The Most Extreme Forms of Domination

November 4, 2015

I have to be honest with you gentlemen, I love a little bit of pain during sex. I love getting spanked, I love role-playing, I love being tied up, and I love giving control to a dominant partner who toys with my body and explores the different ways to make me cum. As you can see, I enjoy being quite submissive. Some people may read this and think that it’s a little extreme, but others may see it as a mild form of BDSM.

There are a lot of people who are always looking for the ‘ultimate high’. For some guys and girls, it could mean being branded like a cattle or choked to the point where you start to pass out. Not that sessions would ever go that far as for any the aim for the dominant partner is to heighten the submissive’s pleasure, not to put them in the hospital. However, you may ask “What kind of BDSM services are deemed as extreme?”, if you have a strong stomach then keep on reading…if you get off on this kind of thing then make sure you have some tissues at hand.

‘Hit me, mistress! Hit me!’

There was one time where I did act as the dominant type during a sex-capades, I think my partner at the time was enjoying the mild abuse I gave him. There was one night where things started to go a little different than usual, he asked me to sit on his back and hit him as hard as I could while he moaned the words “Hit me, mistress! Hit me!”. While I scratched his back and watched him groan as his clutched my bed posts tightly, it made me how different our pain/pleasure thresholds are – Maybe that’s why he liked me sitting on his face…

Have you ever watched an episode of ‘Family Guy’ where Stewie gets spanked by Lois, and he suddenly develops a high interest in being humiliated? There was a scene where he was imagining being tied up on a rack while Lois stubs out a cigarette on his chest. That’s how some people get that high.

What is going on in our brains?

If I was to give you a scientific explanation, our brains produce a chemical that either block or ease pain, that is why some guys get a ‘runner’s high’ when they’ve been running for over half an hour, or that wave of euphoria you get after eating a huge chunk of chilli flakes – I did that as a dare before and I felt like everything was going in slow motion.

Putting aside the scientific aspects, a lot of people want to experience getting humiliated in the most extreme way possible due to emotional reasons and knowing that they enjoy it; remember guys the brain is the most powerful sex organ in the body. Therefore…what kind of services would a radical submissive enjoy receiving?

Make sure you’re wearing a dog collar!

Think about all the painful things that can happen to you physically, and then imagine all of them happening to you in one go. A dominatrix would often engage in agonising activities like genital torture, pussy whipping, cattle prodding – a form of being electrocuted – anything that involves leather, elastic or electrical products being wrapped around your genitals so tight that you dick turns purple. Some dominatrixes would even go as far as asphyxiation, hot oil pouring, even biting and cutting. If one is highly equipped, she may offer you the chance to be stretched on a rack or choked in a water tank. It is very rare you would find a big group of escorts who are willing to perform these kinds of services, so you’d have to look very hard to find an escort who would perform extreme sadism on you.

‘You’re a naughty man and you deserve to get punished!’

There are other services that revolve around humiliation more than physical pain. Some services go as far as having no control over your bodily functions, or the dominatrix’s bodily functions. One of the most popular hardcore services is being urinated or defecated on, otherwise known as water-sports and scat in the BDSM world. Bathroom use control has recently become popular, where the dominatrix would make the submissive hold in his pee when he really needs to go. It’s a good way to get a UTI infection. Let’s not forget about the gagging that would be involved in a BDSM session, the dominatrix can stick anything inside your mouth but normally it is a common ball-gag or the submissive’s underwear, so it’s impossible for him to scream when his body is being invaded by the dominant partner.

As I’ve mentioned before, not a lot of escorts would offer these kinds of services due to the risk of danger occurring. Having a BDSM session is not like a walk in the park, there are many obstacles and danger zones you have to try and avoid, and this applies to both the client and the escort. The dominatrix would try to leave little to no marks on the submissive if it’s possible, that’s why a lot of them wouldn’t perform extreme services like biting and cutting as it can also spread infection.

The best chance of finding a hardcore BDSM escort is to search for courtesans under the name ‘mistress’ or ‘master’, because they are the common names that submissives call their dominant partners. If this is the kind of thing that gets your cock hard or your pussy wet, don’t worry if you can’t find an everyday escort who can give you that ‘La petite mort’, you just have to search a little harder to find that perfect companion.

If you have had any extreme experiences with a domination escort that you want to share to others on the site, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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