Erotic Story – My Midnight Call!

October 17, 2016

Man on top of woman kissing her in bed

She hasn’t left my mind since I first saw her stacking shelves at her workplace.

I can’t stop imagining how silky her hair looked today, how pink her cheeks looked, or how nice her feet appeared in her open sandals. I’m staring at the ceiling of my room with the window open, while I slide a cigarette in between my lips and set the stick ablaze.

One arm is behind my head, and the other is holding my phone that’s showing a selfie of her, the girl that thinks it’s ok to enter a man’s mind like the way that she does. I’ve been looking at the same picture of her for a good 4 minutes, but it hasn’t made me want to put my phone away, especially when I’m thinking about how good her pussy must taste.


 A boy smokes a cigarette in his room while he waits for his crush to send him a whatsapp message

Before I pull the cigarette away from my mouth to breath out the deathly smoke, I stare at my clock as the time goes past 10 PM. I wonder what she’s doing right now.

Is she watching some late-night drama? Is she lying in bed while looking through her Tumblr dashboard? Is she at a club with some of her friends?

Hmm, I wonder what kind of dress she’d wear on a night out. She doesn’t seem like the woman that’d wear a streamlined piece of clothing, or the kind of girl that would let the rim of her gown touch her butt cheeks.

I think she’s the type of girl that would wear a tight, black, long-sleeved top with a white, frilly skirt, along with baby pink kitty heels. Man, that would be a tease for me; I wouldn’t be able to hold myself down if I’d see her in that. Then again, I can’t seem to hold myself down at the moment.

The way she spoke to me today was weird. I didn’t know whether she is disinterest in me or just playing hard to get. Well, I don’t think that she is totally disinterested. She did text me earlier to go and see her at work for a little bit, and then she said that she will definitely text me later to do something.

Did she forget about the promise she made? Did she change her mind? For fuck sake, she can’t toy with a man’s mind like that, and she can’t be this ignorant and cruel.


Finally, he manages to see his crush, who he will ravage and fuck uncontrollably

Massive Attack is playing on my Spotify; I need to listen to something that’ll distract me from her. I’ve been thinking about the promise she made for an hour now, and I’ve come to the conclusion that she just decided to back out.

My phone buzzes right after my cigarette went out. I slide the screen to see who has sent me the message. It’s her.

My God, I really thought that she doesn’t want to see me tonight, but I still need to be wary; I’m just getting a little excited over the fact that she has made contact with me. I open WhatsApp on my phone, and I begin to have a conversation with a woman that has infected my mind effortlessly.


“Hey, how are you?”

“I’m alright, I’ve just been clubbing with my friends and I’m heading back home now.”

“I see, are you going straight to sleep when you get home?”

“I don’t have plans to sleep tonight.”


“Do you want to come over?”

I pause for a moment to let my heart skip.

“Sure, why not.”

“Cool, come here now.”

I slide out of bed, grab my boots, put on my khaki jacket, got a hold of my keys, and went out of the door in under 15 minutes. My initial thoughts are that she’s drunk and horny, but then again, I could be wrong. There’s only one way to find out.


Finally, he manages to see his crush, who he will ravage and fuck uncontrollably

It shouldn’t have taken me that long to get to her house, but how could a man walk if he has to put up with a boner throughout the whole journey? Oh, well. At least I’m standing in front of her door right now.

I press the doorbell and shove my hands back into my jacket pockets. I look at my surroundings to see the pink and blue neon lights buzzing on the boards of diner-esque restaurants. It’s not rough, but it ain’t pretty either. Just like her personality.

Finally, she opens the door and she’s wearing almost exactly what I imagined. Black top, white frilly shirt, and lilac kitty heels, not baby pink.

She lets me in, closes the door, and guides me upstairs to her bedroom, where the walls are blue and the only thing that is illuminating the room is a fluorescent LED light bulb. She gently pushes me forward to close the door behind me, and turns me around to gaze at my figure.

Slowly, she clutches onto my hips and pulls herself into my embrace.

She then wraps her fingers around my wrists and pulls them down to her ass, making me grasp them by putting pressure on my hands. I can’t stop looking at her; the reflection of the fluorescent light makes me feel like I’m in a softcore porno.

Disobediently, I clutch onto her hair tightly and exhaled my breath down her throat, while I give myself the opportunity to suck on her bottom lip gently. The sounds of her soft moans make me hot underneath my clothes, and piece by piece, we took each other’s garments off until we are both hot and naked.

She pushes me onto her queen-size bed and takes out a condom from the drawer; I’m so hard, she doesn’t even have to go down on me to make me throb. Afterwards, she climbs over me like a majestic animal, and slides her pussy down on my stiff cock.

She feels warm, so warm. And like the majestic animal she actually is, she begins to grind her hips against mine. I cup one of her breasts with one hand, and grip onto her waist with the other.

It’s impossible for me to look away from her, it’s like she has me in a trance; the fluorescent light flickering from her eyes has got me mesmerised by her shady beauty. Goddamn it, she’s playing with me again. She thinks that she can pull on my strings like the ultimate puppeteer? Fuck that.

I toss her onto her back and let her know how deep I can get myself into her. A scream tries to escape from her throat, but I muffle it by toying with her tongue.

I can taste Tanqueray Gin on her tongue, now I know what kind of poison she likes to drink. The sight of her legs moving as I push my pelvis down on her is making me hotter and hotter.

Before I realise it, she starts to rub her clit in front of me, and like a gentleman, I lift my upper half off of her chest to give her enough room to play with herself. Now I’m on my way to cum city; just viewing her touch herself while I’m inside her is making me bite down on my bottom lip.

“I’m cumming…I’m cumming…I’m cumming!”

I look down to see and feel the sensation of her juices spraying over my cock, before I pull myself out of her to rip off the condom and explode onto her stomach. After we catch our breaths, she rubs my cum all over her stomach as if it’s body lotion.

If I have the stamina, I would fuck her again, but unfortunately, I’m just a mere man. After a small post-coital talk, I put my clothes back on, kiss her lips, and stroll back home as if I’ve just experienced heaven for the first time.

The next time she texts me, I will have to see what her pussy tastes like.

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