Erotic Stories – My Sex Diary, Part Seven

June 13, 2016

Close up of women writing in her diary

I don’t have a lot of time or energy to write a new journal entry, but I do have the time to say this. Ever since I’ve had sex in the pool with Andreo, I haven’t been feeling like my usual self. I don’t know whether it’s because my client doesn’t like my work, or that Marcos hasn’t stopped texting me yet. However, what I do know…is that I’m late.

Saturday 2nd December

I sat on my toilet for half an hour, where my pants were wrapped around my ankles and my hands were trembling out of fear. I suddenly exhaled when I looked at the results that were presented to me on a piece of stick.

‘Non incinta’

Thank God. My heart rate lowered when those words reflected into my eyes.

I leant back and looked through all of the memories of me sucking and fucking every guy that I’ve met in this country. I have to let you know, my dear diary, not every sex that I’ve had was protected.

There were a few times in my life when I haven’t been using condoms, and there were more times in my life when I’ve haven’t been taking the pill. Jesus, I haven’t been on the pill since I’ve ended my relationship with Jacob.

Well, after panicking for under a week about whether I’m pregnant or not, I could firmly say that after reading my test results and having a lucky escape, I should invest some of my wages in a box of condoms every fortnight or so. Now I can focus on my trip to Granada with Andreo.

My bags are packed and you, my dear diary, will be kept close to me throughout my whole holiday there. Even though Andreo is a good guy who knows how to make me squirt, I can’t let anyone read you, not with all of the hot, dirty stuff that I’ve been writing on your pages.

He might get jealous from reading all of the anecdotes about me sleeping with other Italians. Hmm. Actually, it might make Andreo a little horny if he reads all of my filthy sex stories. He’s the first person that I’ve met who has more fetishes than I could think of. Maybe…he might actually like to watch me get fucked by other guys.

I’m not sure if you could class that as cuckolding, because I feel like he would still establish himself as the master in the bedroom. I could just imagine it right now. I could imagine him watching me while I’m getting fucked by another hot guy on top of me.

My pussy is feeling hot and sensitive again. Shit, Andreo is out of the flat at the moment, and I want him to come into my home and slide his hand down my pants.

I want him to feel how hot my clit is, and I want him to press his fingers down on it. I can’t help myself right now. I’m struggling to write in full sentences at this point…I’m going to have to leave you. The only thing that I’m imagining at the moment is Andreo and his hands…

Monday 4th December

Andreo and I have managed to get to Granada in one piece, which was a surprise since I never do so well in keeping myself together on aeroplanes; I get airsick a lot.

We’re staying at an apartment that my boyfriend’s Granddad left for him under his will. That’s actually a nice thing to leave for your grandchildren once you’re gone; it means that they wouldn’t have to struggle with rent or mortgages for the rest of their lives. Kudos to you, Andreo’s Granddad.

Furthermore, the area that the flat is settled in gives me a beautiful view of the city. It has a balcony where I can view the restaurants down below, which makes me worry if the customers down there would be able to hear all of the moans, groans and screams that I would make during my stay here.

As I dropped my bags onto the floor and gazed at the view of the cityscape from the kitchen window, Andreo wrapped around my chest so tightly, it was as if he was tying ribbon around my body. It’s not every day that I get to experience a hug like this. Strange…

He gently nibbled on my left ear as he tenderly rubbed my shoulders. Then, I heard him mutter words like,

‘I’m out of you, and I want some more.’

What the hell did that mean? Was that his new way of saying that he wanted to fuck me?

After that point, he softly pushed my upper body onto the sink basin, pulled down my floral skirt and exposed my ass to his face. I wasn’t sure whether he had enough energy to ravage me normally, but what I was sure about was that he had been holding it in since the flight.

I felt his hands spread my ass cheeks apart so he could see the reflection of the sunlight on my juices. I had to admit, I was holding it in too.

For some reason, holiday sex just feels better. It makes you believe that you’ve escaped to a place that’s filled with silence and content, where you do whatever you please without any guilt whatsoever. But what guilt would I have been feeling back in Italy?

Never mind, I’m going on a tangent. After he spread my cheeks apart, he let his tongue take control and licked my slit up and down, slowly.

I’ve never felt sensuality from Andreo before, but I didn’t complain, especially since I know how good his tongue is. His moans and groans made me feel like I was experiencing an electrical surge.

His voice made my nipples harden and my body sweat. I felt him put more pressure on my clit, as if he’s forgotten what my cum tastes like and wants to remind himself what the flavour was.

Once again, I was at the mercy of Andreo, and I couldn’t help but grind my pussy on his face hard as I climax all over his mouth and tongue. After a minute or two of remembering the taste of my juice, he trailed his lips along my back and used his breath to cool my warm skin.

That’s another strange thing that I’ve never experienced with Andreo before.

Thursday 7th December

Even though we’re staying here until the end of this week, I could already tell you that I see myself living in Granada for a year or two.

Last night was a little crazy. We didn’t go out to all of the bars and restaurants in the city, but we did end up buying copious amounts of wine. Red wine, to be precise. I think that the red wine made Andreo forget how my pussy tastes again, when he stripped me of my clothes while I was standing up, placed me down on a wooden chair, spread my legs, and made me writhe in pleasure while I still had a glass of Merlot in my right hand.

All of the sex that I’ve had here, in Granada, has been pure bliss. Andreo’s tongue has been more than amazing to me! I remember his naked body kneeling down before me, while I poured a little bit of that dry, red liquid down my stomach and onto his lips.

Once again, I began to move my hips and grind my cunt up and down his face, while he looked directly at me in the eyes as if he wanted to ask me,

‘Do you like that?’

‘Do you like me doing this to you?’

‘Does it make you feel good, honey?’

I watched him as he began to touch himself, treating himself by stroking the tip of his cock. Has he developed a different persona since he came back to Granada, or did he wake another character from his sleep?

I’m not sure at the moment, but the only thing that I’m sure of is that I like how he’s behaving with me. I pushed his head closer to my pussy to let him know that I’m going to cum on his face again.

His lips and tongue moved faster and faster to make me climax, and then I felt nothing but a surge of ecstasy when I’ve spilled a little more of my red wine over my tits, and climaxed inside Andreo’s mouth once more. I needed a couple of moments to breathe as I try to recover my energy back once more.

The night was still young and I was considering to go out to see what the life outside was like when the moon is out. But then Andreo rested his head on my right thigh and began to stroke my stomach.


What was he thinking? Does he know about the pregnancy test?

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