Five Crazy Things People Have Put Up Their Ass!

April 25, 2016

Ass of a woman

I don’t know if they are looking for sexual stimulation or just want to see how far their ass hole can be stretched, but it seems that an impressive number of people are inserting a variety of strange objects in their anuses.

After my interesting research, I found out, not only that when it comes to sticking things up their butt people become very creative, but also that the butt hole can be stretched a pretty far way. I don’t know if the following people below were looking for pleasure, but I certainly know some needed surgical reconstruction after their sphincter adventure.

1) The Surprising Yucca Root

As many sexologists confirm, using vegetables in sex encounters was, and still is a pretty common fetish. Well, whether people are aroused by edible matter or just happy to see that a cucumber looks almost like a penis, it doesn’t matter.

What matters now is that some people shove huge vegetables up their asses and sometimes they can’t get them out. A horny or just curious man shoved a huge yucca root up his anus and ended up in the hospital.

The yucca root had a length of 18 inches and the doctors had to reconstruct the anus as well as part of his intestines,after the yucca root was surgically removed.
If you have the stomach you can even watch how the huge thing was taken out of the insane man. However, I advise you not to!

2) Playing with a Buzz Lightyear

Those of you who have kids, probably also have a Buzz Lightyear in the house. I just wonder how many of you thought about thrusting it in your ass. Unless you are the “owner” of this X-ray, your kids’ toys didn’t end up inside you.

Anyway, just knowing that there is a person whose butt whole “ate” a Buzz Lightyear is enough even for a person who devours all kinds of online content, like me!

3) Decorating the Anus with Stolen Jewelry

There is no better place for a robber than his own butt hole. I am serious! Where else can you hide some stolen jewelry?

If you never thought about this, then it’s a good thing you are not a thief. You would suck at it! Unlike the teenager who stole a large quantity of jewelry and then used his butt as a jewelry box.

However, the Pennsylvania police caught him after he crashed into a tree. I guess his whole brain was used to think about a good place to hide the jewelry, so he couldn’t think about the dangers of drinking and driving.

4) The Lost and Found .25-Caliber Handgun

If you thought hiding jewelry in the ass is crazy, what do you think about shoving up a…gun? Prison guards at the Cumberland County Jail found an automatic .25-caliber handgun hidden up a man’s anus. I wonder what was Darquan R. Lee, 21 thinking about when he put the gun in his ass.

And guess what? The gun was also stolen and fully loaded. I can understand that a 21-year-old kid can do foolish things. However, putting the gun inside him? I mean if this is why he stole the thing, I believe he should have stolen a dildo!

5) Did You Just Say “Scissors”?

After reading about these people and their extremely stretched anuses, you might say that there’s nothing else that could surprise you. Well, what if I told you that somebody put some scissors inside their magic butt. Of course, that’s a magic but! Otherwise, how would somebody be able to put sharp objects inside?

Well, if you think I am imagining things, you can read about this and many other insane people who like thrusting things inside their anus in a….book. Stuck Up! It is a book that gathers X-rays of strange objects stuck in people’s orifices. This should be interesting, though Hemingway is probably turning in his grave right now!

Anyway, as you can see, many people would put any available object inside their anus. I am not sure if all these objects bring them pleasure, but I am pretty sure the doctors who have to take them out can only have a good laugh at their excuses. I mean, honestly, if you a beer bottle got stuck in your ass and you had to go to the emergency room, what would you say?

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I know many people who have their own head stuck up their own ass.
I was younger, my father say to me if I was bad, he will stick his boot up my ass.

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