Erotic Stories – The Cheating Wife

April 6, 2014

When this story began, I had just reached forty years of age and had been married for over twenty years. I met my husband John at a disco in Helsingborg when I was a teenager and he was the first and only man I had ever slept with.

When I was young I did not think this was a problem but now I had reached forty I wondered what it would have been like to have had sex with a different man. I guessed I had to keep wondering as I did not want to jeopardise what we had in our relationship. The sex was boring but we had brought up two wonderful children and had a reasonable standard of living. How could I complain?

John was arranging a regional meeting for the supermarket group he worked for (I won’t name them!) and this time around the team meeting was going to be held in our town, Helsingborg. He was arranging hotels for all his colleagues but could not find a hotel for David, the last colleague on his list. He even tried B&Bs but because the Rose of Tralee festival was coming up all the hotels and B&Bs were full. John asked me if I would mind David staying one night at ours and I agreed that was fine.

Seeing David

The team meeting took place and John came home at 2am in the morning. I was in bed asleep until he woke me with his loud voice and bumping into things. He came in the bedroom and took off one layer of clothes and got into bed. As soon as he got in, I got out, because I did not like him when he was drunk in bed. He was always too rough and wanted sex which I didn’t and he could never deliver. I went down stairs and went into the kitchen and was startled to find David.

I had forgot he was staying over. David apologised for startling me and also for the state John was in, although he said it was not of his doing. I said John didn’t need any help getting drunk. I said to David that he seemed very sober and he explained he didn’t drink and was wide awake. I went to the sink to get a glass of water and winced because my back hurt. David asked what was wrong and I explained I thought I’d pulled a muscle in my back carring the shopping in a few days earlier. David explained that he did physiotherapy for his local handball club and offered to help. I was nervous, but accepted, and david quickly dashed out to his car and came back with his bag of tricks.

David said we needed to lay a towel down – it would not be good on the settee and the floor was too hard. I said we could use the spare room bed that was made up for David to sleep in. We went up stairs and laid out some towels I got from the hot press. David asked me to lay down but I would need to remove my dressing gown. I only had a short nightie on underneath but it covered my main bits anyway.

Starting to relax

I lay face down and David started on my feet. Whatever he was doing was so relaxing. Then he started on my calves. Rubbing up and then down on the muscles. Then david dug his knuckles into my back where I thought the problem was and then slowly rubbed his hands down from the top of my spine to the bottom of my legs over my bottom. I had never had anyone massage me before let alone a man and a complete stranger at that!

David’s hands were very large and yet so gentle. He said he needed to rub some lotion in and asked me to loosen my nightie as he did not want to get it soiled. He then asked me very politely if I would remove it as he needed to rub the lotion in the whole of my back and before I could object he had quickly pulled it over the top of my head and it was thrown on the floor. I kept really still and kept my legs tightly shut. David rubbed some lotion on my back and I relaxed. He had rubbed so gently that I forgot where I was or what time it was. Before I knew what was happening he asked me to turn over.

I simply obeyed his instructions feeling very safe and relaxed. He rubbed some lotion in my thighs and lifted a leg up so he could reach my thigh muscles. He rubbed each leg and then my arms until my arms felt they were not attached to the rest of my body. In fact I could not lift my arms or legs on my own. I was like a rag doll. Then I felt the hot air of David’s mouth on my inner thigh. It was so sexy I did not want him to stop and then he licked my inner lips and I winced not for pain this time but for ecstasy. I was helpless laid out naked on a bed waiting to be devoured.

Taking it all in

David asked like a gentleman if it was ok to continue and I nodded yes. I now know what it is like to have another man’s cock. This one was exceptional! So huge and so satisfying, much bigger than my husband’s! David pushed his dick into me slowly and then came out and rubbed it against my clitoris.

He plunged in and out it seemed for hours but was only probably minutes. He turned me over like a rag doll and clenched me from behind holding both my breasts in his enormous hands. He then took me from behind not up my arse I hasten to add but pushed his whole cock in my cunt which was oozing with juice.

The next day David went home and John went to work. I didn’t need to wonder any more but that didn’t stop me wanting different cock from now on. Why should I keep to one man when so many men would like to fuck me. I knew like all women know when a man stares at you they want to fuck you, but woman are different, they like the admiration and the tease and chase but not the being caught. Well that’s what I believed until now. I wanted fun before I was too old. I did not want to hurt John so I was very discreet. I said I’d started an evening course one night a week but really I was visiting male escorts in Helsingborg. I guess I turned into a slut that night and made it my mission to find a bigger cock than David’s. I have not found one yet so I guess I will have to keep looking!

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