How Long Should a Sex Session Last?

August 29, 2016

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Guys, I can totally understand why you would ask your partner ‘was that good for you?’ at the end of a sex session, even though it is quite awkward for him or her to answer.

Aside from worrying about how fast your hips move in bed, there’s always the dreaded fear of climaxing too fast, when you’re having a fantastic fuck fest with a sexy woman or a hunky man. But, what is ‘too fast’ nowadays?

I’ve asked a friend how long would a normal sex session last for, and he joked at an unrealistic 3 hours. Yes, very unrealistic indeed, but then again, that’s the kind of expectation that we’d be aiming for when it comes to having very, very good sex.

Nevertheless, reality restricts us from doing things that Superman or Chuck Norris could achieve. So, we ask ourselves: how long does the average sex session last for?

What answer did science give to us?

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Well, the first question that we have to answer is ‘what is involved in a sex session?’. Does it include foreplay and oral, or is it just intercourse?

NCBI carried out a test on 500 couples, where they timed their sexcapades by using a stopwatch for four weeks. The results showed that a ‘normal’ sex session could last anywhere between 33 seconds and 44 minutes, but since I like to round numbers up, I would say that a normal fuck-a-thon can last anywhere between 30 seconds and 45 minutes .

Judging from the results, you would automatically think that the duration of your sex session would totally depend on how sensitive your cock is. Well, technically, the cock is one big clit, so it’s bound to take a short period of time to make you climax; I’ve managed to cum within 2 minutes from rubbing my clit before.

Is the average sex session different in other countries?

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Now, this is where the interesting part comes in. NCBI didn’t just do the test in the UK, they also did it in Spain, the Netherlands, the United States, and Turkey. In my opinion, they look like odd countries to pick for a test that’s based on how fast a couple would say ‘I’m too sore’ or ‘let’s make a sandwich’, but then again, each to one’s own.

Turkey’s results showed that it had the shortest average of 3 minutes and 42 seconds in comparison with the other countries that were used in the test. However, you can’t forget that other factors were involved in this research, such as the age of the couples, the number of condoms used, and whether the men involved were circumcised or not.

Most of the guys I’ve been with always take longer than usual to cum when they’re wearing a condom, which is another reason why I always tell them to wear a condom; the other reason is that I don’t want Chlamydia. Or HIV. Or a baby at this moment in time.

Should you be worried about the duration of your sex sessions?

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Listen, the only time you should be worried about how long you can last for in bed is when you think that there’s something physically wrong with you. You’ve seen the results that NCBI has provided for you; the average sex session can be as short as a vine clip or a documentary on National Geographic.

I once knew a guy who told me that it takes him 4 hours to come. 4 hours…that’s just sounds like torture to me. I would rather have a guy slip the tip of his cock inside me for 10 seconds and climax than endure a 4-hour sex session that would give me dry, sore spells for a fortnight.

Either that, or have 20 bottles of lube next to me.

Anyway, you shouldn’t even have to worry about the length of your sex session. As long as you got the moves, and you’re able to make your partner shout ‘yeah, baby!’, who gives a fuck on how long your sexcapades should last for?

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