Interesting Sex Facts You Should Know

January 20, 2016

Are you one of those people who think they know everything about sex? You might know how to make a man climax by blowing his mind, or how to give a lady an orgasm with both your penis and your tongue. But that doesn’t mean you know everything. Our bodies are fascinating and they become more intriguing when it comes to having sex. And if you don’t believe me, here is some interesting sex facts that will probably make you change your mind.

The Surprising Truth About Sperm

You already know that sperm is good for your face, don’t you? Here something you might not know: sperm can be used as a cure against depression.

OK, you can’t begin swallowing sperm three times a day and expect to be cured in two weeks. This is not penicillin. But it appears that it improves your mood and makes you sleep better. In addition, the cortisol in it helps the brain feel affectation. Interesting, right?

Also, your sperm or your man’s semen moves extremely fast. Even if you can’t measure it during sex, it travels at 28 miles per hour. Not to mention that it contains a lot of info. Don’t start laughing because this is not a joke. A single sperm has 37.5 MB of a man’s DNA information.

And here is something else you might not know: you don’t use your brain when you ejaculate, but your spinal cord is necessary. Well, you know what they say: “Men don’t have enough blood in their body to keep both their penis and brain working at the same time”. This has to be my favourite sex fact!

The Key of Your Sex Life: the Clitoris

In Greek, clitoris means “key” so, in order to hold the key to a healthy and satisfying sexual life you better get to know how to use that clit!

Even though many men brag with the sensitivity their penis holds, the clitoris way more nerve endings that their toy. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the little, hidden cherry has 8,000 sensitive nerve endings.

And guess what? There is no other use for the clit than to bring women pleasure! How about that?

You Can Make Her Boobs Bigger!

Did you know that women’s boobs grow when they are excited? The hornier she is, the bigger they are.

Now don’t imagine that if a girl is flat and you work really hard she’s going to become Pamela Anderson. However, if you work hard you might make her have a boobgasm. So, you better start treating that nipple like a clit!

Let Me Tell You Something About Your Little Fellow: The Vibrator

Our beloved vibrator was invented in the 19th century and designed to reduce “hysteria”. You might say “that’s exactly what it does.” But female hysteria wasn’t a change in the mood. It was considered a real medical diagnosis in the past.

If you think that is bad, there is more about this. Besides being cured with a vibrator or clitoral stimulation, women who suffered from a more obvious form of this “disease”, risked being locked in an insane asylum and even got treated with surgical hysterectomy.

If you want to know more about this and similar sex facts, just perform a short Google search, or in order to have fun while getting informed, watch the romantic comedy released in 2011 and called “Hysteria”.

Creative People Have More Kinky Fun

I am sure you’ve already noticed that artists, poets or musicians have more sex than people with different jobs.

Well, it seems that not only does creativity pay bills nowadays, but it also brings more fun in the sack. It might be because artistic people use their imagination to improve sex, or for creating a deeper connection with people. I would tell you but I prefer keeping my own weapons secret.

The Sad Truth About What People Do After Having an Orgasm

Really romantic people would like to hear that people enjoy cuddling after sex. At the same time, there are many of you who would love to be told that, after climaxing together, people enjoy having a laugh with each other.

Oh well, the reality is quite different. More and more people just finish banging each other and go straight to checking their Facebook and Twitter. Yes, instead of testing out other sex facts, they check social media.

If that’s not sad news for human relationships, I don’t know what is.

Sexercise is Real!

To make you forget about the bad news regarding people being closer to their Smart devices than to each other, let me give you some great news. Sex makes you thin!

Yes, half an hour of sex can give you an amazing orgasm and make you burn around 200 calories, at the same time. That is amazing, especially for people like me, who were not created for exercising. Well, sexercising sounds better, doesn’t it?

Appreciating Your Body Is Good for Your Sex Life!

If you go in front of your mirror and begin judging your body, it might reflect in the way you perform in bed. And yes, you’ll ruin your sex life.

This is why you better start loving that sexy body of yours! So what if you don’t look like the Victoria’s Secret model you saw in Playboy, or you don’t have Ashton Kutcher’s abs?

I can assure you she doesn’t look like that in real life either! And Ashton’s body is probably photoshopped, too. So, be gentle and understanding with yourself and your sex life will definitely get better!

Sex Facts You Want To Know

These are just a few mind blowing sex facts many people never heard about. If you know more interesting sex facts, don’t keep the valuable info only for yourself! Sharing is caring, so just comment below and spread your knowledge.

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