Real Sex – Changing Room Session

May 28, 2014

I was shopping for a pair of jeans in a department store in my home town. I had selected two pairs to try on, but the changing room was closed. I asked an assistant, who said that because of the current change in weather a lot of the staff had phoned in ill, resulting in the shop being unable to keep all the changing rooms open. Because of this, male and female customers were requested to use the same changing area.

She then directed me to the only facility open. The changing area was typical in as much as once through the entrance I turned into a corridor with several cubicles along each side, made of flimsy partitions with curtains to close them off. I entered one of the two cubicles at the end of the corridor and drew the curtain behind me.
Red head in mirror

I removed my shoes and then my trousers, which I carefully hung on a wall hook by one of the belt loops. Standing there in only my shirt and briefs, I tried on the first pair of jeans to find that they were too loose around the waist. As I was putting them back on the hanger, I noticed that I had left a substantial gap between the curtain and the cubical wall. Being in the end cubical, I wasn’t too bothered until I looked over to the other end cubical on the opposite side of the corridor. Someone had entered it and had also left a similar gap in their curtain.

Looking behind the curtain

I didn’t mean to look, but my curiosity got the better of me as I stared a fraction longer.The occupant was an attractive middle-aged woman, dressed in a jacket and a skirt.

She had her back to me, but through the full length mirror in her cubicle, I could see her pretty face and her white blouse with a plunging neckline. Although the gap was not enough to see all of her, I could see most of her back, and from the reflected image in the mirror of her cubicle, I had a good view of her front, not more than two metres from where I was.

I stared spellbound as she shrugged off her jacket and started to unzip her skirt at the back. He skirt slid over her hips and dropped onto the floor. As she bent over to pick it up, I was treated to an excellent view of her sexy round arse and bare legs. She was wearing tiny white panties that had risen partly into her arse crack and showed a lot of her cheeks.

Caught out

She then straightened up and began to unbutton her blouse. Her reflected image in the mirror showed her considerable cleavage barely contained in a tiny white lace bra. I had to adjust my growing cock in my briefs to make it more comfortable as I stood transfixed on the cameltoe formed under her tight panties.

She had almost completely unbuttoned her blouse when she looked in her mirror and caught me spying on her. I stood rooted to the spot in panic, fearing she might scream and call security, or worse still call the police. But she too just froze, and kept looking into my eyes.

Then her gaze travelled downwards, to where my erect cock was straining to break out of the top of my briefs. Then she looked into my face again; she had me at her mercy I was afraid to move or panic her. I just stood there and waited to see what she would do next. I guessed that she was not going to call out; just yet. I was surprised that she didn’t draw her curtain or start to dress herself.

Private strip show

On the contrary, she slowly and deliberately undid the remaining buttons of her blouse, slid it off her shoulders and hung it on a wall hook. Then she stood still for a few seconds with her arms at her sides, allowing me to look at her. She was more than very nice.

From the back, her waist flared out to a heart-shaped arse with a lot of smooth bare flesh showing. Then she turned to face me for the first time. Her tits were held high in her lace bra, her stomach was flat and the tiny triangle of her panties made it obvious that her bush was shaved. She held out her forearms, palms raised, as if to ask for my opinion of her body.

I replied just as silently with a slow nod of my head in approval. She put her hands to her bra and started rubbing her fingertips over the ends of her tits, teasing her own nipples through the lace of the bra, her eyes never leaving mine as she did so. She stopped momentarily as someone else approached and entered one of the cubicles, but since we were in the very end cubicles, we were not seen.

She then pulled down one bra strap and freed a breast from its cup. It was a nice full rounded shape, her areola was large and dark with a nipple pointing slightly upwards, large and hard from her teasing. She let me look, and then she pointed down at my cock. I wasn’t quite sure what she wanted of me and I raised a questioning eyebrow. To make herself clear, she formed her thumb and fingers into a circle and made a couple of up and down wanking motions with it. She wanted me to masturbate for her.

My turn

I pushed my briefs down and let her have a good look at my erect cock. I pulled my foreskin back over my swollen shaft to expose the large purple dome of my cockhead. Then I took myself in hand, wrapping my fingers around my cock. I started slowly, gently stroking my hand up and down the shaft, watching her and waiting to see what she would do next.

She slowly pulled down the other bra strap, until both breasts were exposed to me and her bra cups hung down against her stomach. With a hand on each breast, she kneaded and massaged them, pinching and rolling her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Her eyes were glued on my cock, which I was slowly stroking, pulling my foreskin over the head and back down the shaft again. She was able to see my glans disappear into my foreskin on each deliberate stroke. We both momentarily stopped as the person in the other cubicle finished what he or she was doing and left.

My lady friend then dropped one hand down into the front of her panties and she started caressing her mound, slipping her middle finger into the space at the top of her thighs. I watched, mesmerised as her fingers moved inside her panties as she fingered her clit. She withdrew her hand and pulled her panties down past her thighs to show her mound, confirming that she was indeed totally free of pubic hair. Again, she stood still with hands at her sides to let me examine her.

A gorgeous body

She was truly a vision of beauty. Her body looked to be firm, yet well rounded as she encouraged me to look at her nakedness and most intimate parts, normally reserved for a husband or lover. I, in return, continued to masturbate to her obvious delight. With a final tug at her panties, they pooled at her feet. She spread her legs a little and leant, totally naked against the back wall of her cubicle for support and once again covered her pussy with her hand.

She started with little up and down movements that sent her middle finger sliding down into her pussy and up again over her clit. Her other hand went up to a nipple and her fingers began roughly tugging on it. I was getting really turned on watching her wantonly exhibit herself in front of me as my ministrations began to take effect.

Getting close

My pace was starting to quicken, and this too, seemed to make her more excited.She stood with her legs even wider apart, and while leaning backwards against the wall, she thrust her hips and thighs forward towards me. I could see between her legs, where her pink labia folds, previously hidden, were now open to my sight. Her hand moved down from her nipple, trailing down as she spread her labia apart with her fingers, opening her clit to my view while still rubbing it vigorously with her other hand. Her clit looked hard, long and red like her fingernails, which were covered in her vaginal secretions.

Suited manMy hand was becoming a blur as my own pace frantically increased. Her gaze had never left my cock this whole time, as I stood there and masturbated in her honour. I turned sideways and faced my mirror to give her a side view of the length of my cock and then it happened; I shot my load.

The first three spurts arched in front of me and splattered onto the mirror.

The rest came out with less force and dribbled down the knuckles of my fingers, wrapped tightly around my cock. The sight of me cumming was too much for her, she quivered and her breasts shook as her hand brought on her own orgasm. A thin stream of spunk still trailed down my cock which she stood gazing at for half a minute more, stroking her clit while trembling and shuddering as her orgasm subsided.

Tidying up

When she came to her senses, she swiftly pulled her panties up and re-fastened her bra. I pulled up my briefs and got my trousers back on, then wondered what to do about the mess on the mirror. I looked over at her and we both looked at the globs of silvery-white semen that trickled slowly down the glass in front of me. I thought about wiping it with a tissue I had in my pocket, but when I looked back at my lady friend, I saw that she was dressed and about to leave.

So I just left it, put on my shoes and hastily left the cubicle in pursuit of her. I was held up giving the jeans back to the sales assistant as I left the changing area. Back in the main sales area of the shop, I looked around for her. Eventually, I saw a glimpse of her about to leave the shop. She turned back to look at me and blew me a kiss before leaving. I ran out of the shop after her and saw her looking in the window of the next shop.

“That was incredible,” she said when I caught up with her. “I never thought you would do it, you’re amazing,” I replied grinning from ear to ear. “You could have cleaned the mirror after you. Let’s go home now, I’m so horny and I want you badly,” my partner said. Hand in hand, we both hurried off to our car, laughing as we went.

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