Real Sex – Daddy’s Princess Gets Whipped!

October 1, 2014

I was burning with anger, why was I in daddy’s office again? What had I done that was so wrong except live my life and enjoy what is rightfully mine? The old man, dressed in his tweed overcoat, with patches of leather and scrapes of dirt, reminiscent of his recent hunting expedition on the elbows traced the outside of the room, walking round and round in circles, making me more and more dizzy as I awaited another of his rages.

“Julia.” He began, with a calm voice so unbecoming. I pursed my lips to show my annoyance. “Once again, I have the letters here from the credit card companies. £8000 spent in one night. What the hell are you thinking?”

An Angry Dad

The old man met my eyes, his eyes glowing angrily beneath his fuzzy greying eyebrows. I rolled my eyes and studied my nails, wishing I had gone in for a manicure that morning.

“JULIA!” My father shouted, making me jump. “Are you listening!?”

I smiled, slowly. Silly man, does he not know, does he not think I know how many little slutty little 20 year olds he has had coming in and out of his room at all hours of the night since mother passed? A little over-spending on champagne a few nights a week is nothing compared to what I have to witness in my own home.

“Oh daddy, I don’t know why you think you have to shout.” I smoothed my dress down and flicked my long blonde curls, in a petulant way only I knew how to master. I knew deep down the old dog would never cut me off financially, I was his only child and after mother passed I was all he had, myself and a collection of high class call girls.

Father ran his hands through his balding hair, becoming increasingly agitated.

“I just don’t know what to do anymore. Julia, you leave me with no choice, I have tried every single punishment known to man and nothing works.”

I pouted my lips prettily, remembering his grounding punishments, his taking away my horses and multiple iphones but I always managed to outsmart him and find his credit cards, or sneak out the window while he had his way with another escort. One time, I ‘accidentally’ damaged his new Porsche by scraping the paint with my nail file after he had banned me from driving.

“There’s nothing else for it, Julia. You are going to be sent away.” My mouth fell open.

“You can’t do that.” I gabbled, anxiety climbing up my throat. “I will call nana right now.”

Father’s eyes flashed, displaying a hint of amusement. “Be my guest.” He moved the phone on his desk closer towards me, calling my bluff. “Ring her. Then what will become of you?” He had obviously thought this through. The old devil.

I turned round to storm out of the room, anger sizzling, panic rising, making me agitated and itchy all over. Suddenly I saw a figure standing in the hallway, brown eyes glinting. It was Jasper.

Daddy’s Lap Dog

Jasper…. Daddy’s bitch boy. The boy who comes to tend to the garden and carry his trophy birds back after a hunt. That boy did everything for my father and it was clear there was little he wouldn’t do in the honour of the call of duty to my father, well almost everything.

“What are you staring at?” I demanded in a shrill tone, shaking fingers wiping away tears that were streaming down my face, it was clear my father had finally made me crack.

Jasper was standing in the doorway of the kitchen, his face cast in the shadows, dressed in dirty jeans and a black vest, holding one fist in his hand, flexing his muscles.

“Well I have something that might make you feel better.” Jasper said soothingly, moving my hair aside and kissing my neck.

The truth was, Jasper and I had many times ended up enjoying stolen moments of pleasure in the laundry room, even father’s office and I had sneaked him countless times into my room with a bottle of Tequila, dressed in lace lingerie. “I think the little princess might need a punishment.” I perked up immediately, our sex life was starting to grow more and more adventurous.

“Ok, Jasper.” I relented. “I think I might need it. Father certainly can’t keep me in line. Maybe you can.” I was ready for our next little adventure as Jasper made sure the coast was clear and took my hand, leading me to the basement.


Once we were downstairs, Jasper threw me on the floor and locked the door. He placed the key round his neck which dangled on a chain between his chest muscles. We eyed each other, falling into role play straight away, our sexual appetites were so cohesive, him hungry to rise above his low class status and dominate me, and me desperate for an alpha male to show me who was the boss.

“You’re not really going to do this.” I questioned. Jasper smiled, showing perfect white teeth.

“I know you’re going to struggle so I will have to tie you up.” Before I knew it my wrists were being wound with rope and placed onto the poles of the basement, the rope felt rough against my skin, I instantly liked it.

“Jasper, let me go.” I screamed, feigning fear. “You little bitch. That’s all you are, a bitch.” I struggled, screeching as much abuse as I could, this made the game more dangerous and stimulating. In return, Jasper pulled my dress up, exposing my ass which was dressed with a thong.

“Don’t make me enjoy this more.”

Suddenly a whip met my buttocks, and stung like hell. I bit my lip, not wanting to betray my pain.

“Did it not hurt, little princess?” Jasper said menacingly. “Should I hit harder?” Another whip, clack, hit me on my buttocks. I cried out this time.

“That’s it, princess.” Another whip met my buttocks. “You’re getting redder there.”

“You bastard.” I screamed, but it was no use. Every time I screamed and struggled, I was just hit harder.

“Maybe you should be nice to me instead.” Whip. Whip. Whip.

“Aggghh.” I cried out as pain layered pain. Whip.

“I have a belt here too your father gave me, with a metal buckle. Imagine the pain.” The whip came harder, he showered me in little whips all along my buttocks and thighs.

“Please, Jasper, stop.” I screamed.

“All those times you made me clean up your shit. When you laughed at me cleaning the garden while you relaxed on the sunbed.” Whip.

“Aggh. Jasper. I’m sorry.”

“I’m enjoying this too much, Barbie.” Jasper came closer and grabbed my hair, holding my blonde curls.

“Jasper. Please.”

“Now you’re begging me Princess?”

Jasper released me and Thwack a harder instrument hit me on my buttocks.

“I have a rod now. Your ass is red.”

“Jasper, please, please stop I’ve had enough, I will call my father.”

“Your Father is out hunting all day.” I fell silent, devastated.

THWACK. The wooden rod bit my ass harder.


“You’ve had enough of the pain?”

“Yes, please, Jasper.” I implored, it was really starting to sting, but the pain was arousing, making me wet between my thighs.

Both Sweating

He came round to meet my face, we eyed each other. His brow was covered with sweat from his exertion. “I’m just getting started, Barbie.” I struggled against the ropes, helplessly. His handsome face, with full lips and chiselled jaw line became more apparent in the dim light. He watched me silently.

“There must be something to make you stop hurting me.” I managed, after a while, breathlessly, knowing full well what was coming, our role play always played out in this way. Jasper smiled, devilishly, as if he had been waiting for me to break. Jasper turned round and took out a pole from behind an abandoned sofa, a metal pole.

“I was thinking about using this next.” He threatened,

“What can I give you?” I whispered, fear choking my throat.

“When you’re tied up like that, you don’t have much to offer do you? There is only one thing you have to offer right now.” I looked at him knowingly, a smile of delight creeping onto my lips. “One thing I’ve been wanting to claim since I met your spoiled little ass.” Jasper said, undoing his flies.

He took out his cock, already erect and solid and stuffed it into my mouth. Because my hands were helplessly tied, he grabbed my face, stuffing his cock in and out of my mouth until I choked. For extra affect he held it deep in my throat until I nearly threw up, then released me, dribble everywhere.

“And now I want that princess ass.” Jasper came behind me, his cock already wet from dribble, making it slip in easily between my exposed buttocks, and slipped into my pussy.

Penetrating My Ass

I was shocked as his cock ripped into me, and he pumped over and over as I hung helplessly on my ropes. I was used to our role play and the rough naughty sex, but it was far more erotic and stimulating being tied up, Jasper had struck gold this time. He lifted my buttocks higher and took his cock deeper inside, which made me writhe in ecstasy.

He pumped in and out of me, moaning and laying his teeth into my back, biting me in ecstasy. All of a sudden I could feel him remove himself, instead removing my underwear and putting his mouth on my pussy, licking me so that I became aroused, placing his fingers inside my pussy he touched my G-spot and licked my clitoris. I moaned in pleasure over and over again.

“Remember, right now that pussy is mine, princess.” Jasper growled. I moaned in response as he touched my G-spot. “Now I’m going to make you come.”

He slammed into me, putting himself deep inside so I could feel his full length. I came almost immediately as he lifted my buttocks and slammed into me hard, touching my clitoris as he did so.

“Wow your ass is still red princess. That’s it, come for me.” I came, loud and long, the pain of the whipped still making me sting as he worked himself in and out of me, it was deliciously erotic.

Next, he pumped crazily between my legs, over and over, groaning and moaning and grabbing my hair, pulling my tumbles of blonde curls until he came, shooting semen up into the core of me, which felt hot and sticky in my body. He growled as he came, hungrily.

We remained wrapped round each other breathlessly, our heart rates regulating as we remembered our powerful orgasms.

“Jasper.” I finally said, faintly. “Jasper. You can let me go now.” I struggled against the ropes, which were still biting into my wrists. He came round to the front and kissed me affectionately, rubbing my cheek tenderly.

“Did you like that?” He asked hopefully.

“Amazing.” I breathed. “But you can let me go now, before father catches us.”

“And what makes you think I am finished?”

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