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Female ghost
June 10, 2016


Bobby Brown is soon going to release a memoir, called Every Little Step. Those of you who are eager to read his book know already that through this book he is going to make public many less known details of his life.

Sexy woman in skirt against a wall
June 6, 2016


Though many of you probably know nothing about this, at the end of this month Skirt Club opens in Sydney. It is already famous in London, and even if you might not know much, your partners are probably very familiar with it.

Young bored couple having problems in bedroom
June 2, 2016

Though hard to believe for many of you, according to a new study, women want to have sex more than their partners imagine. The study was conducted by the psychologists at the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario.

June 1, 2016

What would you say if somebody told you that the young women that are now waiting for you in brothels all over the world might be replaced by robots?

Man with cucumber coming out of his pants like a penis
May 26, 2016


If you are a man, you have probably felt bad about the size of your penis, at least once. Also, you might have tried to find methods to enlarge it. Well, the funny thing is that the majority of men do this, and in most cases, the size of their willy is actually normal! So, the only issue you have is in your head!

Couple having rough sex on a bed at home
May 23, 2016


The fact that where there is hair, there is also a trend is well-known among both men and women all over the world.
We’ve all witnessed colourful armpit hair or Brazilian waxing, so I guess we should not be amazed by the return of the full bush, should we? Yes, my friends, ready or not, women’s pubes are going a bit vintage now.

A couple enjoying a sex-themed park
May 9, 2016

Though for many people Disney is the happiest place on earth, for many Brazil’s new sex-themed park might be the dream that came true. Erotika Land is the name of the park that all of you will be able to enjoy when going to the country of gorgeous “bumbums”.

Couple having sex on the beach
April 29, 2016

No matter how old you are or how many years you’ve been together, you and your partner should think about having a sexcapade. Of course, a young relationship doesn’t actually need anything in order to be fun and naughty. However, though time cures everything, when it comes to your relationship it might make it…well, boring. But that’s not something that cannot be treated, is it?

Times square
April 29, 2016

The fact that everybody loves sex is something you already knew. Well, you are reading the XEscorts blog so that means you are one of the people who really enjoys a lot of sexy time. And that is very healthy. Unfortunately, the fact that we love having sex it’s sometimes used in order to captivate our attention. Well this is not always bad, but let’s be honest, we would strongly appreciate if some advertisers messed less with our minds.

a roast chicken
April 27, 2016


We keep being bombarded by all kinds of people telling us what to eat, what do drink, when and how to do it. I get the fact that there are many trained and well-intended nutritionists out there, but can you give us a break?