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August 10, 2016

two lesbian women kissing

There is nothing more sexy and beautiful than watching two girls getting it on.

If I ask 10 guys in the middle of the street who they would do a threesome with, 8 of them would say that they would do it with two hot women, no questions asked. Even though we can always see two girls making each other cum on sites like XVideo and Pornhub, there seems to be more authenticity and sensuality when we see lesbians making out in a movie scene.

Maybe it’s just because the scenarios can actually happen in real life, I don’t know. No, I do know! It’s because of the fact that lesbian films, or sex scenes, aren’t solely aimed at men like some pornos out there, which titillates a bigger audience.

Nevertheless, we still can’t resist a little clit-on-clit action, no matter how crude that sounded.

Bound (1996)


I remember watching this gnarly film when I was quite young. I watched a lot of films that I should have when I was 14 years old…‘Bound’ is about the girlfriend of a violent mobster and an ex-convict developing a lethal affair with each other, and plotting a scheme to escape the mobster with $2,000,000.

As strange as this may sound, but it was this film that made me break the illusion that lesbians are masculine and have butch haircuts. I mean, have you not seen Jennifer Tilly in that movie? You can’t deny that it’s not the skin tight dresses that made her look sexy, it’s her own body that made the dresses look sexy.

Furthermore, the scene where Jennifer Tilly and Gina Gershon were making out in the truck was what fuelled my desire to get ravaged in a land rover one day. Don’t ask why I want to get fucked in a Land Rover.

Blue is the Warmest Colour (2013)


The French film stayed in the cinematographic limelight for a little while, since it’s known for its 20 min lesbian sex scene that makes people think,

‘Huh, so that’s how two women fuck.’

The 3-hour story revolves around a young woman forming an intimate and sexual connection with an art student that she met in a lesbian bar, where the film shows how the relationship developed and diminished. I do have to say that if you want to watch this movie, it is best for you to watch it when your parents, bosses, or conservative friends aren’t around you.

Room in Rome (2010)


Here is one for all of the helpless romantics.

‘Room in Rome’ is about the short encounter of two young women that spent a day together in one hotel room in the middle of Rome, Italy. During the whole day, they got to know one another by exploring each other’s bodies in the most intimate way as possible…without the use of vibrators.

They did all kinds of stuff in the bedroom, in the shower, and in the bath too. The two ladies make me think of Yulia and Lena from the Russian duo, t.A.T.u. My God, the ‘All the Things She Said’ video still looks hot after it was first aired 14 years ago.

Elena Undone (2010)


I’ve only heard of ‘Elena Undone’ recently, but the film has been around for 6 years.

It’s a kind of movie that makes me laugh at the hidden satire in the plot. If you don’t know what I mean, the story is about the wife of a pastor that preaches against homosexuality, but ends up embarking on an affair with a lesbian writer. Ha!

If you’re a sucker for intimate sex, then this film is the one for you. Not once did I see a female character get finger-fucked in the roughest way possible, and not once did I hear any crude dirty talk. Although I am a lady of hardcore sex, it’s nice and refreshing to witness something sensual and soft on my laptop monitor.

Black Swan (2010)


Who could forget ‘Black Swan’, the movie where Mila Kunis eats out Natalie Portman when she starts to go a little bit loopy?

If you weren’t hyped up about the film when it first came out, ‘Black Swan’ is about the internal power struggle of a young ballerina that tried to be bad-ass on stage, but ended up getting high and believing that she was turning into an actual black swan; the film has a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde theme to it. I first watched the film when I was going out with a girl, who actually turned out to be a little bit crazy herself, and I saw her chew on her bottom lip when she watched Natalie Portman climaxing.

I think what got this movie labelled as one of the top lesbian movies on the internet was that the trailer showed the scene where Mila and Natalie started kissing. Now, if I was the video editor, I would have included the scene where Mila puts her hand down Natalie’s pants when they were both in the taxi. That’s just my dirty mind.

Keep calm and continue to make lesbian films

I don’t know what you guys think, but most of the lesbian films that I’ve watched were distributed from independent film companies; you don’t hear a lot of blockbuster films involving female same-sex relationships being broadcast on TV or on Youtube. Overall, it doesn’t matter if they’ve been distributed by 20th Century Fox or Seventh Art Releasing, because as long as there are people in the world making lesbian films, then I will be alright!

Do you know of any other films that involve a bit of girl-on-girl action? Let me know in the comments section below or even on my Twitter!

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