Why Every Girl Should Dress Up as Harley Quinn This Halloween!

October 24, 2016


Every year, women always tend to go for the trendiest Halloween costume of the year, which by some surprise, the costumes they’d choose relate to the latest blockbuster that’s been released. In 2005, almost all of my girlfriends were dressed up as the Corpse Bride. In 2011, I kept seeing a few women dressed up as a slutty Hermione Granger in time for Harry Potter’s latest movie, ‘The Deathly Hallows Pt. 2’. Now, it appears that this year, every girl will dress up as Harley Quinn as a tribute to ‘Suicide Squad’.

Even though the costume that a woman would choose doesn’t have to have any affiliation with Halloween, some people do wonder about the appeal or borderline obsession that others would have for Harley Quinn. For me, I preferred Harley Quinn when she was a brand new character in DC Comics; the red & black jester costume, the bleached-white skin, and the massive head-crusher hammer. However, like David Bowie and his forever-changing appearance (may he rest in peace), our favourite comic book character needs to adapt with time, and Harley Quinn seems to have won the attention of many boys and girls by the way she adapted to her role in the latest DC movie.

#1 Harley Quinn is the exact replica of ‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’

What do Harley Quinn and Overly Attached Girlfriend have in common? Well, firstly, they’re happy enough to show off their loony side, they both have a creepily high level of intelligence to manipulate others, and they both are almost completely dependent on the objects of their desires. The only difference that Harley Quinn and Overly Attached Girlfriend have is that Harley Quinn would probably fuck you and kill you at the same time, whereas Overly Attached Girlfriend would just kill you if you don’t text her back after she fucks you.

The Overly Attached Girlfriend has nothing on Harley Quinn

Original source: Joy Reactor

#2 Harley Quinn can knock you out if she wants to

For those that have been following her since the New 52 comics came out, you’d probably know the list of weapons that Harley Quinn carries with her, which all look too heavy for her to carry. Actually, her only weapons are her massive mallet and a revolver, which make some men get a boner, somehow.

Like the many preferences that heterosexual men have in their favourite kind of women, some people just get off on the thought of their partners knocking the shit out of them. That’s probably one of the many reasons why some men are into female bodybuilders.

Harley Quinn may look cute and quirky on the outside, but on the inside, she’s just as psychotic and violent as her boyfriend, the Joker

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#3 Harley Quinn has a reputation of being with other psychotic guys

Now, let’s talk about Harley Quinn’s wreck of a love life. I’m going to start off with her most prolific relationship status, yes, I’m going to talk about the Joker. In contrast to ‘Suicide Squad’, the Joker was very abusive to his side-kick. He tried to kill her multiple times, and he was the one that actually tossed Quinn into the chemical pool that bleached her skin.

Nevertheless, the relationship between the sociopathic mercenary and the jester that suffers from Stockholm syndrome would never fade. However, the Joker isn’t the only person that Quinn got down and dirty with, don’t forget the non-cannon flings with Deadshot, and the semi-lesbian relationship that she had with Poison Ivy. Harley Quinn likes bad boys (and girls), and a lot of women like bad boys (and girls), see the correlation? Or is there some kind of sexual appeal behind the madness that humans can possess?

Alongside having sex with Deadshot in the comics, The Joker has always been Harley Quinn’s ‘one and only’, even though he’s crazier than she is!

Original source: Tumblr

#4 Harley Quinn can come in all sexy kinds of costumes

Again, if you have been following Harley Quinn since the 1990’s, then her outfit in her latest appearance may have shocked you a bit. Although it has recently been deemed hot and sexy amongst people in their 20s and 30s, people cannot forget her other costumes that make a lot of guys want to fuck her while she’s wearing the costume. As a bit of a traditionalist, my favourite Harley Quinn costume has to be her red & black jester one; if I was able to make myself look good in latex, I wouldn’t mind wearing that in the bedroom.

Harley Quinn has come a long way since her first appearance in 1993, as her costumes got skimpier and sexier throughout the years

Original source: Pinterest

#5 Harley Quinn is just hot as fuck

After talking about why some girls want to dress up as the Joker’s sidekick this year, the only thing that we have to remember is that Harley Quinn is hot as fuck. For over 20 years, one of DC’s most iconic anti-heroes has made a lot of guys dream about ravaging her in real life, and create CGI porn that involves Quinn getting fucked repeatedly.

After all of the chaos she has caused in Gotham and on Tumblr, Harley Quinn knows how to get boys hot and horny

Original source: Tumblr

And hey, what’s not to like about her? She’s quirky, she’s intelligent, she shows a lot of devotion to the people that she loves, she’s hot, she’s probably good and pussy licking, and did I say that she’s hot?

However, don’t forget that Harley Quinn is a character, not a costume, which means that you have 4 or more choices of outfits that girls can choose from. Which Harley Quinn outfit would make your cock hard?

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She was great in that film too.
I would still bum Harley Quinn, especially when she was in Wolf of Wall Street. What a fucking tease. Really sexy.

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