Age Before Beauty or Beauty Before Age?

January 25, 2016

Ah, women. Who could resist them? Well, maybe homosexual men, but why don’t we focus the context on heterosexual guys who just adore women.

Some guys don’t care what women look like as long as they can make love to them, whereas others would have to be with a woman who caters to their preferences. This topic may have been brought up in the media a lot of times, but it’s good to keep yourself updated on the matter just in case its status quo has changed.

So, gentlemen, I will ask you this question:

Are mature women better to date than younger women or is it the other way round?

What to expect from this article

Just to point it out, many people would say that a young lady would be between 18-25 years of age and a mature woman would be between 33-55 years of age.

I have to say in advance that this question would probably have an open-ended answer. Why? Well, if every guy on the planet is the same as each other, the answer would be either one way or the other. To be honest, I feel like I’m discriminating older women just because I’m referring to them as ‘Age’ and the younger women as ‘Beauty’ in the title. But I want to let all of the mature women who are reading this article know; you’re all just as beautiful as the young girls you see walking down the high street every day.

As a woman who is trying to find out whether men would prefer – no. I’m going to change the sentence. As a woman who is trying to find out whether people would prefer to date a mature lady or a young lady, the answer would be quite difficult for me to find. I don’t want to disregard the fact that there are a lot of women who enjoy fucking other women.

Who could deny women with a fine ass and tight pussy?

Guys and girls, your body is going to start to lose its elasticity when you’ll hit 25; it’s inevitable! Therefore, it’s not really a wonder that men would go for a woman who’s skin and pussy is still filled with elasticity.

It sounds very crude to say, but a woman who’s in her mid-40s and has had many sexual partners in her lifetime would start to feel…a little loose…down there. Not to mention that menopause would make your cunt as dry as the Sahara desert, so you’d have to stock up on lube or KY Jelly if you don’t want to feel any friction between you and your lady! Don’t look away, ladies! You know what I’m talking about!

This doesn’t mean that a good diet and some good, quality lotion won’t give you really good skin. In fact, it’s very easy to make yourself look 10 years younger than your actual age if you invest in the right products. However, if you think that nature will be kind to your body when time goes by, you might want to think again!

Getting kinky in the bedroom!

Who would you prefer? Someone who doesn’t know what to do in the bedroom or someone who can do the Chinese acrobats? Well, when you think about it in a way, it all comes down to preferences in a man.

Some guys like to do the simple things in lifeā€¦like the missionary position. But others would prefer to step it up a couple of levels and act like a sex master! Depending on how much sex a woman has had in her life, a mature woman would have had more sexual experiences than a younger woman.

If you think about it, it’s kind of obvious! Mature women would have had more time to meet some lovely guys or girls, fuck them, meet other new people and repeat the routine all over again. Therefore, a mature lady would have more knowledge about all of the different positions that she could put her body in.

Have you ever watched that episode from ‘Girls’ where Adam was telling Ray about his experience with a 54-year-old woman and how she wanted to fuck him in any position? Referring back to the menopause, just because mature ladies would be a bit dryer down there, doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be able to fuck like they used to!

Most of the guys that I know love a woman who knows how to move and know how to make the sex exciting for them, because they don’t always like to take control in the bedroom. This would be a valid reason why guys would prefer to date a mature woman rather than a younger lady.

‘I’m in the mood for love…’

Love. Eh, it’s a tricky subject to handle

There isn’t a textbook with all of the answers written at the back when it comes to this subject. I guess that it would bring up the same or similar points in comparison to the subject of sex.

When you date a mature woman, she wouldn’t be expecting great things to happen in the relationship; which can be both good and bad depending on what you’d like to happen. In a pessimistic point of view, a mature woman would have already experienced the greatest thing that has ever happened to her in a relationship, so it would be very difficult for you to give her something better than that!

A younger lady wouldn’t have experienced a lot of things in a relationship yet, which often brings along some expectations that you wouldn’t be able to fulfill for her.
Again, this all depends on what the man wants; it’s the same with what kind of sex he wants.

Like I’ve said before, it would be very difficult for me to give you a definite answer on this subject. Both mature and young ladies have their advantages and disadvantages when we are talking about topics like physical attributes, love and sex.

Zoe Jaspers
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