Zoe And Her Five Fave Movie Sex Scenes

March 7, 2016

I love movies; Blockbusters, independent films, world cinema; you name it! But whenever a sex scene comes up from a movie that I’m watching, I can’t help but close the curtains, turn on the lights and eat my popcorn very slowly in my bedroom.

This has happened on multiple occasions with multiple movies, so there are plenty of films that I’ve watched which made my panties a little wet; no, I’m not talking about porn. If you’re interested to know what my top 5 movie sex scenes are, then you better grab your box of Kleenex tissues and continue to read this article! If you’re expecting me to make a reference to that god-awful ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ film, then you can jog on!

Watchmen (2009): Nite Owl and Silk Spectre II

What more could you want from a film that tenders to your interests in graphic novels and sexual desires? I doubt that any of you guys and girls would be able to refuse the chance to get freaky with Silk Spectre II (Malin Akerman) in her sleek, sexy and lethal costume!

From what I remember in the movie, there was one particular sex scene where she and Nite Owl saved a group of people from a building on fire, where afterwards they just flew away in the vigilante’s flying machine and made love with the song ‘Hallelujah’ playing in the background. Wouldn’t you feel a tad bit horny after experiencing the adrenaline of saving civilians from death, where you suddenly turn the lights off and spread your partner’s legs open so you two can enjoy your victory sex?

Black Swan (2010): Nina and Lily

For me, there is nothing more sensual and passionate than seeing two ballet girls getting sensual and passionate with each other after a day of prancing around in the studio and wild dancing in a night club. I remember watching this movie in the cinema for the first time with a cute girl who had a crush on me. I’ll always remember the scene where the two main characters, Nina (Natalie Portman) and Lily (Mila Kunis), run into the bedroom, wrap their arms around each other and spread their legs apart on the bed!

Aside from the madness that Nina held in the film, it was very erotic to see what the protagonist was thinking when her pussy was getting licked by Lily. Furthermore, I found it very sexy the way that the story allows the main character to develop her sexuality; introducing her as a sweet, innocent girl and converted her into a sinister, promiscuous woman. Oh, God. I sounded very seedy, there!

9 Songs (2004): Lisa and Matt

Was there a single sex scene in this film that I didn’t like? Nope. None at all! Even the opening scene, where you see a close up of Lisa’s face while she was getting humped missionary style, was enough to make my underwear wet. What I love about this film is the fact that it only focuses on the two characters, where you see their interaction at the rock concert in Brixton and in the bedroom.

However, I do have to say that I drooled over the scene where Matt blindfolds Lisa and plays with her body with his tongue; sliding it over each breast and down to her tiny, pink clit. None of the sex scenes were simulated, by the way. They were all done live and authentically, where there was even a scene where you see the couple fuck with a condom; that’s how real it was!

The Dreamers (2004): Eva Green and Michael Pitt

Warning: This is not a film that you can watch with your relatives and/or friends; although I can say the same for ‘9 Songs’! There were a couple of scenes that I have enjoyed watching in the dark corners of my room, but I have to say that my favourite one has to be the part where Isabelle (Eva Green) and Matthew (Michael Pitt) got very close to each other in the kitchen; underneath the dining table.

It reminds me of the time when I was play-fighting with an old partner of mine, where I’ve accidentally tripped up and he fell on top of me into the most sexualized position that you could think of. After staring into each other’s eyes, we’ve shared a tender kiss which lead to a hot, saucy fuck on the living room carpet.

Furthermore, I wouldn’t be able to resist getting hot and sweaty with Eva Green; especially with the way she was smoking when we first see her in the movie. With an enthralling storyline, creative cinematography and a few raunchy scenes; ‘The Dreamers’ is a film that you must put on your list of ‘films to see before you die’!

Unfaithful (2002): Connie and Paul

I’m not sure if any of you guys would remember this film; it’s the type of movie that gets popular within the moment of its release and then forgotten a couple of years later. The type of film that you’d watch on the Film4 channel as part of their ‘Late Night Films’. I remember watching this film when I was in my younger teenage years, but I’ve decided to re-watch it a few years later to appreciate the anticipation that the two characters, Connie (Diane Lane) and Paul (Olivier Martinez) developed before they delved into a dangerous love affair.

My favourite sex scene in the movie has to be the part where Connie got angry at Paul for encountering another woman, but he tries to win her back into his arms by not letting her go, which ended up in a steamy, passionate scene near the staircases. I wish my quickies were like that!

If you know of any other saucy sex scenes from movies that you’ve recently watched, leave them in the comments section below; I’ll be interested to hear about other movies that I should add to my bucket list!

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The Dreamers is just about sex. Eva Green always gets her tits out too. Not complaint from me of course, she has great tits.

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