Nine Sex Toys From History!

April 18, 2016

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A sex toy is an object that’s used to facilitate sexual pleasure. While you may know what a sex toy is, you may not know where they originated from! The kinky gods were mistaken when they thought our sexy body parts would be sufficient. It was our kinky ancestors that got down and dirty and constructed adult toys for the horny masses. These sexual inventions revolutionized sexual pleasure making sex sexier and kink kinkier!

In modern times, sex toys are commonly sold at a sex shop or over the Internet. But before the web and the adult erotica store, where did these adult toys come from? Herein we’ve examined the most common sex toys and their fascinating origins to discover: where did they come from before they started making the rest of the world cum with them too!

1) Dildo, 23,000 B.C

The oldest known dildo is an eight inch stone found in Germany and it dates back to 26,000 years ago. Fun fact: Archaeologists find prehistoric dildos all the time in excavations! It seems that prehistoric masturbation was such a thing that horny cave man took to carving rock cocks to honor it!

2) Butt Plugs, 1892

It was Frank E. Young who first had a vision of inserting things up other people’s butts! Originally called the ‘Rectal Dilator,’ and developed in 1892, Young created 4 ½ inches of pain to shove where the sun don’t shine. Butt plugs were hailed as a cure for piles and they were even advertised in respected journals!

For forty years, Victorian butt plugs were sold across America until the FDA banned them in 1938 for ‘false advertising.’ Back in the day, you needed a physician’s prescription for a butt plug while in modern times, you just need a partner that wants to play doctor! Curious about more butt stuff then check out the Top Five Anal Sex Toys!

3) The Vibrator, 1869

During the Victorian period, ‘female hysteria,’ was a recognized illness and its treatments involved a medical professional rubbing the patient’s private parts until she orgasmed! Doctors complained about wrist-ache and boredom which lead George Taylor to invent the first steam-powered vibrator!This initial version was not a success but J. Granville’s 1880 ‘electrochemical’ design hit the spot.

Housekeeping, a popular magazine started running monthly reviews and housewives with ‘female hysteria,’ bought Granville’s design to relieve themselves of ‘female hysteria’ or a partner that didn’t know how to play the fiddle. Interested in sharing your sex toy with your partner then read how to in: The Kinky Guru on introducing your sex toy.

4) Pornography, 33,000 B.C

Recently archaeologists uncovered a prehistoric porn statue that had been carved from a mammoth’s tusk. It featured a female torso and exaggerated sexual parts. This sexy people is the first example of porn! And it’s over 35,000 years old which means, porn predates religion. Hallelujah and amen!

5) Blow-up Dolls, 1904

It was French sailors who created the first blow-up doll in the 17th century. The doll was essentially a collection of rags with an appropriated hole and it was thought to assist the homesick horny Frenchmen who had been long at sea. In 1904 vulcanized rubber was patented by alchemist Rene Schwarble and he began building inflatable dolls for ‘discerning gentlemen.’

Mass-manufactured versions were on sale in Parisian catalogs less than four years later. In a creepy creative advertisement, they offered the ability to create a custom doll resembling, ‘any actual person living or dead!” Read more in ‘The inflated popularity of blow up dolls!

6) The Penis Ring, A.D.1200

The first penis ring was made out of the eyelids of a goat and it still had its eyelashes still intact! In ancient China, nobility were expected to not just service his wife, mistresses and concubines but he was also expected to create an heir. It was thought that this goat-eyelid-penis-ring would help the wearer shag with the sole purpose of impregnation!

7) Geisha Balls, A.D. 500

They first appeared in the Orient in A.D. 500 and they were used to pleasure men. They’re also known as Ben Wa Balls, Rin No Tama or Burmese Balls. They became popular because they not only heightened pleasure during sex but they also could be used for self pleasure. The experience is said to be so wonderful and pleasurable that the man is said to, ‘have a ball!’ Get interested in foreplay and all the toys that are out there in Foreplay Sex Toys You Should be Trying.

8) Lube, Ancient Greece

There is no record for when lube was first used yet in 350 B.C. Olive oil was a big business. In Aristotle’s History of the Animals he mentions that ‘smoother sex may make pregnancy less likely.’ Two centuries later the notable physician Soranus agreed with him. Olive oil does make everything appear sexier and it’s an aphrodisiac so it’s not hard to believe that it was the first lube.

Greeks are said to have sex more than any other country. It’s no surprise that when Athena gifted the founders of Greece with an olive tree, those oversexed Greeks got inspired to do what they do best: slide and glide.

9) Condoms, 1560

The first record of a condom in use was in 1564. In Medieval times, horny people were freaking out about syphilis. Enter Gabriele Falloppio who invented a linen sheath that was soaked in chemicals that destroyed the venereal disease. After testing it on 1,100 volunteers, he reported no cases of syphilis!

This Medieval dong sack was used for the prevention of a STD and it worked! Technology is pretty cool especially when it comes to protecting your sexual health. Check out how technology is protecting your sexual health today in ‘Sexual Health Clinics are Hitting the Internet.’

It’s a fascinating, kinky world that’s been shagging for centuries with primitive adult toys. It’s a sexy blessing that we’ve shown up on the scene once these sex toys had been revolutionized and perfected. Next time you apply lube or slide on a condom, you just may have a whole new appreciation for sexy history and your kinky present.

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