What Dominatrixes Do and Don’t Do!

April 27, 2016

Beautiful dominatrix

So, you’ve heard about the world of female domination and you want to become a mistress’ little pig? That’s great news; I’m sure that a feisty dominatrix would be more than happy to use you as her puny bitch.

However, some men have common misconceptions about what dominatrixes are and what kind of services a domme would provide. In addition, some of them get confused when a mistress gives them a set of strict rules to follow…Therefore, you should keep reading this article and jot down some mental notes, so you wouldn’t act like an idiot when you walk into a domme’s dark, leathery dungeon.

They do give you clear information about their services

In order to make you trust them, mistresses would have list of services that they’d provide in elaborate detail. Normally, they would show you what their skills are on their websites or on their directory accounts, but they would explain how they’d perform their services in greater detail via email or phone; depending on how you’d contact your chosen domme. This is what a veteran dominatrix would do, because she would know that a brand new slave would feel anxious about her services, if not skeptical.

They do know what they are doing

Even if a dominatrix has only been in the business for less than a year, she would still feel confident enough to advertise her services. Why? Because every mistress would have had professional training from another mistress that has been in the industry longer than her. A dominatrix would have been taught how to keep her assertion with her slave, how to use BDSM gadgets properly and how to make sure that you’re always safe during a session.

You would have heard of a few cases where a submissive has sustained some injury from a domination meeting, like being impaled on a strap-on or being knocked out by his mistress. However, it’s quite rare that situations like those would occur. If they would happen, then that’d mean the mistress didn’t know exactly what she was doing. Then again, if you enter a domme’s dungeon and you don’t feel safe, then you’re better off turning around and heading back home.

They do try their best to get to know you

A true dominatrix would know every little kink that each of their servants would have. She could have a submissive that’d enjoy getting whipped, but wouldn’t be able to handle getting electrocuted, or a slave that’d prefer to be verbally abused rather than physically humiliated. If a mistress wants her client to meet her again and again, she has to build a connection with him, and that connection is accompanied by trust.

They do push you

A dominatrix cannot be called a dominatrix if she doesn’t push your mental capacity during an encounter. You wouldn’t hear a mistress asking you if she could electrocute your balls, or demanding you to lick her boots in a soft voice; that would defeat the whole purpose of being dominant! To put it quite bluntly, a mistress wouldn’t ask you to obey her, she would tell you to obey her, maybe even bark at you to kneel before her.

But they do know your limits

Do not be fooled into thinking that dominatrixes don’t care about your health, safety and well-being. If they didn’t, then they wouldn’t have any clients that’d pay them for their services! A good mistress would always make sure that you’re physically and emotionally safe, which could be a reason why she might ask you about your past experiences in BDSM as well as your limitations. The last thing that a dominatrix would want is to permanently scar you, whether it would be on your body or in your mind.

They don’t get naked

Many mistresses have the sense that if they are naked in a meeting, then that would strip away their status as a dominatrix. Why do you think men are the only ones that end up naked in a hot encounter? Some of the feisty women would reveal a little bit of skin, but they would never fully show their tits or ass. Something to point out to you, as well, you would never see a dominatrix without her boots on. Never.

They don’t provide sex

If you want a courtesan to give you sex near the end of a session, then a dominatrix would be the last kind of woman you should encounter. Despite what you would have seen from BDSM porn videos, a mistress wouldn’t give you sexual services unless it is included in her list of services that she provides, but that would be very unlikely. If you meet a mistress under the pretense that your cock would receive some ‘intimate’ attention, then she would brand you as a time-waster, end the meeting immediately, and refuse to arrange another encounter with you.

They don’t let you play if you haven’t eaten

Dominatrixes would not play with you if you don’t have anything in your stomach for one important reason. Female domination sessions take up a lot of energy out of a submissive, since he would be trying to stay away while he’d be pushed, shoved, slapped, shocked, probed and so on.

If you didn’t eat, or eaten enough prior to the encounter, there is a big chance that you would pass out during the session and would have to be taken to A&E. I’m pretty sure that you wouldn’t want to explain to a doctor how you’ve passed out in a mistress’ dungeon…

They don’t give you safe words

It’s unlikely that a mistress would give you a safe word for you to use during an encounter and I’ll tell you why. If a dominatrix provides her slave with a word to say if the session becomes too intense for him to handle, and he’s getting thrown around like the ragdoll which would make him very light-headed, what are the chances of him remembering what that safe word would be?

An experienced slave would provide his mistress with a safe word, so she would know when the submissive would need to take a break. Furthermore, it would be better for the slave to have a safe word that he would definitely remember.

If they do give you safe words, it would never be ‘Red’, ‘Yellow’ or ‘Green’

For those who are thinking: “But Christian made Anastacia use the word ‘Red’ in Fifty Shades of Grey” Pay no attention to the movie or film whatsoever.

Dommes would use red, yellow and green to see where you are when it comes to your pain threshold. If you’re fine and dandy, you are green. If you need some time to catch your breath, you are yellow. If you feel like your cock is about to fall off, you are red.

Know that nearly every dominatrix would have these kinds of rules…

Of course, you may find a mistress that has a different set of rules in comparison to the ones that are in this list. You might encounter a domme that would get naked in a hot session, or would give you a safe word of her choice. However, the chances of being with a femdom that would have unique ‘do’s and don’ts’ are very slight.

It would be worth it for you to save this blog in your favourites tab, otherwise, a dominatrix would not be happy with you.

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