3 Flicka Problem Och Kön – 3 Common Sex Problems Girls Should Look Out For

January 16, 2017

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Ladies, whether you’re having the time of your life with your boyfriend in Göteborg, working as an escort in Stockholmor fucking a lot of hot guys in Malmö, sex is something that should make you feel good inside and out. Sex is good for your skin, you know. However, it’s important to know the issues that could occur during and after sex, especially if you’re already beginning to experience physical problems.

Since I popped my cherry when I was 17, my body and I have been on a mini roller coaster ride that involved kitty play, threesomes, and soreness after fucking 5 days in a row. I always make sure that I have contraception before I spread my legs open. But even though I’m avoiding sexually transmitted diseases and babies successfully, I’d occasionally find something odd during or after sex.

A word of advice to all of the girls that are reading this article: It’s important to get yourself medically checked on a basis if you’re sexually active at present.

Urinvägsinfektion – Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

urinary tract infection, or urinvägsinfektion is one of the most common problems that girls can experience after sex

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Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is a problem that both men and women face at least once in their lifetime. The reason why women experience it more than men is because we have an anatomy that makes us more prone to the infection; certain types of birth control like diaphragms can also give you the chance of getting a urinary infection.

If you’re an active woman that has multiple hot partners, the risk of catching UTI is high too. Sorry, ladies.

For me, I have to watch out what kind of lube I would use when I’m fucking a guy. There are some brands that make my pee feel like razor blades daggering its way out of my urethra.

Some home remedies like cranberry juice can help you reduce the infection, but if you find out that you’re carrying e.coli, then it’s advised that you go to your general practitioner who can prescribe you with some antibiotics.

Ont Vid Samlag – Pain During Sex

If you're experiencing pain or discomfort during sex, it's a sign that something is not 100% right with your body

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I haven’t experienced pain during sex myself, but some of my girlfriends have before, so you’re not alone if you feel a bit uncomfortable when you have a cock inside you.

However, finding the cause of pain during sex is quite difficult, due to the fact that there are a lot of possibilities of what the problem could be. Feeling something bad in your vagina while you’re getting ravaged could be caused by thrush, STIs, menopause, or even an allergic reaction to latex condoms.

There are women that also have to deal with an annoying condition called vaginismus(sounds like a name for an ancient Latin sex demon), where the muscles inside your pussy shut tighter than a crab’s buttocks. If the pain keeps occurring during sex, your body is telling you that something is wrong, and that you should go and see a medical professional that can help you, whether it would be something physical or psychological.

Blödning Efter Samlag – Bleeding After Sex

Bleeding after sex should raise some concerns about your physical health, so if you're experiencing it a lot or quite recently, you should go and see a doctor

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I can guarantee you that bleeding after sex would happen to every woman at least once in their lifetime, and that they would keep saying ‘What the fuck?!’ in their heads after wiping themselves in the bathroom.

I remember seeing blood on the tissue a couple of times after I’ve had a good session with a guy, but I felt no pain or discomfort whatsoever. I also remember thinking ‘Oh my God, is my vagina already old and dying?’, before I waited for the next day and realised that my period came.

It’s known that bleeding can sometimes occur 1-2 days before your period is due, because when you orgasm, you shed some of the uterus lining too. Therefore, if you know that you’re due soon, and there aren’t any other underlining health issues that you’re experiencing right now, don’t sweat it.

Then again, you should still sweat it if some of the causes of bleeding after sex include an infection, skin tears, cervical erosion, polyps, pregnancy and at times, cancer. Like pain during sex, you should see a gynaecologist or another medical professional that can help treat your problem.

It’s important to get routine check-ups if you’re sexually active, especially if you’re a sex worker that encounters multiple clients on a basis. The cases and mortality rates caused by HPV and HPV-related cancers has risen in Sweden, and cervical cancer was ranked at the 12th most frequent cancer among Swedish women in 2016.

If you’re in Sweden and experiencing any of the problems that I’ve mentioned, or any other issues that relate to sex and your body, you’ll be happy to hear that there many clinics that you can go and seek advice from.

Remember, sex is meant to be fun!

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