The Top Five Anal Sex Toys!

April 4, 2016

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Lovers of anal sex, listen up! We all know that there is g-spot in our exit holes. If there isn’t, then how the fuck do homosexual men make love in the bedroom? Don’t answer that question, because this article is about all the kinds of anal sex toys that you can use to tickle your bum with!

I, for one, am a lover of anal sex. Yes, I was skeptical about it at first, but then when I tried it for the first time it didn’t feel any different to normal sex. Depending on my mood, it feels better than having a cock inside my pussy! Sometimes, all I want to do when I get back home from work is to head up to my bedroom, close the blinds and play with my tiny holes until I climax in ecstasy.

Even though a lot of people know about the different types of vibrators that can fulfill their intimate desires, not a lot of them know which toys would be able to fulfill their intimate anal desires. Therefore, I recommend that you keep reading this article so you’ll know what to buy when you next go into Ann Summers!

Let the Slimline Butt Plug slide into you!

These little things are proven to be popular amongst the anal-loving community. Butt plugs are actually great toys to use if you’re not comfortable with a phallic object sliding in and out your asshole just yet.

You can rub a little bit of lube on it, slide it inside your asshole and just leave it in there while you’re getting fingered or fucked in the pussy. Furthermore, the butt plug is considered to be a basic anal toy to use, so if you’re an anal virgin who wants to know what getting your asshole filled up feels like, then this toy should be at the top of your list!

Indulging in a Vibrating Prostate Massage!

Lovers of pegging should pay attention to this sex toy! The vibrating prostate massager is a magnificent toy to keep in your goodie draw, if you feel like pleasuring yourself or getting a hot companion to tease you one night.

Like many vibrators, you can alternate the setting for how soft or how intense you want your naughty session to be. A lot of men have said that some of their best orgasms have been caused from the vibrating prostate massager.

In addition, these toys are easy to clean, so you wouldn’t have to throw it away the moment that you’ve used it! All you have to do is slide it up your exit hole (gently and sexily), put on the settings that you want and just lie on your bed as you stroke and touch your cock at the same time!

Take control with the Anal Beads with Finger Lube!

Like the Durex ribbed condoms that you can buy from pharmacies such as Boots and Superdrug, you can have anal beads that make you say ‘Ooh!’ in the bedroom. Personally, I prefer the anal beads with the finger lube than the other kinds of beads because you have more control in the movement.

I can firmly say that a lot of women have the problem where their vibrators and dildos are difficult to grip onto, especially when they start to get a little bit wet down there…That is why the anal beads with finger lube has clever little handles where you can slip your fingers through whenever you’d squirt too much lube on your asshole! Make sure that you have this kinky item on your sex shopping list, ladies and gentlemen. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed with this product!

Feel like a master with the Double Penetrator!

Unless you’ve already had experience of having a couple of fingers inside both of your holes, then I wouldn’t recommend you to buy this product if you’re not an advanced anal connoisseur!  I’ve had the experience of being double penetrated and I can say for sure that it was one of the best orgasms that I’ve ever had (so far).

I was returned back to my hometown from a 3-month trip abroad and my ex partner just couldn’t wait to wrap me in his arms. When we got back to our place, he wanted to use my pink vibrator during our long-awaited sex session while fucking me in the asshole. This toy is very popular amongst ladies who like to share the love with other ladies, but if there any men out there who are into pegging, then you can detach the vibrating cock ring and use the main part of the strap-on to your heart’s content!

For those who like being teased, use the Flickering Tongue Vibrator!

This is another toy which is not for the faint hearted. Really, it isn’t. What is great about the flickering tongue vibrator is that you can use it on both your clits and your assholes, especially for those who are into salad tossing.

Depending on how intense you like your kinky sex sessions to be, you can alternate on the speed from high to low. But many reviews have stated that the toy is already extreme on the low setting, so you can be sure that you wouldn’t have anything to complain about this product. In addition, a lot of the flickering tongue vibrators are waterproof, so you could be a sneaky exhibitionist and bring the toy with you when you go into the Jacuzzi on a spa day!

Where you can buy these anal sex toys

All of the products that I have talked about can be bought in shops like Ann Summers and Lovehoney, so you won’t have to fret over where to buy the anal sex toy that you want. Have you indulged in the pleasure of using one of these products in the bedroom? Would you like to tell us your kinky anal experiences on XEscorts? Well, you can write down your stories in the comments section below!

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Anal beads are fun to use on a girl. I just love watching each one pop out as you tug on the end. Pop, pop, pop.
If there is something I love seeing, it's those animal tails butt plugs. There is just something about fucking a girl that has a tail, I love it.

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