What a Meeting in Sex Dungeon is Like

July 1, 2016

A fearful man shouts out as he his bitten by his dominatrix partner.

We’re now in a day and age where everything that was considered a niche, an uncommon trend, or something that was downright fucking weird, is now deemed as cool.

I mean, after that abysmal franchise came out (I’m not going to mention its name any more than I have already have done in my past articles), everyone calls themselves doms or subs just because they like to get spanked a little bit while they get fucked in the doggy-style position.

To avoid sounding like a BDSM hipster, there are benefits for the fetish becoming a part of the mainstream sex trend. Many mistresses and masters are now getting more business due to the amount of people realising that there’s a little bitch inside them.

Furthermore, it’s good to let that little bitch out every once in a while. It’s like treating yourself to some ice cream, even though you’re lactose intolerance; you don’t give a shit about the stomach cramps you’d get after, because BDSM tastes so damn good. Speaking of sex dungeons from the title of this article, do you want to know what it’s like to get fucked in one of them?

Get your words right

 Mistresses, dominatrixes, masters and doms are different

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Sure, you can look up sex dungeon videos on Pornhub or XVideos to see what actually happens in one of them, but remember, not everything you see on television is real. Or in this case, not everything you see on your laptops or smartphones is real.

This is where you need to make sure that your domination dictionary is correct. Mistresses or masters don’t offer sexual services to their slaves, but many dominatrixes and dominators do. Don’t get mistresses and dominatrixes mixed up; a mistress is someone that has professional, real life experience in BDSM, where a dominatrix is a woman with a sense of authority in the bedroom. It’s the same with masters and dominators.

How do I know this? Well, I haven’t just researched the fetish myself, like a clever person that doesn’t follow the unholy book of you-know-what, I’ve met a dom that had put his words into action.

The strangest doms that I have ever met while eating sushi with them

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It was a Saturday night, humid as fuck, and I was the last one to join the group of doms and subs that I’ve met for the first time.

I’ve already met one of the male slaves beforehand; he came round to my place one night, eat my pussy, and let me slap his thighs and tap his balls. Alongside the male sub was a dominatrix, a dominator, and a female sub; I came along as a switch.

The meeting was pretty normal at first, even though the doms were not what I expected. They reminded me of the alternative American teens you’d see in high school that watch anime all the time, listen to heavy metal, and keep embedding Japanese words into their English conversations like ‘kawaii’ and shit.

After going to a sushi restaurant and having a plate of Maki that’s only filled with rice and avocado, we all headed back to the dom’s apartment, where it looked very homely in the living room but looked dark and ominous in their bedrooms. They showed me a particular room where chains were hanging from the ceiling, and spanking pads were placed up on the walls.

I do have to admit that I couldn’t stop swinging from the chains like a kid on the monkey bars, but when the dom clutched onto my hips, that was the play began.

It was a kitty playpen for me

When you're in a sex dungeon, you turn into a kitty

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I’ve already had some experience in dom/sub encounters before, so I didn’t need to be explained that the dom would only use green, yellow and red to measure my wellbeing during the session. It was lucky that I ate beforehand, otherwise, I would have passed out by the time the dom finished binding my wrists to the chains.

The one thing that I could have wished that he did was to turn off the air conditioning, because I didn’t know whether he dreamed off living in the Antarctic, or wanted my labia to fall off. Fortunately, the number of spanks, flogs and clamps that he gave me was enough to keep my toes touching the ground for about an hour or so before I had to call it quits because I needed to pee. From that night, whenever I next enter that dungeon, I would no longer be Zoe, but ‘Kitty’.

Did I have sex with my dom?

Doms having sex with their subs

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Due to the fact that I’ve only just started my maledom relationship with him, I didn’t have sex with my dom. One thing that you have to remember is that BDSM doesn’t always mean you have sex, not like the Kink and Hogtie videos that you see on porn sites. Those are some words of wisdom that you should keep in mind when you’re planning on having your first dungeon visit.

I’m not saying that you would never have sex in a dungeon, because it depends on the dom or the dominatrix that you encounter, otherwise, they wouldn’t call it a sex dungeon. So, if you’re becoming a part of the trend that BDSM is not as weird as it seems, and you want to know what getting your balls crushed or your clit tied up in a sex dungeon feels like, well, I don’t know how my balls felt after my session, but I can tell you that my pussy had some good humiliation.

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