Common Questions About Women That Men Ask!

March 5, 2016

As much as punters would be in need of some advice when it comes to encountering a hot escort, men, overall, would also like to know how to make women excited in bed.

Many of my friends have asked me a lot of questions in relation to ladies and how to not only make them cum, but how to make sure that they would never forget about their sexy adventures with you! I know that a lot of guys don’t like thinking too much when it comes to answers, so my explanations would be blunt and straight to the point!

Do women actually like being sent pictures of dicks?

Unless we actually ask for them, no; no we do not. Maybe if you’re sexting with the girl, but otherwise, no. One thing that girls don’t like is just seeing the picture of a dick and not the face of the guy who we’d be sexting.

When a girl sends a nude picture to you, we’d like to show all, if not most, of our bodies in the photo. We have the impression that guys would get turned on more if they see all of us and not just the tits and pussy.

Furthermore, when we put some effort into making ourselves look sexy for the photo that we’d send you, only to receive a picture of nothing but your cock; we can’t help but feel slightly insulted. In my opinion, I want a guy to send me a picture of his whole body.

I mean, what would I be able to do with a simple picture of a dick? I can’t rub my smartphone on my pussy while your dick picture is illuminating on my screen!

Why do girls love big dicks?

We like feeling filled up. We like big cocks because they’re able to hit our g-spots and make us cum hard. I’m sorry for being blunt, but it’s the truth!

However, not every girl on the planet likes big dicks. There are girls who don’t like big dicks just because they hurt us; especially when you’d fuck us vigorously! Though, I believe that women just love it when they a guy has a big cock that can tickle their pussies from the inside and make them cum all over it.

The biggest dick that I’ve had was 8 inches; it felt good when the guy fucked my pussy with it, I’ve had trouble trying to deep-throat it and don’t even ask me how I’ve managed to do anal sex with it…If you’re someone who has a ‘less than average’ cock, it’s not the end of the world for you.

You’d get to put yourself into positions which would make it impossible for your girlfriend to escape your grasp. Furthermore, having a small dick would make it easier for you to do anal sex with. Sorry that I’m sounded like a bitch before; I just love big cocks!

How could I improve my pussy-licking skills?

Imagine buying a 99 Flake ice cream from one of those vans with colourful stickers on it and a fat man inside. You’re sitting on a beach and the weather is so hot that your ice-cream starts to melt; the cream begins to drip onto your fingers and your lap. The only way that you’re going to get as much cream into your mouth and enjoy the taste at the same time, is to lick it up like there’s no tomorrow.

You spread your tongue out so it’s flat when you slide it up from the rim of the cone to the top of the ice-cream. You can’t forget about the sides either; so you begin to lick around the edges of the cone to not let any drop go to waste. You’re still keeping your tongue flat and not pointy; that’s the most important thing when you’re eating an ice-cream.

Then, when you have licked up all of the melted cream and you’re left with the little mound that is sitting on top of the cone, you can wrap your lips around them and suck on the cream. That’s when you make your tongue pointy and use the tip to aim directly into the sweet centre of the dome; licking up everything until there’s nothing left.

Finally, you nibble on the wafer cone softly before you’re left with a stomach full of white, soft ice-cream. If you lick a woman’s pussy as if it was that 99 Flake, then she’ll end up walking like Bambi once you’re through with her!

Do girls want me to ask them what they’d like or just take the lead?

Normally, we like it when a guy takes the lead. I think it’s important that if you’re going to get naughty with a new woman, then you show her what you already know.

I believe that women always want a strong man to handle the ropes; if the woman already has a strong personality with strong moves, then you have to be stronger. Even when a girl is riding you in the cowgirl position, she would love it when you grab onto her hips and pull them towards you.

If you ask a girl what she loves to do in the bedroom, then it takes away the element of surprise and she wouldn’t be as excited about the sex session as you’d expect. Nevertheless, the ladies still like it when you ask her what you can do to turn her on, because that means that you’re thinking about your companion’s sexual well-being and you’re not just thinking about your dick. However, first impressions are important, so you should make sure that you’re wearing the trousers in the bedroom; even though that you wouldn’t be wearing them practically!

Why can’t I make a girl cum?

If you can’t make a girl cum, then you’re not turning her on right. All women are different; some of them love it when you pay attention to her clit, whereas others find it impossible to orgasm when you’re wearing socks during sex.

You have to read your girlfriend’s body language in order to know what would drive her close to the edge. A girl’s orgasm is different to a guy’s orgasm; we are still thinking about a lot of things when we have a throbbing cock inside us.‘I hope he doesn’t cum on my bed sheets. His sweat is dripping onto my face… Have I taken out the laundry after getting my nipples sucked on?’

You’d need to keep her mind occupied on the sex and how good it is with you. If you see her moving around like a snake in heat and moaning loudly, then you’re on the right track to Cum City. If not, well, you’d better up your game, gentlemen!

Do you have any other questions that you’re dying to ask about women and sex? Make sure that you write them in the comments section below. Alternatively, if you know a friend who is in need of some advice when it comes to bedroom antics, don’t forget to share this article with him. The more you share this post, the wetter the women’s underwear will get!

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