Real Sex – Oral Notes For My Secretary

May 7, 2014

My office assistant, Tawny, was a gorgeous milf with big tits. I couldn’t take my eyes off her as she pranced around the office showing off her huge DD tits stuffed inside her tight, braless blouse. I was recently divorced and I needed a good cock sucking. I never had any problems getting head from my female office staff and Tawny would be no exception. I was a hard-bodied executive who could double for a George Clooney look-alike – dark, handsome and a thick 9-inch cock that sluts loved.

As Tawny passed by me in the hallway, she slyly pressed her full tits against my chest and smiled a wicked grin. She crooked her finger in my direction and I knew exactly what this slut wanted. I followed her to my office and knew this hot milf with big tits would be sucking my dick in mere minutes.
Boss and secretary

A brief meeting

“Why did you bring me into my office, Tawny?” I asked sternly.

“I think you know, Big Boss,” she answered as she sat on my desk, lifted her skirt and spread her wet, shaved pussy.

“Not yet, slut. I’m in charge,” I commanded as I pushed up her blouse revealing huge tits. Tawny had the biggest nipples I had seen – dark, thick nipples that stood out like big brown pencil erasers.

“Do you like what you see, Big Boss?” She squeezed her massive mammaries together.

Examining the staff

I pinched and pulled on those brown beauties until that slutty milf with big tits squirmed under my fingers and moaned loudly. I had other plans for this big-titted whore. I unzipped my pants and pulled out my thick, bulging cock. I pushed her down to the carpet.

“Get on your knees, slut. It’s time to service your Big Boss.” I commanded.

“Yes, Big Boss, let me show you how I can suck your big pole like a good girl. I want your thick cum sliding down my throat,” Tawny teased as she slid my bulging cock inside her mouth.

Good oral techniques

This nasty milf with big tits knew how to suck dick. It had been too long since I had gotten head from an eager slut. She worked my cock like a starved slut eating her last meal. I don’t think she’d need a lunch break today – my cock was more than enough.

I reached down and grabbed her huge boobs as she licked and slurped on my throbbing pole. As she worked her mouth, my cock throbbed and could feel my balls tighten. This hot milf with big tits would get her creamy surprise soon. I grabbed her hair and pushed her hard against my face. I shot my huge load into her hungry mouth, as she eagerly lapped and licked up every drop of my thick jizz.
Sexy secretaryI looked down as Tawny, my hot milf with big tits, as drops of cum trickled down her face.

Arranging more lessons

“What are you doing later this afternoon, Big Boss? I think I need to we need to take care of some dick-tation.” She winked.

“Oh, I have more than dick-tation on the agenda, Tawny. Meet me here at 3 pm sharp and get that pussy hot and ready for a good hard fucking by your Big Boss.”

It’s always nice to have a very loyal and cock-hungry assistant at my disposal, I thought as I tapped my cock against the face of my slutty milf with big tits.

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