My Sex Diary – Part Three

February 22, 2016

Marcos was tipsy enough to not care but I couldn’t help but turn red with embarrassment. After a few hours of having at a great time at the party, we’ve decided to crash at my place for the night.

But here is something that disturbs me a little bit, my dear diary. As Marcos spooned me before he went to sleep, I was thinking about the guy who caught me getting eaten out. It was the same guy who was staring at me at the party.

Furthermore, I started to imagine him eating me out instead of Marcos.

Sunday 6th August

Things have been very weird for me and Marcos recently; maybe it’s just because I am still reeling from being caught in the bathroom with a guy who was eating me out. I think Marcos senses a disturbance in the force; no pun intended…ok, the pun was intended. But…there was something different about the last sex session that we had that made me feel diminished.

I was lying on my bed when Marcos threw himself on top of me and thrust his manhood inside my juicy, wet pussy. Instead of staring into his eyes, as usual, I was staring at the ceiling and kept closing my eyes. I closed my eyes to think of him; the guy who caught me while I was getting my pussy licked by Marcos.

I don’t know what has caused me to think like this now. Is there some hormone in my body that makes me change who I find attractive? I don’t know. All that I know is that I’m starting to lose interest in Marcos. At the same time, I feel bad because he is a very good lover. We have had times when we would act like the animals we always were and ravage each other no matter what room in a house we were in.

One day, he took me to his hometown and Como and walked around the lake for hours on end. He kept trying to hold my hand but I knew that he just wanted to feel my ass. I wasn’t particularly in the mood to fuck him in the outdoors, but then I thought to myself that it would be an experience that I would keep for the rest of my life.

We began entering a small woodland area where it was desolate and silent. The trees and bushes provided us with enough cover for us to not get caught…again. Since it was a sunny day, I wanted to wear my floral dress to help keep my summer vibe going until September comes. Marcos was wearing his usual jeans and red shirt when he took my hand and led me into the forest.

It was dark, but it was dry enough for me to lie down on top of a pile of leaves and spread my legs open for him to devour me whole. It was at that point when I was starting to get into the groove; moving my hips around like a cobra who’s intrigued by the shape of a flute. Slowly, he unbuttoned his shirt and placed himself on top of me once more; pulling out his throbbing cock as if he was happy for it to see the light of day.

He slid himself inside me and I moaned in ecstasy as I clutched onto his shoulders tightly. Marcos began his usual motion of burying his cock inside my pussy before bringing it back out again. I was really happy. I was happy that I was able to feel pleasure with Marcos again.

However, that ecstasy was short lived, as I stared at the sky and imagined the strange man fucking me instead. Fortunately, Marcos came quicker than usual that day, and we’ve wiped ourselves clean before we made our move again. It was at that point when I knew that I have to call it quits with him, otherwise, I would end up hating having sex with him.

Saturday 12th August

It was only yesterday when I finally grew some balls and said to him that I didn’t want to see him anymore. He made the cold approach and told me that he didn’t really enjoy any sex session that he had with me until he turned silent and left my apartment; leaving me in the kitchen to hear his soft cries down the street.

I would believe that he has already told his friends what a cold bitch I was to break up with him. Then again, we were never in a relationship. We’ve never established to each other who we were and what we were doing. My head, heart and pussy weren’t in the right place to continue what I had with him. As I’ve stated before in my last entry; I didn’t want to end up hating Marcos. But I believe that I did the right thing of cutting the tie early rather than trailing him along to me, which would have cause some complications down the line.

The last semester was over, so I had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted to do. It was still hot outside, all of the people wanted to be in the open air; I loved it. While I sat outside of a café shop that was settled near the Navigli, I stared at the water flowing through the canal as I had my beer and drew a simple landscape picture. Then, my heart stopped.

When I looked up to get a view of the people passing by, I saw the man who caught me in the act walking towards me. I felt the blood flow away from my face as I dropped my pencil onto the pavement. It rolled towards him and all that I could think of was:

‘Shit! Shit! Shit!’

He stopped himself in his tracks when the pencil rolled towards him and picked it up to place it gently back on my sketching pad. He smiled at me and greeted me.

Fuck sake! I didn’t know why I’ve suddenly turned into a schoolgirl who blushes every time a cute guy would talk to me. I replied to his greet quietly, but I didn’t think that he would sit down at the same table in front of me. Wow. Please, go right ahead without asking me, asshole.

After looking at him stoically, he suddenly got the idea that I didn’t ask him to sit down next to me and apologized immediately. But then, I thought about it and decided not to give him a piece of mind and told him not to worry.

He introduced himself as Andreo, which I kept getting mixed up as Andrea because I don’t usually hear a lot of guys called Andreo around here; it’s a name that more Spanish men than Italian men would have. Therefore, I’ve asked him if he was Spanish, and he replied that he was from Granada. Why on fucking Earth would a Spanish guy from Granada would come here; in the industrial capital of Italy?

I didn’t want to pry on his purpose of being here, so I continued having a very banal conversation with him. It was still very boring until he asked me for my number. I kept thinking that he would be another Marcos, where he would go straight into the sex and would burn out the fire too quickly.

However…you might call me poetic, my dear diary, but there was something about his eyes, lips, and skin that just made me fall into a trance. Am I becoming one of those helpless women who suddenly get hypnotized by every hot guy that she sees?

I don’t know, my dear diary. I really don’t know.

Thursday 17th August

For days, I have been drawing, smoking, going out and staying in my bed to touch myself every night. I kept touching myself to satisfy my cravings, until something happened to me last night…

Marcos hasn’t made any contact with me since I told him to move on; to quit what we had and enjoy his sex with someone else. He probably has met someone else by now. I do miss the sex but I don’t miss the sex with him. I sound like a callous bitch, don’t I? I would immediately drop the guy who I have been going out with when the spark is gone.

Anyway…I received a text message from Andreo; I still keep thinking that his name is Andrea. He wanted me to join him at this bar near the Navigli. I wasn’t sure what to say at first, but then I thought about how I kept thinking of him while I was fucking Marcos, so I accepted his offer to join him for a drink.

He took me to a bar called ‘Wizard’; a place where they played heavy metal music and ‘True Romance’ on the television that sat just above the entrance. Interesting; that’s what I thought to myself. We sat at the bar where this crazy, fat dude with a Mohawk made us two Black Russian cocktails; Andreo made the order for me.

While we were sitting opposite each other, we both sipped on our rich, black liqueurs and smiled as we continued to enjoy the music. I didn’t think that a heavy metal bar would be his scene, but he said that he’s been into the rock culture since he was 15; which I thought that was fair enough.

He kept staring at me weirdly until he popped the question that I have been dreading to answer. I had to tell him the truth, well how could I have not told him the truth? I was already getting a little tipsy on my Black Russian drink! I admitted to him that it was me whose pussy was getting licked and sucked by a guy who was farther gone that I was.

He just laughed.

I changed my demeanor and suddenly turned defensive. He told me that it wasn’t something that he worried or cared about. He’s seen so many people have sex at house parties a lot of times, that it has gone to the point where he has become adapted to that kind of atmosphere. Again, I thought it was fair enough for him to think that way. I left him quickly to go to the toilet, where I pulled down my underwear and saw that my juices have stained them. Fuck, I must be hooked onto a leash.

Suddenly, I’ve heard the door for the ladies toilet open and I heard a not-so-feminine voice calling out my name. I flushed the toilet and slowly opened the cubicle door; only to see him standing in front of me…He entered inside and closed the door behind himself.

He wasn’t doing any drastic movements; he was just slowly forcing me into a corner. My underwear was getting wet again…my underwear is getting wet again…It was just something about his eyes…his lips…his cock…his sex

I need to stop for a moment; my dear diary.

I need to touch myself and cum. Hard.

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