How to Make Sex Great Every Time!

January 14, 2016

Depending on how picky you are, you would always continue with sex session if it’s good and stop it if it turns bad. The worse thing that you would feel before, during, or after sex is frustration because it can make you feel like you’ve lost hope on enjoying sex.

The first thing that you have to make sure on is that you enjoy being with the person who you’re having sex with. Having a one night stand with a guy who you’ve just met at the bar or on Tinder doesn’t give you the same feeling you would get if you’re sleeping with a long-term partner.

Believe me, I feel this way too, but it’s been a long while now since I’ve had a partner. Nonetheless, I can still remember a time when having sex with a partner was amazing! That doesn’t mean that you can only achieve fantastic sex when you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, though!

It just has to be with someone who you’re comfortable with and would burst out laughing if you have South Park playing in the background while you’re having sex; this has happened to me before…Even if you already know how to make your sex life enthralling amazing at every session, it’s good to keep tabs on this article for you to look back on!

Thou art love thyself!

A wise, experienced person would tell you that all men and women love to be with a person who’s filled with confidence. A confident person would appear very sexy to their partners and they would make them take off their trousers and dive straight into bed with them within a matter of seconds!

It’s hurtful to say this, but if you keep asking your partner whether the thong your wearing makes her ass look fat, then your companion would start thinking about that question his or herself. Even though you will always reassure your partner that she’s wonderful and beautiful on the inside and out, no one likes to repeat themselves!

Remember the saying that some people always like to preach?

“How could you love others if you don’t love yourself?”

Well, the same logic can apply to sex; how could you have good sex if you don’t think that you could enjoy sex yourself? Therefore, you should just let your hair down, perform your sexiest dance moves and moan like you’ve never moaned before!

Tell your partner what makes you cum!

One of the many lines that people hate to answer after having sex is:

“Was that good for you?”

The worst one for me is:

“Did you cum?”

I think that you shouldn’t have to ask your partner if he or she has climaxed; your companion’s body should tell you if he or she has creamed on the bed sheets! There was one sex tip video that I’ve watched a couple of years ago where it was obviously aimed at guys, but it was about how to eat pussy. The guy commenting in the video said that if the girl he was licking out managed to walk away without looking like Bambi, he would bring her back to the bed and go for round 2!

Funny as he was, he brought up a valid point. I personally get turned on when I know a guy I’m sleeping with tries as hard as he can to satisfy me. But how would your companion know how to make you cum if you don’t tell him how? I would tell a guy how to cum by slipping in some dirty talking when we get a little horny, or if he asks me what makes me feel good then I would tell him.

Don’t tell your partner what he or she is doing wrong in the bedroom, just tell him or her what makes you cum; it’s simple and straight forward!

A little spark goes a long way!

Like I’ve mentioned before, nobody likes repetition; especially in the bedroom. As many of you who are reading this article would understand, a routine can be deadly on your sex life. I make it sound like routine is a poisonous snake that you should avoid encountering in the Sahara desert, but I guess you can refer that metaphor to a routine in a way.

That’s when the spark begins to fade between you and your companion and you’re just left questioning yourself and each other on where you two should go next? Contrary to what I’ve just said, though, a lot of people don’t like a lot of change. Some guys wouldn’t be able to keep up with doing something new in the bedroom every day, like lighting up candles on Monday, getting spanked and whipped on Tuesday and fucking in the local park on Wednesday!

I’m just coming up with examples that may never occur…but I digress, it can be exciting to try out something new, no matter how little or how infrequent it would be. It could be something new and fresh like trying out a new position you’ve learned from the Kama Sutra book, or something spontaneous like getting frisky in the kitchen while your partner is cooking.

No matter what you do, it would be something that would keep your partner on his or her toes! Finally, like your friends and acquaintances would tell you when you’re talking about sex, all you have to do is relax and enjoy yourself. As long as you trust the person who wants to get intimate with, you can be sure that you will be satisfied at every sex session you have. You two will wake up every morning naked and warm with a smile on your faces!

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For me, it all depends on who I am seeing. I have been with different girls in my short time on this planet , but I always try to give my best, maybe why I enjoy sex most times. But if you want great sex, it has to work on both sides of the pages.

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