Sex Tips For When Your Partner is Pregnant

November 6, 2015

So, you’re with a beautiful woman, you’ve been together for quite some time and now you’re due to be a father in under a year! You get to hear your baby’s first kick, see your child wriggling around on the screen at one of the ultrasound sessions, and you get to see your partner developing that baby glow on her skin. But no matter how wonderful these experiences are when you’re preparing for your little one to see you for the first time…you find it difficult to control your cock when you’re feeling at your horniest.

You have to face it guys, for the next 9 months you’ll have to slow down and refrain yourself from bending your lady onto the desk and fucking her like there’s no tomorrow. You’re going to have to cool down your usual hardcore activities but that doesn’t mean that you have to be abstinent for the 3 trimesters.

You can still get sexual satisfaction when your lover has a bun in the oven through the means of soft and sensual pleasure, you may experience sex in a different way if you have never taken things slow before. One of the main things you have to be aware of is the fact that you are restricted to perform certain kinds of positions, depending on which trimester your partner is in. But don’t let that thought put you down because there may be some positions you would like to perform when your companion doesn’t have a bump anymore!

1st Trimester

For the first 3 months, you’ll be happy to hear that your favourite missionary position can still be performed. When your girlfriend is feeling a little tired, you can take the reigns and slide your cock inside her moist pussy, and place her ankles on your shoulders.

However, as your lover’s hormones start the change, some positions can become a bit too painful for her to handle. If that is the case, why not try out the scissoring position? You would have one of your legs over one of your partner’s thighs and she would do the same. I’ve tried this position before and it felt so comfortable, so give it a shot!

Even though it would only be the 1st trimester, you have to remember that you can’t perform positions that are too strenuous for your lover to cope with, so you just have to be aware of her body language while you’re slowly humping her. If she’s starting to look like she’s trying to lift an 80 kg barbell weight, grab as many pillows as you can to make her feel as comfortable as possible. It also shows that you care about her a lot, if you impress her in the 1st round, she may try to replenish her energy for the 2nd!

2nd Trimester

During the 2nd trimester, some positions will start getting too tricky to perform. It isn’t recommended to have your partner lying on her back if you don’t want her feeling nauseated and short of breath. Don’t fret though! You can still act out a variety of positions that will pleasure both you and your lady.

This stance may sound a bit too basic for you, but believe me, the doggy position is still a great way to give your lover the big ‘O’. On a side note, what’s not to love about this position? It’s a great way to spice up the sex without having to go into acrobats, which could make you look like a human Chinese puzzle. If you meet a woman, pregnant or not, and she says that she doesn’t like doing it doggy style, she is lying.

The doggy style stance also a good stance to shift into the leap frog position. It’s another position where you can grab onto the reigns and let your companion rest her body a little. You would be able to see her arch her slender back and lift her voluptuous ass up high!

Alternatively, you can let your partner take control by letting her straddle on your cock and ride you in the cowgirl position. While she rides you, you will be presented with the opportunity to feel and play with her tits, which would be very sensitive during this stage of pregnancy. Take the chance to watch your girlfriend moan and writhe around to try and keep her body under control.

3rd Trimester

Ok, so it’s not long now, your lover is in the last 3 months of her pregnancy, and the bump is started to act like a 3rd wheel in the bedroom. However, it still doesn’t stop you from reaching a climax with her! You will see your lady getting more tired than before, she can’t stand as long as she used to, and she can’t move around as much.

Therefore, one of the best positions for you to slide inside her with ease is the sweet and sensual spooning position. Your partner would lay on her side while you embrace and enter her from behind. If you’re feeling very intimate, you can rub her bump softly as you kiss her neck. Fucking like porn-stars on set is not the only way to get off!

If your companion still wants to handle the ropes, let her do the cowgirl position again but reversed. That way when her energy starts to drop, she can lie down in front of your legs and you can carry on humping her. You two will be in a relaxed position, so it’s a win-win situation for both of you!

What about a position for adventurous couples that is still safe for the mother to handle? Well, next time you’re alone with her, take her into the kitchen, strip her of her clothing, get a chair and make her put one knee on the kitchen counter and the other on the chair. Your lover will practically be on the edge of the worktop as you softly thrust inside her. When she gets tired she can lay on her side with her legs together as you both continue to fuck until you cum in ecstasy.

Yes, there are some positions that your girlfriend won’t be able to handle during pregnancy, but it doesn’t mean that sex for her overall becomes too uncomfortable to bare. I don’t know who has been spreading around that myth, but whoever it is, some needs to tell her that she’s wrong!

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