How Does Smoking Affect Sex?

April 20, 2016

Sexy woman smoking

OK, I’m a smoker and there is nothing else that’s better for me to have than a cigarette after achieving an orgasm with a lover.

Yes, we all know what smoking can do to our bodies. It stains our teeth, it ruins our skin and, of course, it gives us cancer. However, many smokers would say that all of the bad things we do in life feels so good. Smoking reduces our risk of Parkinson’s disease, it lowers our chances of becoming obese and it can calm us down whenever we want to punch our monitor screens at work.

Normally, a person would smoke around one pack of cigarettes per day; that would be an average of one cigarette per hour; a rough estimation. Therefore, smoking would become a part of someone’s life if he or she starts the habit.

In addition to that, sex can be a big part of someone’s daily activities too; depending on how much that guy would have sex, of course. So, I’ve mentioned the effects that smoking would have on our bodies, but what about the effects on a person’s sex life?

Smoking makes you a bit floppy

I’m sure that many of you guys and girls have bought a pack of cigarettes from your local newsagent shop and saw a picture on the back of a curved cigarette, which was meant to be a visual euphemism of a floppy cock. A lot of male smokers experience erectile dysfunction because the nicotine tightens the blood vessels, which restricts the blood flow around the body.

Now, I’ve never had an experience with a male smoker that had trouble in getting it up, but that could be due to the fact that they have been smoking for less than five or seven years. I could guess that some guys who have been smoking for more than ten or twenty years would start to feel a little bit limp down there.

Ladies that have been smoking for the same length of time would feel a similar effect too. Women that have been smoking for more than ten years would have a restricted blood flow to their pussies and clits; making it difficult for them to cum during sex. I am very sure that if I continue to smoke for another five years, my fulfilling enjoyment for sex would be ruined!

Having a hard time to ‘get into the mood’

Not only does nicotine restrict the blood flow to our cocks and pussies, it also tightens the blood vessels in our brains apparently…I’m not talking about aneurysms and blood clots; I’m talking about sex drives.

There have been studies going around that smoking decreases people’s sexual desires. I’m not entirely sure that I’d agree with that, due to the fact that I’ve been smoking for three years and I’m still horny as ever. Seriously, ask my friends…Nevertheless, I haven’t been smoking for long if you compare me to other veteran smokers, so maybe I’m yet to experience the pain of losing my sexual arousal towards people.

Cigarette smoke is not best aftershave to put on…

Now, no smoker in the world can say that they have not experienced this before…Every time I go back into a building after having a couple puffs, my hands, fingers, chest and breath smelled awful.

I used to live with an old partner of mine who really didn’t like me smoking, so what I did was that I always ate a chocolate bar after putting out a cigarette and before going back into my old flat. Three months after started this habit, I gained two kilos in weight…

However, I do agree with non-smokers that the scent of cigarettes doesn’t smell good, no matter how weak or strong they would be. If you’re a smoker who has a companion that doesn’t like the smell of smoke, I would recommend smoking a pack of light or menthol cigarettes, if you can’t curb your cravings before a date. I’m not one to promote cigarettes in this article, but ‘Silk Cut’, ‘Marlboro Gold’ and ‘Marlboro Menthol’ are good brands to buy if you don’t want your partner to turn you down for sex!

Smoking and oral contraceptives do not mix

I started to take birth control pills a few years ago while I was with my ex, but I didn’t start smoking in my first year of being with him. When I went to Italy to complete a semester at university, well, that’s when my habits started to change.

I accidentally took two pills on the same day and it completely messed up my cycle, so then I stopped taking it all together and an American university colleague bought me a packet of Lucky Strikes on a night out…The complications of being on oral contraceptives while you’re smoking involve additional risks of getting strokes, blood clots and heart attacks; that would definitely kill your sex drive if you’re thinking about that! But seriously, it is worth researching the subject if a woman is to have an active sex life, be on the pill and smoke at the same time.

The effect of smoking on your meeting with an escort

Guys, the ladies on the directory like to make themselves look good for any kind of appointment that they would have with a punter. Not only do they want their clients to look good, they want them to smell good.

Therefore, it is rather common for an escort to refuse having a second encounter with a guy that reeked of cigarettes in their first meeting together. Trust me, I’m a smoker and I would turn down a guy who’d smell worse than me!

Now, I’m not saying that some people should give up smoking; I have no right to preach because I’m a smoker too. Like me, you should spare yourselves a few minutes to think:

“Hmm, is smoking affecting my sex life in anyway?”

What do you guys think? Leave your comments in the section below!

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