as you rub her nipples. When her breasts begin to stand up like Christmas trees, make your way down and pleasure her nipples with your lips.

A little pain provides a lot of pleasure!

Now, every woman is different. Some of them like it soft while others like it rough. If you’re pleasuring someone for the first time, it’s good to test the waters, but remember to keep it subtle. While you’re licking her nipple in a circular motion, bite them gently with your teeth. If she pushes your head into her bosom, that means she likes it. If she pulls her breasts away, it’s a definite ‘no’ for her.

For me, I like it rough. I love it when a guy licks the whole region of my breast like a scoop of ice cream on a cone while he pinches them hard to make me squeal. You should go and have a look at some BDSM websites like ‘Kink’ for some insight, where you see women getting nipple clamped and their tits slapped. This kind of pleasure is not for all women, though, so it’s always best to pleasure her softly first.

Back to what I was talking about before, don’t forget to satisfy each breast. You wouldn’t be pleased if a girl licks the tip of your cock but doesn’t suck the whole length of your shaft. Spend no more than a minute on each tit, while you lick around the areola and suck on the nipple gently.

A different way in making her climax

Would you believe me if I told you a woman can orgasm by getting her tits pleasured? No? I was expecting that answer…but it’s true! I was being a little nosy with my friend and asked him how he can make a lady cum, he told me about the one time he performed a nipple play on her. It took some time for him to make her climax, but it was still possible.

The trick is persistence. You have to keep going until her body begins to go into a seizure. This would be beneficial for you if you’re feeling a little tired by lying on your side while you suck on her tender nipples like lollipops.

Does this all sound great to you so far? Yes? Brilliant! But would you have to pleasure a woman in a different way depending on the size of her breasts? Well…yes and no. The answer is quite ambiguous because it relates to what I have mentioned before: every woman is different.

Then again, if there is more on the plate, then there is more to pleasure. You can rub all over her breasts and squeeze them gently, or hard. Again, it depends on what your woman likes. If they’re quite small, you can solely focus on the nipples and areolas as you suck and lick on them.

Girls like watching too!

Here is something that you all should remember: the most powerful sex organ in the body is the brain. It is the source of your raging hormones, where it releases endorphins and pumps them around your hot and sweaty body. That’s why some women love it when they watch you toy with their tits with your hands and lips – the same goes for me. I just love it when I see a guy open his mouth and glide his tongue across my nipples back and forth; the sight of it always gets me off.

Normally, you should always be soft and gentle with an escort, as she wouldn’t appreciate you trying to attack her breasts like a caveman trying to capture a wild boar for dinner. But if you do like to be a little rough with them, make sure that you tell her what you like, otherwise she would be left bewildered or uncomfortable when you start going down on her tits.

Do you have any experiences about nipple pleasuring that you want to share with us? You can post them in the comment sections below!

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