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March 11, 2016

The elevator door yawns open and the four people around me pile into the cramped space. “Vamonos.” Someone is waving me inside but I smile and wave them off. The elevator door closes its mouth and swallows the people whole. I push the elevators up button and step back looking at my reflection in the door’s shine.

I’m wearing a blue dress that hugs all the places on my body perfectly. My hair is down and it looks wild. I remember that I didn’t brush it this morning. I roll my neck and close my eyes for a moment. It’s lightly raining outside and rain on a Monday makes it feel like there should be a warning label that reads: Proceed with caution, slippery when wet.


I hear footsteps coming from behind me. They walk up the steps and stop at the elevator. I glance over and see him. He’s tall with an amazing chest and back. He has brown curly hair and chocolate eyes. He works on the other side of the office and although I don’t know his name, I’ve masturbated to the thought of him recently.

“Buenos dias.” He tells me. His voice is gruffy, his eyes are shiny and his smile is warm. He has a beard just the way I like them. It makes him look like a rugged cave man, one that I would consent to yanking me back to his cave by my hair.

Seeing someone that you’ve touched yourself too is kinky. A part of you wants to smile and wink at them like they’re in on it. But instead you play that cool exterior and smile politely when they nod at you. They may never know that they seeped into your fantasies. They may never know that you know what they look like tied up and smeared with whip cream.

“Buenos,” I reply smiling back at him. I hear the elevator arrive and it yawns its door open. I step inside and tall, dark and handsome follows. I push the button for the office and the interior door closes.

We’ve only gone up half a floor when the elevator stops. The lights blink off and a red emergency light turns on. It floods the small elevator space.
“Happy Monday.” I say sarcastically.

He pushes the button for our floor again. It lights up and we hear a sound that sounds like the elevator knows it has a job to do but doesn’t want to go to work.

“There’s no phone or emergency button in here.” Although he’s stating the obvious, his Spanish accent makes whatever he said sound more exciting.

“Can we call the office and ask someone to call the repair company?” I suggest. I can’t help but be happy that I got stuck on this elevator with tall, dark and handsome guy and not in the previous elevator that was filled like a packed circus car of clowns.

A Call For Help

He hops on his phone and in Spanish, tells someone at the office that we’re stuck in the elevator in between the 1st and the 2nd floor.

“Bueno,” He hangs up the phone. “They’re calling the company now so we just need to wait.” He puts down his bag and so do I.

“Is this red light necessary?” I ask pointing at the cherry glow pouring over us.

He raises his arms to touch the ceiling. He’s trying to see if there’s an emergency exit but all I can focus on is his upper body flexing.

“We’re locked inside here until someone comes,” He tells me. I can’t help but hear the sexual innuendo in his voice.

“Until someone comes. I accept that challenge.” I reply. He looks at me, smiles and winks.

“Qué?” he asks, his voice purrs and I feel like okay! He’s picking up what I’m putting down!

I think about the time I masturbated to him. I was daydreaming that I’d be sitting on a desk with my legs spread open and he’d be eating out my pussy, moaning and telling me how good I taste.

He leans toward me and I fall into a kiss. His mouth is warm and wet. His tongue is bigger than I initially gave it credit for. He takes his hand through my hair and pulls on it as he kisses me harder.

I moan and he pulls back for a moment to look down at me. He grabs my breasts and pushes them together groping them. Covered in strawberry lighting, he licks his lips and pushes his body closer to mine. I feel his cock swell and push against me. He smells like a man should, musky and with a touch of aftershave, shower gel or is it detergent?

There’s a bar on the elevator wall that my hands are holding onto. He hoists me up onto the bar and pulls apart my dress, pulling aside my thong he buries his head in my pussy.

Aerosmith’s Love in an Elevator is playing in the corner of my head as I look down at tall, dark and handsome eating me out like he forgot to eat breakfast.

Love in an elevator

Lovin’ it up when I’m goin’ down

Love in an elevator

Lovin’ it up when I hit the ground

“Oh my god,” I gasp. He’s flicking his tongue on my clit and then he thrusts two fingers inside of my pussy again and again.

“No se preocupe! ¡Alguien viene!” I hear a voice tell us, it’s probably the maintenance man for the elevator.

“You taste so good.” Tall, dark and handsome whispers as he continues to lick my pussy like its melting.

The Climax of Love

He takes me down from sitting on the bar and flips me over. My head is looking into the mirror and I can see he’s unfastening his pants. He’s pulled his cock out and spits on his hand. He wets the tip of his cock before shoving it into my pussy.

“Oh my god, fuck!” I cry out.

His cock’s girth is overwhelming. I take my finger to my clit and play with it as I look into the mirror at his face. He rolls his eyes in ecstasy as he focuses on his breathing. That is when I decided; yes the red light is necessary as it paints us in the color of hedonistic passion while we fuck like animals.

“Mantener la calma! Alguien viene cualquier momento!” I don’t speak or understand Spanish but I can tell that a voice beyond the elevator is encouraging me to relax.

Whoever can hear me thinks that I’m freaking out because I want to get out of here. I’m really freaking out because I’m shagging a coworker in an elevator and I have to be real, I don’t know his name and it’s turning me on.

“Oh dios mios,” he says again and again thrusting harder and harder as he grabs a hold of my ass and pulls apart it’s cheeks.

“Spank me,” I whimper. He laughs and takes his palm and smacks my ass.

“Harder,” I command and he does it again.

“I’m coming,” he sighs deeply and pulls out. I flip around and fall onto my knees. I put his cock deep into my mouth and feel him explode. He pushes my head down and for one moment, I contemplate the probability of suffocation by cock.

The lights flick on and the typical yellow fluorescent light paints the elevator back into the hue of corporate reality. I stand up as the elevator shoots us up to the office.

He’s smiling as he tucks his shirt back into his pants. The elevator door opens and at last, we’ve arrived.

We both step out of the elevator acting like nothing happened. I show my ID to the automated keypad lock and the door to the office unlocks.

Good morning Gabrielle, the computer says.

He flicks his ID at the keypad lock and I think; now I can see his name! I hold the door open with one arm and look back at him swiping his ID. He can tell that I’m trying to read his name off the key pad lock. He takes his hand and hides it over his name so I can’t see it.

Oh shit! He knows that I don’t know his name!

“Happy Monday,” He tells me before winking, smiling and walking away.

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