What is ‘Attractive’ These Days?

November 27, 2015

Gentlemen, you can’t deny that the only reason you watched ‘Baywatch’ when you were teenagers is because you wanted to see Pamela Anderson running on the beach.

Throughout the decades, we’ve seen big iconic women advertised and publicised on billboards and television sets, and that they always seem to change every 3 or 5 years. For example, Marilyn Monroe was a famous sex icon in the 1950’s before Bettie Page came along. 20 years later, you have Raquel Welch and Farrah Fawcett showing off their feminine beauty in the 1970’s. Afterwards, Kim Basinger and Brooke Shields came along, and another 30 years later you have Kim Kardashian’s ass plastered on the internet.

What people are still discussing about today

The debate that is still going on today is the notion that ‘media is telling men what is attractive and what isn’t, and anyone who has a different opinion would be ostracised.’ We all know that personality comes before looks.

When we get the chance to know someone, we would be able to tell from their characteristics whether someone looks hot or not. It’s true what they say: beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Relating back to the sex icons from the past half century, you have to wonder why these particular women are chosen to be exposed to the public where everyone starts to get the hots for them.

There’s always a debate going on about the current media brainwashing our perception of ‘beauty’, and many women are always pissed off about the notion that it doesn’t give men a ‘real view of women’. Like I have mentioned in many of my articles, you have to understand a topic before you could develop an opinion on it.

Many men, if not all of them, would often go for the physical appearance of the female companion first. A woman with a proportionate face, chest, hips and legs. You know? Someone like Kelly Lebrock. Then again, we have to remember that we are not a collective that always thinks the same! You can have some men who prefer to have a larger rear end or someone who’s eyes are bigger than their lips.

What the public wants, the media gives

For decades and centuries, the majority of guys would often go towards the female with the most symmetrical features, and they have two reasons for that.
One, because she looks absolutely hot. Two, if they wanted to have children in the future, there’s a big chance that lady’s symmetrical looks would get passed onto them.

I remember a couple of times I went out with some of my friends to a couple of nightclubs and they were always on the prowl for men. They spot one guy who’s dressed up nicely, has a clean haircut, bold eyes, big lips and a toned body, and all of a sudden they start shouting out.


Now, if that was me and I wanted to find someone who would give me beautiful babies, I would go for a man who has a bulky body with thick dark hair, beautiful eyes and a beard. Some people would question why I would go for a bulky person, and I would say that it’s just a feature that appeals to me; it’s what I find attractive in males.

Going back to the discussion about whether we were ‘told’ what makes a woman ‘beautiful’, you have to think outside the box and wonder why is the media giving us a physical depiction of attraction. You’ve all heard of the phrase ‘sex sells’, right? One thing you have to remember is that media is a means of communication, not someone on the end of a speakerphone telling us what is socially acceptable and what is not.

The reason that you’re seeing female celebrities like Scarlett Johansson and Beyonce on the cover of ‘GQ’ magazine is because these type of women cater to what men naturally see as sexy. If businesses communicate to commoners through media have a voice, it would be saying ‘Hey, I’m showing you these types of women because you said that they look attractive to you.’

Then again, organisations who use media will always find a certain topic or feature that would appeal to various groups of people who have different preferences. You’ve seen it happen drastically within the past 20 years with the ‘heroin chic’ phases in fashion – girls with androgynous features like Kate Moss. Then the rise of the big booty and voluptuous breasts like Christina Hendricks and Shakira.

It could be that men are starting to develop individual ideas on what makes a woman look attractive to them. Not because they are being told to be broader on their preferences, but they’re naturally beginning to think about other, if not unconventional, features on a woman that makes them want to jump into bed with her.

Finding people who are attractive inside and out

For women who are quite self-conscious about their appearances, you don’t have to worry about changing your appearance because there will be at least someone in the world who finds you sexy.

Everyone has their view on what beauty is, and men shouldn’t be afraid to have different interests too. As mentioned before, we all know that personality shines out more than just a pair of sexy legs and a symmetrical face. The character of a person marks the difference between a guy having casual sex with a girl and a guy asking her to be his partner.

This idea can also apply to the relationship between clients and escorts.

You have an array of courtesans who come in all different shapes and sizes that cater to everyone’s interests and preferences. What makes the punters give the escorts high ratings though, is the fact that they enjoyed the time and companionship that the girls offer to them. You’re not going to go out with the same girl again if you find her personality a bit banal or crap.

Relating back to the media discussion, you mustn’t think that it’s telling you what makes a woman look hot. It’s just showing you range of girls that are based on what you like. Think about dating websites, where they show you a variety of guys or girls who’s features related to all the boxes you’ve ticked on your preferences.

Therefore, you have to remember that ‘attractiveness’ is subjective. If you think that big women are attractive, then that’s your vision of beauty. If you think that women with a petite, slim figure are attractive to you, again, that is your vision of beauty. We all don’t think the same!

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