Sexual Health Clinics are Hitting the Internet!

March 23, 2016

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This generation is seeing some seriously sexy technological times! Just as recent as 1990 casual sex had lovers out on the prowl in bars hoping to score. A mere two decades later, Tinder and Grindr have made casual sexy booty calls available on a dating app. The trend of accessing casual sex through apps has phones living in a seemingly limitless kinky dimension of Valentines day everyday! Dating hook up apps are exciting and kinky yet as of late, they’ve been seeing some negative press.

Popular dating sites like Tinder and Grindr are being blamed for an increase in STD cases all over the world! The US state blames an ‘epidemic’ of sexually transmitted diseases on these ‘shag apps.’ Their popularity have been said to encourage the horny masses to practice ‘indiscriminate sexual activity.’ High risk behavior is described as having multiple partners, not using condoms and having sex with while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Due to the growing phenomenon of people seeking shag mates over their phones, one is able to turn over partners more quickly. There are plenty of fish in the sea but the quicker you change partners, the more likely things might get fishy. When you have access to a larger population of sexual lovers there’s always an increase chance in getting infections.

Fun fact: Not since the contraceptive pill in the 1960s has anything affected sexy lives more than dating apps!

That’s why an UK sexual health clinic decided to take it’s presence onto an app. It’s hope is to open its resources to a sexually at risk generation that might not access it if it didn’t. The 56 Dean Street sexual health clinic, part of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital made a revolutionary move against the rise of STDs when its resources evolved into an user-friendly app. It’s the first sexual health clinic to make itself accessible through your phone’s app store and hopefully, more clinics will follow their sexy lead!

Tinder and Grinder are getting blamed for a surge in cases of HIV, Syphilis and STDs. The use of a GPS to locate lovers is resulting in ‘cluster infections.’ As if the word infection isn’t intense enough, preface it with ‘cluster’ and it heightens the entire feeling of ‘oh shit!’ A cluster infection is a gnarly infection that breaks out in a certain area because people are shagging each other in close proximity.

The Wellbeing program is 56 Dean Street’s tailored support system for sexually active lovers on the go. The program targets prevention of STIs, treatment as well as some other curious themes particular to online casual sexual fishing. For example, problems that can come from creating an alter-ego on line. The Wellbeing program even addresses how to write profiles in a way that reflect what you want and how you perceive yourself.

The increasing rise of STI’s needs to be met head on with online resources all across the web

Mr Stuart who acts as lead in the 56 Dean Street clinic says the app was inspired from conversations between volunteers, nurses and clients. Mr Stuart and his staff has a curious way of understanding the clinic’s clients. The psychologists and counselors in the Wellbeing program work to address the needs that led to the infection. Mr Stuart asks booty callers, “What do you want from sex and your romantic life?” Then the Wellbeing program goes on to coach how to make safe, sexy decisions that fall in line with what you want.

In response to a growing controversy that dating apps are causing a rise in STDs and HIV, Tinder has added a health section to its app called “Health Safety.” This component of Tinder offers users access to a STD testing locater that allows them to compare clinics and doctors. It also gives a link to Healthvana, allowing users to get their health test results on-line.

Congratulations sexy people, nowadays you can get your sexy health test results in the privacy of an hand held app! Two decades ago, you’d have to wait in some stuffy waiting room. Yeah, there would be a stifling uncomfortable silence. There would be this fluorescent light bulb flickering above you. It would be blinking rapidly enough to nearly send you into a psychotic state as you considered your sexual organs fate, to a distant cry of a baby down the hall. That was the dark ages of sexual health.

Fun fact: The rise of machines and their app’s have blessed sexy people with valuable knowledge and discreet privacy !

It’s exciting to see technology serve the people’s kinky interests as well as their healthy needs. It’s fascinating to be alive in an sexy age where one can arrange a kinky shag on line. And it’s thrilling to finally see the day where Tinder and sexual health clinics are rising to the technological platform of apps to better serve the horny masses. All hail the rise of the shagadelic apps and their sexual health counterparts! May they deliver peace and prosperity upon sexy people all over the world with smart phones!

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