Real Sex – A Night Of Sex Games

May 7, 2014

Honestly, I never knew Farsta in Sweden would offer me any form of entertainment, apart from the small bars around for a drink or two. Maybe I didn’t bother to check online or around when I reached this place for business, but I was proved wrong.

It was late one afternoon, when all of Farsta was busy preparing for the homecoming of a local hero. The hero was a soccer player, who had come back home with his team after a successful tournament. That night, one of the local clubs had organized a party, to which foreigners like me had exclusive access.

At the party

There was a lot of dancing, singing and merry making at the club, when I entered. A young girl with long blonde hair and the tightest breasts I could imagine, greeted me with a hug and a smile. She was an escort and only later that evening I got to know what the party was all about.

But who cared about that? There were women everywhere, drunk, laughing, dancing and having a good time. While everyone was busy getting hooked up, I found my way to the washroom for a leak. Over there I saw some of the Farsta escorts deep in action being pounded by a few of the returning footballers.

One of the boys walked up to me and asked me if I was interested in an orgy that night. They were arranging escorts to drop by and have fun with them and were inviting foreigners too. Who in the right mind would refuse such an offer? Not me at least. I agreed and followed him to his car; he drove out with the girls in tow, each of them sticking to one another.

We reached a log cabin on the outskirts of Farsta, where a mini party was happening. This was a nude party, where only four men and seven or eight girls were present. The action had already begun, sexual games were being played and the women were busy nibbling and fingering one another.

Hot and steamy

As the boys grew in numbers, including myself, we picked a girl each and decided to have a fuck fest. This would be a competition to watch which guy could make his escort cum first. The only two foreigners there were me and another man from Arabia, Junaid.

The escort being fucked by Junaid was in pain, Middle Eastern men surely are large and huge down there. He didn’t care about her squeals, which later turned into lustful moans. Hearing her and many other girls around only enhanced the pleasure for us boys.

The night was young and the fuck fest had only just begun. The next time I shall tell you how it went!!

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