10 Crazy Sex Facts About Women!

April 11, 2016

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‘Women are complicated.’

Said nearly every guy that I have met since I was 18. Damn right we are! There are so many things that happen to our bodies, which make us look in the mirror and say ‘what the fuck is going on?!’ half of the time.

What don’t we know about ladies and sex?

I’m just kidding, but ladies have weird, yet sexy bodies that are always changing, depending on whether they’re angry or when they’re aroused. Let’s talk about what happens to a woman’s mind and body when she starts to get a little bit hot under her sweater.

Well, we already know about a few sex facts about women, like a girl’s cunt gets wet when she’s turned on and that a lady’s get bigger when someone touches her in the right spot, but what about the facts that not a lot of people have heard about before?

1) Women are more likely to commit adultery when they’re ovulating

This is due to the fact that we have the primal, subconscious urge to get knocked up. I, for one, do not have this urge; only the desire to have sex again and again until I’m sore down there!

2) During intercourse, not only do a lady’s breasts and genitals swell, but her nasal cavity too

That crazy fact just makes me think that if a guy ever touches my nose while fucking me, I’d sneeze on him like the apocalypse!

3) Girls burn an average of 69 calories for every sex session that they have

Oh…well…that’s kind of a bummer to me. However, this is a fact that’s based on an average sex session. A woman can burn more calories if she’s the person on top, or in some kinky yoga position that she has to stay in for 10-15 minutes!

4) Women have the ability to make their voices ‘sexier’ to attract men

Hmm, maybe I should work on my own voice then!

5) There are 8000 nerve fibers in a clit, which is twice as more nerve fibers in a penis

Girls, we are not only sensitive at heart; we are sensitive in our crotches!

6) A lady’s vagina decreases in size by 30% when she cums to increase sensitivity

Guys must feel so good when this happens to a woman!

7) Girls who have migraines are more likely to have more sex than girls who don’t

This is because sex helps reduce the pain of migraines. With that being said, I need to find the hottest guy in the bar tonight and say to him:

‘Shit! I’m having a really bad migraine at the moment. Can you help me make it go away in my bedroom, please?’

8) Only 1% of women can achieve a full body orgasm from breast/nipple play

I’ve tried to do this at one point in my life…Before you even ask me, no. I’m not a part of that 1%, which is a real shame because I get really turned one when someone plays with my breasts. I’m just going to cry in a corner now.

9) A lady’s butt sticks out 25% more than usual when she’s wearing high heels

No wonder guys like seeing ladies in high heels and French knickers! Not that many men I know pay attention to which brand of Jimmy Choo heels that a girl would be wearing…

10) 80% of girls use vibrator to achieve clitoral orgasm, not vaginal

This actually surprised me a bit, because I’ve always used one hand to hold my vibrator inside me and my other hand to rub my clit. The fact just makes the rampant rabbit sound very redundant!

Are there more steamy sex facts that XEscorts should know about?

I have to say that some of these facts have made me tilt my head and say ‘huh?’ for a brief moment, especially the one about a woman’s nasal cavity swelling up when she is aroused. To all the guys who are reading this article right now, some of these facts may help you make your sexy, female companion cum in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or wherever you like to have sex! I would definitely show these facts to any guy, or girl, who wants to put their hand down my pants!

These are just some of the sex facts about women that I’ve found intriguing enough to share with you lovely guys and girls in Sweden. One of the saucy writers have also written about other interesting sex facts that you should know about on the blogs page, but is there more that you think all of the users on the directory would be interested to know?

Well, you can always post them in the comments section down below. Don’t keep your unspoken sex facts to yourself now! I would be interested to know what they are.

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