Tips To Help a Guy Come Twice

October 26, 2015

Gentlemen! We’ve all been there, right? You’re in bed with a sexy partner, you get down and dirty with her, then all of a sudden you climax after 5 minutes of getting your cock stroked, licked or fucked. However, your partner is left to finish herself off. We all understand that it’s part of men’s nature to come quicker than women, after all, a man’s dick is just a huge clit.

What every guy experiences

I can speak for most women that we get quite frustrated when a man cums too quickly. One time I went back to my hometown to visit an old friend who I have benefits with. We were in his room where he had some kind of ‘mood lighting’, we chatted for a little while before he started kissing all over my body. After the foreplay, we started to get down and dirty, during 3 minutes of being fucked, he made a facial expression that got me thinking

‘Yep, he just came and I haven’t even started yet.’

Do you know what happened next? He collapsed on top of me and kept apologising how he got too excited.

I’m a sympathetic kind of girl so I wasn’t too bothered, but it would have been nice to have continued a little longer to make the same facial expression that my friend made. Mind you, he was a brilliant in bed and he had a fantastic body. He had an impeccable chest, broad shoulders, hard biceps, thick brown hair, big eyes, nice lips…I’m trailing off, I’m sorry.

Now, every man is different. Some guys can jack off 10 times a day whereas other men are satisfied masturbating 3 days a week. Alongside that, some guys are super sensitive and cum within 2 minutes, yet there are other men who don’t climax for nearly an hour.

This can be the same for women too. Some of my friends climax within half an hour of their sex session, but one friend told me that she could come within 10 minutes of being ravaged…that can be a benefit for quickies! However, if you’re a man who likes cum multiple times, listen up.

Just keep powering through!

I’m going to break the myth that some of you may already know: men can have multiple orgasms. There is a rise in social pressure on guys stating that they should be able to cum twice to give their partners a happy ending. However, if we put that context aside and focus on the physical aspect, you may be surprised on what your cock could achieve.

I’ll give you another anecdote. One Christmas I went back to my hometown again, and I’ve started chatting to an old friend of mine who started flirting with me. It was quite weird because he never talked to me that way before, and we’ve been mates for a couple of years. I was on my way over when he text me saying

‘I’m having a wank in the bath, just to let you know… * wink * * wink *’

I was thinking, ‘What? Ok…’.

We started watching a film on his sofa, one thing led to another and we ended up in his bedroom. I didn’t know that anyone can last long as he did, but he was able to climax after his wank in the bath while making me climax…twice.

Are you getting the picture now? If you want to be able to cum twice, your first orgasm should be quick so you can get ready for round 2. I know that point sounds like a contradiction after talking about how quick my friends cum, but the trick is to relax a little bit afterward. It’s all about calming yourself down, so you can rebuild your energy back up and get the blood flowing back to your cock again.

If you need some time to get hard again, you can go down on your partner and make her pussy moist with your tongue. I’ve had that experience before, when a guy cums quickly and then kisses all over my body before trailing his face down between my legs. I managed to get a peek of what he was doing with one hand and I giggled to myself,

‘Ooh! I see what you’re doing down there, hehe!’.

Touch me here, touch me there…

Another method is performing different kinds of sex. I know I’m spamming you with old stories of mine, but they are really helpful, I promise! I’ve had one experience with a guy who had a libido that couldn’t be satisfied so easily, and he lasted on average 5 hours per session…yes.

What he did at the beginning was fuck me really hard until he cums, then he slowed down and started to pleasure me in a sensual way. Then he went down south and did some more foreplaying before repeating the whole session. Throughout that time, he managed to cum 4 times.

It’s not about sticking your cock inside a pussy and finishing quickly, it’s about experiencing different positions that get your dick hard again and again.

Be the master of your own cock!

There’s an exercise you can do that helps you control your dick called the Kegel routine. Normally this exercise is performed by men who suffer from urinary incontinence, but it also improves your orgasms. It’s similar to some yoga exercises where some of the positions help you with your posture and muscle relaxation while you’re having sex.

If you’re a beginner, you first contract the muscle in your cock and hold it for 5 seconds. It’s important that you solely focus on the muscle in your dick and not your butt, legs or abs. Guys and girls who squat and have amazing asses would understand. You’re meant to tense the muscles in your glutes that will help build the muscles in your butt. If you contract anywhere else in your body, the exercise becomes completely redundant.

Moving on, you do up to 10 reps of this routine and repeat it 3 times a day. Once you get the hang of it, you can learn to stiffen your cock for up to 10 seconds. This will help you be able to power through that first orgasm and experience another climax.

Once you’ve become the master of your own cock, you’ll be able to cum as many times as you want until you collapse on your companion. You may experience that each orgasm after the last will become less intense, and you will find it harder to cum, but I can assure you that your acquaintance will be left happy and satisfied.

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Babes I do love your story's. I think every man behaviour is different in bed as you know. Girls always has the advantage. Doesn't matter how long or how many times you can cum as long you satisfy the other person everybody should be happy.

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