Erotic Stories – Fun At the Hospital

October 13, 2014

It was daunting being a trainee nurse in the busy A&E ward, straightening my uniform in the staff room and giving myself a last slick of lip-gloss I strolled into the ward to begin my nurses rounds.

The ward was buzzing, new patients were coming in and out and the usual pack of doctors were floating through the ward, taking notes and discussing the new admissions.

In the midst of the new faces I saw him. He was a doctor I had gone for a drink with, we had ended up kissing furiously in the car afterwards but had never got together another date since.

He caught sight of me then and smiled dangerously. I went about my nursing duties and at one point needed to call him in for his advice on an absconded patient.

Naughty Txts

At coffee time I felt a buzzing in my pocket. A new txt message showed up, it was the doctor.

“You look beautiful.” He said. Then another buzzed through. “I really want to fuck you now.”

I was shocked, but really turned on.

Later, while I was topping up my nurses notes, he came over and watched me intently while I wrote, feeling his eyes on me made me bristle all over and I felt my thighs ache with longing, my head filled with naughty fantasies which unravelled bit by bit in my head as he watched me eyes brimming with desire.

“Nurse, can I have your assistance with some medication administration in the drug cupboard?” The doctor asked. My matron looked up from her desk, curiously watching us. The doctor stepped forward, leaning into the matron’s ear.

“Matron, I’ve noticed how good this nurse is at her IV fluids and I want to supervise her with one of my patient’s particularly important medication.” Matron’s face cleared, she instead nodded proudly at me and we walked off to the drug cupboard, next to the laundry room.

When inside, the doctor locked the door.

Inside The Drug Cupboard

“I have something more important to discuss with you.” The doctor said, coming towards me and cupping my face in his hands, he brushed my cheeks and my lips, with his rough finger.

Before I knew it we were kissing, mouths open and passionate, taking each other’s tongues deep and pressing into each other with desire.

The doctor pulled my uniform open, the poppers giving way easily so that my black lace bra was exposed. I threw the uniform on the floor and he grabbed my breasts, teasing them with his tongue and moaning with longing.

I groaned, hot and aroused, reeling in the fact all my fantasies were being realised. We knew we didn’t have much time, so we didn’t bother undressing, the doctor undid his flies and dropped his trousers and I got on my knees and took him in my mouth.

The doctor groaned as I worked up and down, softly and then fast, taking him deep in my mouth. He grabbed my hair and worked my head in the motion, letting me take him deeper.

Pulling me against the wall, the doctor undid my trousers and began to touch me softly, awakening me more and making me wet all over his fingers.

He then entered me fast, knocking me hard against the drug cupboards. He pounded me over and over and I moaned, breathless and in ecstasy, while he touched me from behind, stimulating my clitoris. Pushing deeper, he grabbed my pelvis so I could feel the full length of him and he hit my G spot over and over which slipped me into an amazing pre-orgasmic state, my whole body reacted and I came, long and loud.

We could hear people outside wanting to use the drug room and all of a sudden the dangerousness of the doctor got the better of him and he took his cock out and came all over my back, stifling his moans of pleasure.

We fumbled for our clothes, giggling to each other as we dressed. The doctor took out some drugs from the cupboard and we feigned nonchalance as the door rapped angrily.

“Hello? Why is this door locked.” It was the matron. Even in the doctor’s world a matron is not somebody to upset, my stomach flipped.

A Lucky Escape

The doctor unlocked the door and the matron barged in, looking around at us.

“Oh, sorry did I lock the door? I have a habit of doing that, don’t want patients and relatives in taking drugs from here.”

“Ahah I see.” Matron said uneasily.

The doctor’s pager beeped and he made his apologies and strode out, sending me a wink over the matrons shoulder.

Matron came towards me, with a knowing look on her face, she settled against the desk where I was standing and eyed me, hesitating to speak.

“Mine was a surgeon called Mike. Most amazing experience of my life. Enjoy it while you’re young.” With that she strode out, leaving me alone and glowing all over.

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