Should We Be More Liberal About Sex?

January 30, 2016

Since I am a girl who enjoys having copious amounts of sex, I find it very distressing seeing other people and communities getting penalised for doing something that is completely natural.

The subject of sex has come a long way since…God knows when. I don’t think there was a time where we didn’t stop talking about the subject; I think the only period when we weren’t talking about it was back when we were a bunch of Neanderthals in Africa!

To this day, I still don’t understand why a lot of people are still skeptical on the subject of sex. Of course, there are negative aspects of sex that we do question ourselves about; as I do.

‘Can I have sex with someone that I don’t love?’

‘How could I make someone understand that no means no?’

‘Why don’t guys understand that I like having multiple partners?’

‘What’s wrong with fucking in an open space?’

‘Why does my faith say that masturbation is wrong?’

These are some of the questions that I’m sure many of you have thought about for at least one moment in your life. Don’t deny it! However, we mustn’t forget that getting pleasured below your waist is something that we crave for every day, every week or even every month; unless you are asexual.

You can still fuck and be religious!

For any of you who has done an AS course in English Literature at their sixth form colleges, have you ever read a book called ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ for your exams?

The script told the story of a group of sisters set in the 1920-1930’s, where one of them has been ostracised for having premarital sex with her estranged lover. The story also portrayed the lives of the other sister where one of them went to a festival and returned home looking ‘different’. ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ is a great example that demonstrates the conflict of sex and religion, which is still present in our modern culture.

Yes, a lot has changed since the 1920s in relation to the two subjects, but as I’ve mentioned in many of my previous articles, there is still an embedded idea in our heads that sex without a marriage certificate is immoral. Because our social culture constantly changes with every new generation, religion is not something that we have to be bound to anymore. We are allowed to think for ourselves and allowed to do what we enjoy without compromising our moral beliefs.

However, if you ask me if religion is ever going to be completely wiped off the table, no. It won’t be. It won’t ever be wiped off the table because it’s a topic, or an ideology, that we always need to be aware of. I have many friends who have just as much sex as I do and are theistic. I could describe my perfect world where we could fuck whoever we want and still believe in a good faith, but I know that I would bore you if I write a five-hundred-word paragraph on sex and religion!

Nevertheless, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. There are still people in the world today who wish to remain celibate because of their choice in faith. In reality, I don’t know a lot of people who still follow a religion and are also exhibitionists. There are many people who believe that you either follow sex or religion; you can’t have your cake and eat it.

But if someone says to me that masturbation, sex outside of marriage, being a homosexual or having more than one fuck-buddy is immoral and wrong because the Bible or the Qu’ran says so, I’d tell them where to go in all honesty.

‘Vote for more sex!

I didn’t really see much of an impact sex had on politics until a year or two ago.

I really hate talking, or even mentioning the word, but I know that it’s going to have to be brought up on this subject anyway, so I might as well say it.


In one of my previous articles, I have written about the topic of female empowerment in the sex industry, where I was describing the difference between ‘choice feminism’ and ‘collective feminism’. I’m just going to blurt out my opinion now.

We are at a point in our generation where females are becoming more liberated to think, say and do a lot of the things that they’d like to do, whether it would be in a workplace or in an area of leisure. However, on social media networks and outside on the street, I still see women penalising other women for choosing a lifestyle that doesn’t appear to fit ‘the feminist agenda’.

‘I don’t have a job. I stay at home and do my domestic errands until my husband comes home where we’d have a glass of wine together and have sex when we feel like it.’

‘You’re repressed!’

‘I make my money by dancing on a metal pole where I’d make $1000 a week to pay off my student loans. Plus, some of that money helps me buy the things that I want to buy.’

‘You’re a slut!’

Can you see the logic? Because I can’t! OK, I know that I’m hitting this topic at a very biased point of view, but with all of the one-sided articles that you hear even in the newspapers that give us the idea that a woman having sex is oppressive, then I’m just going to bark back.

What I am happy to hear is that there are many porn actresses that are taking the media by storm and talk about how liberated they feel when they fuck ten girls onset for money. I like hearing women say that because they don’t feel like they have to become a part of the Borg Army in Star Trek! Sorry, I really wanted to use a science fiction reference in this article since I am a nerd…

However, what I say, in some retrospect, is true. If politics or political ideologies are going to be a beneficiary for the public, then they should give the people the idea that it’s OK to spread your legs open and have multiple orgasms with whoever or whatever you want!

Society can be an ugly creature

If this particular topic has an equation, it would be:

religion + politics + different brains with various opinions = society

I know that it’s a hard and controversial subject to talk about, but like feminism, I need to bring this term up in this article.

Rape culture overall disgusting and something that shouldn’t be dealt with lightly. Anyone who would commit such a heinous crime should suffer extreme consequences. It’s fantastic that the media networks are making people aware of the issue, but the way they are portraying the issue is bringing up a lot of debate between many people.

The first thing that I need to clarify is that consent must always be on the table whenever you’re having sex with someone. Whether it’s kissing, fingering, licking, sucking, penetrating; consent must be present. This is something that needs to be addressed to both sexes and not just one.

The notion that I’m getting from all of the media campaigns about rape culture is that men are the perpetrators of rape. If our current society starts to believe and think that the males are all potential rapists, then it’s only going to make females afraid of them and men feel like they’re not allowed to have sex with anyone.

That is not fair.

As much as women are allowed to fuck whoever they’d want to fuck, men should feel free to fornicate with whoever they want to! There’s a new slang word that has arisen in this day and age where we would call a promiscuous man a ‘fuck-boy’. A lot of girls and guys have praised this word for being part of the urban dictionary now because it means there is now a derogatory term that people can use against the male sex.

Again, I don’t think that this is fair and I will tell you why. No matter what sex or gender the slang words like ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘fuck-boy’ are aimed at, they all degrade the idea that we can be sexually liberated if we choose to be. As I’ve mentioned before, sex is something that we desire naturally, whether it would be a night of getting humped in the ass or touching yourself while watching some lesbian porn on Xvideos.

Why should people dumb themselves down into thinking that they would be ostracised from the community if they explored their sexuality? Who would they be trying to impress?

OK, I’m trying to tell you guys what to think or what to do with your sex lives, I just want you to take into consideration that we don’t live in a black and white world anymore. I believe that we’ve always had the choice to think, but the subject of starting to think for yourself hasn’t been brought up until now. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m someone who enjoys having a good time in the bedroom.

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There is talking about sex and then there is throwing it all over the screen and papers. Pop stars run around half naked at music awards while porn stars dress up very well. More sex is fine, but not when your watching TV with kids around.

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