How My Friend Paid Back her Student Loans By Stripping

September 28, 2016

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I was lucky enough to apply for university when the tuition fees only cost £3,000 per year, but I wasn’t lucky enough to dodge the painful agony of getting in contact with Student Finance England, and asking them what complications there were on my application.

Even though SFE is better than your average private bank loan, the organisation alone cannot support the average student. SFE doesn’t just hand you money when you tell them that you’re going to university, they have to assess your parent’s salary, their marital status, and other redundant information that wouldn’t help you survive while you’re out of work.

Although the fact that my parents are divorced approved my application for a grant, it wasn’t a big enough grant for me to not worry about my finances while studying. I ended up working as a waitress in two cafes; in one of them I had to wear a black shirt and trousers, and in the other, I had to wear a waistcoat that made my boobs look big. It wasn’t exciting, but it helped me get the books I needed, as well as the roof over my head.

I’m sure that my student situation was more or less the same for many other people across the UK, but when it came to my friend Becca, and figuring out how to pay for her debt, she made the enticing decision to get into the exotic world of stripping.

Becca, the girl that faced the same nightmare that every student has

Original source: Tumblr

I first met Becca through my last boyfriend, who was one of her best friends that I got a little bit paranoid over because he spent so much time with her. What? It was difficult to look cool when jealousy was kicking me in the guts.

I already knew that she was a stripper when I met her, but what I didn’t know was how she changed from almost letting the tuition fees put her through a nervous breakdown, to feeling at ease when stripping almost bear and sliding down a stripper pole. We sat down for a beer and a joint in my ex’s home, where we had some trap music playing in the background.

I thought that she’d be too agitated to tell me her story, but to my naivety, she made it sound like she was planning to write an autobiography about it.

How she became a stripper

Original source: Tumblr

After moving from Southampton to Liverpool for her Bachelor Degree in Law, she immediately got hypnotised by the bright neon lights and boozy nights that the freshers thrive on, which also caused her to suffer from the infamous fresher’s flu.

While she was out one night, she got acquainted with a post-grad that managed to put some cash in her back pocket by stripping in a bar that was on the border of the city centre. The post-grad referred Becca to her boss and within days, she was given the job.

I thought the first problem for her would be to get through the anxiety of showing off her breasts, but the only thing she struggled with is staying awake for her lectures after her shifts end. However, like the many students that adapt to the nocturnal life, Becca adapted to her new routine.

The Striptease Job that paid more than SFE ever could

Original source: Tumblr

Where the average student with parents that earn a salary over £30,000 would receive an estimated £1,100 per trimester from SFE, Becca was able to make more than that amount within a single fortnight. When she was employed as a part-timer, she was earning around £600 per week, but after getting put on full-time after her second year in Liverpool, she ended up earning double my wages every month.

At every fortnight or month, she would always put some of her wages back into the pockets of SFE, so she could continue with her lectures and studies without having any financial weight on her shoulders. Though, she had to go back to part-time when she was in her final year, when her last 6 months of uni were filled with exams.

When it came to the subject of ethics and sexuality, Becca was really blasé about it. She treated stripping as if it was any other job, the only thing that she cared about was that she got paid at the end of the day, or night even. For Becca, she had a lot of fun meeting girls who were as gorgeous as she is, introducing herself to guys that tipped her well, and working in a friendly environment where the boss treated her well; it was a win-win situation for her.

Unfortunately, for Becca and I, we grew apart after the split with my boyfriend, but the last I’ve heard of her was that she now lives in Ibiza, soaking in the sun and working in a lounge bar.

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