Fetishes You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

December 16, 2015

Everyone has a little kink that they like to indulge in every now and then. Some of the most popular fetishes include feet, spanking, voyeurism. However, other people would get turned on by a more peculiar fetish.

Like men having a particular kink, a lot of people like to masturbate in different ways. Some guys like to jack off hard, some like to rub themselves slowly, some guys would like to use a flesh-light while others would prefer humping on a particular item.

The biggest sex organ that we all have, is the brain. Anything that we see or hear can turn us on, so it’s no wonder that everyone has a different fetish. Moreover, we can get turned on by the most unusual things we see on the internet or by objects we see every day, so there may be some fetishes that would make you go ‘huh?’

You can’t look away now! I’ve got you intrigued.

‘How are you doing, Doll?’ fetishes

This fetish revolves around the attraction towards mannequins or dolls; before you think any further, they’re not Barbie dolls.

There are companies that manufacture life-size mannequins specifically for sex. The people who buy them would react to them as if they’re real girls. They would brush their hair, wash their clothes, make sure there isn’t a single dot on them before they get down and dirty with them.

In most cases, a guy would have a doll that has a unique characteristic. It could be that the figure would have purple eyes, multicoloured hair, or boobs the size of basketballs that most real women would have problems in preventing back pain. When it comes to agalmatophilia, people often think about dolls, but the terminology states that you can have an attraction to statues or other inanimate objects.

If you believe that this kind of fetish only applies to guys, then think again. Most of the companies that create female sex dolls often create a profit from selling male sex dolls too, which you can change the size of their dicks to whatever length you want.

Another form of ‘deep cleaning’…

Klismaphilia is basically an activity where you stick a finger or a thumb in your partner’s asshole while you’re fucking her pussy. Any man or woman can enjoy it, depending on what floats their boats. Sasha Grey has done it, Sunny Leone has done it, you’ve might have done it once in your life!

Some guys and girls would take it step further and get turned on by having enemas; it’s considered to be a form of anal masturbation. And like masturbation, doctors thought that klismaphilia is a type of mental disorder that can kill you, but now it is considered to be a paraphilia as well as a form of cleansing.

However, it is not considered to be doing it every day as it can make you very dehydrated. This kind of fetish also relates to spanking and hardsports, you know, anything that relates to the ass! These fetishes are some of our favourite as we just can’t get enough of the ass.

Does the thought of claustrophilia make you hard?

Not everyone likes being in crowded spaces, some people would actually get panic attacks at the thought of being in a closed spot. But where there is a phobia, there is a paraphilia.

Some people get turned on at being in a space filled with crowded people, like a train at rush hour or in a janitor’s closet filled with brooms and what not. Normally, people would shut their windows and close their curtains to stop people from seeing them getting it on in their bedrooms, but there are guys who lock their doors and windows as a form of foreplay.

I have to admit that I have an odd fantasy where I’m locked in a closet with a handsome man. We are trapped close together with very little room to move around and we just couldn’t keep our hands off each other…

If this is something you would like to try out, you better make sure that you, at least, have enough room to breathe in. The last thing you want is passing out while your sexy partner is giving you a hot blowjob!

‘I love my car. No really, I love my car…’

What guy doesn’t like cars? A lot of them would show off their pride and joy to a lot of gorgeous ladies, but some guys would love their cars so much, they would show more attention to them than the women! There have been quite a few incidents where guys have been caught having sex with their automobiles. It’s not just cars that are involved, guys can get attracted to computers, robots, washing machines and other domestic appliances.

The fetish is considered to be unusual, but it is not uncommon. However, like in any place of work, every guy who is into machines would have to know the risks and hazards of making love to a machine. The last thing you would want is receiving some kind of accident where you have to wear a bandage around your crotch for about a month or two; just like Jason Biggs from ‘American Pie 2’.

The bigger, the better!

Where some guys love the sight of a big, beautiful woman, they might be into the idea of making these ladies gain weight. A lot of men get turned on at the thought of seeing the size of their partner’s waist getting bigger, or just watching their companion eat is enough to satisfy them.

Like many fetishes that are known and performed in the world today, they all have their pros and cons. Obviously, the person getting fed would receive health problems that relate to obesity, that is why a feeder relationship isn’t sustainable. A guy can only enjoy this kind of fetish for a certain length of time with one girl before it becomes almost impossible to support long term.

There may be a whole load of other kinks that I haven’t listed in this article, but for some men who are worried that they might get ostracised or turned away from their friends for being the ‘odd one’; there is nothing odd about having a particular fetish that only you enjoy.

And people have to remember the definition of a fetish is a paraphilia where one guy would get turned on by something and another guy wouldn’t. They are subjective to everyone.

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