Men Officially Look in the Mirror More Than Women!

April 1, 2016

topless man looking in the mirror

As you pass a storefront’s window, there’s that moment when you see your reflection and you check yourself out. What you look at, how long you stare and how often you check out your goods in the mirror depends largely on your gender, according to a sexy survey conducted by Yorkshire-based lifestyle brand Avaj. They surveyed 1,000 passionate people on their grooming habits and what they saw was quite reflective.

The study found men look at their reflections more times than not thinking, “Well, hello handsome!’

While women see their reflections and often begrudge themselves, “Is that broccoli in my teeth?”

Tracey Denison, the Managing Director at Avaj breaks down the results of the survey essentially dispelling the age old stereotype that females spend too much time in the bathroom. ‘Surprisingly, unlike women, men are more likely to spend time in front of the mirror admiring the parts of themselves they are happy with suggesting vanity is the real purpose behind the time spent looking at reflections.’ The women surveyed said they look at their appearance for ‘reassurance that they look OK.’ While both sexes look at the mirror, its men that look more often for pursuit of gratification from vanity.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, survey says, men are the vainest of all!

Vanity is the excessive belief in one’s own abilities and attractiveness to others. For a kinky example, listen to the band LMFAO sing, “When I walk in the spot, this what I see, Everybody stops and they staring at me I got passion in my pants and I ain’t afraid to show it..’ ‘I’m sexy and I know’ is an anthem for vanity as well as for an age range of men between 20 and 50 years old!

In a short span of time, vanity and it’s loud and obnoxious friend narcissism have come a long way. We have arrived in a time where we idolized our egos with apps on our phones promoting an inflated sense of self. We have arrived in a day in age where reality TV shows are barfing narcissistic nightmares like the Kardashians. We have arrived in a generation that’s fuller of itself more than any other previous generation.

According to a National Institutes of Health study: 10 percent of young Americans exhibited symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder while only 3 percent of older Americans did. This narcissistic epidemic has conditioned many a sexy people today to look and act a fool. People everywhere are taking pictures of themselves with a ‘selfie’ stick, uploading it onto social media and sharing a reflection of them self with the world. As if that isn’t egotistical enough, we are also given the ability to ‘like’ our own picture!

Men’s top 5 fav body parts: 5) Hair 4) Eyes 3) Smile 2) Legs 1) Arms

The survey conducted by Avaj found that men are the vainest of all as they spend a grand total of 335 days of their life starring at the mirror, mirror on the wall. When it’s not a mirror they confess they look at themselves in reflections of shop windows, devices like i Pads and Smart-phones. More than half of the men surveyed admitted that they’re getting vainer than ever before. These men have been coined, ‘Reflectors’ since they spend ten minutes per day looking at their reflection which amounts to almost six and a half days per year!

Dudes consistently check out their package while women focus on body parts they are self conscious about. It was discovered that dudes admire their reflection 23 times a day while ladies glance only 16 times. Those numbers may not seem too different but remember, it what’s they look at and why they look that depicts their ego’s intention.

Narcissism is coined from a classic Greek myth. It tells the tale of young Narcissus who tragically falls in love with his own image reflected in a pool of water. He became fixated with how damn good he looked and he was unable to leave his reflection. Dude straight lost his will to live and stared at his reflection until he withered away. Replace that pool of water with a phone and social media sites apps and you got this generation staring at reflections of themselves in the palm of their hands.

Sexy survey says, men love themselves way more than women do

That’s not to say that there isn’t healthy narcissism. Healthy narcissism has been linked to good psychological heath and a healthy sense of ‘greatness’. Vanity is considered an effective element within development and it encourages self-confidence and self-love. Yet there’s a fine line drawn between a trait that’s healthy and helpful and one that becomes tacky and annoying. It’s knowing the difference between talking loud enough so your friend can hear you and talking so loud enough that the whole train HAS to listen.

However, social media sites encourage the ego to express itself and be validated within doing so. Then there’s garbage reality TV shows that promote people’s intense self obsession. It has pushed this generation onto a precarious precipice. That smart psychologist dude Sigmund Freud was describing the core of a narcissistic personality when he said it’s the ‘the delusion of being watched.’ It seems as though he also predicted today’s generation of lookers, reflectors and likers.

It seems that high maintenance beauty regimes and social media have created an unprecedented wave of vanity and narcissism. While men spend over four years of their life perfecting their appearance, women only spend three years. The stereotype of women hogging the mirror has expired. Mirror, mirror on the wall declares that modern man is most image-obsessed of all.

For the record there is nothing wrong with celebrating your appearance. Shake what you’re mama gave you! If you’re having a good hair day. Rock it, don’t stop it but if you opt to take a ‘selfie’ by no means should you post it and then ‘like’ it yourself. Sigh. We already know that you know what LMFAO knows, ‘You’re sexy and you know it.’

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