Guys, You Underestimate The Female Sex Drive

June 2, 2016

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Though hard to believe for many of you, according to a new study, women want to have sex more than their partners imagine. The study was conducted by the psychologists at the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario.

The results demonstrate that men who are in long-term relationships tend to underestimate how much their ladies want to get kinky with them. Interesting, right?

The Headache Cliché

The fact that ladies pretend to have headaches in order to skip sex is already a cliché, and most people know it is something that doesn’t happen anymore. Actually, for me, it’s hard to believe this ever happened, but times were different “back then”.

Some would say that they had a headache to get out of sex, but we’ve since learned that one of the benefits of sex is that it helps to relieve pain. An orgasm is a natural pain reliever, so if you have a headache, sex can help!

Also, I’ve heard that there are also some ladies who use sex to punish their partners. No, they don’t fuck them until they kill them, though this sound like fun. Ladies don’t have sex, in order to show their partner a lesson. Well, fortunately for their partners, the sexy escorts in Europe are always eager to “unpunish” them!

Women Want More Sex than You Imagine

The research, made by the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario in Canada, was published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. The scientists studied 229 long-term couples aged 18 to 68. The couples in this study had sex once or twice a week, and had lived together at least six years.

How was the research done? Well, after splitting the couples into three groups, they recorded the level of their sexual desires, daily. In addition, they studied the perception of their partner’s sexual desire, as well as the level of relationship satisfaction.

The conclusion of this study was that men really underestimate the sexual desires of their long-term partners. At the same time, ladies know exactly what’s going on with their partners, as well as their needs and desires for sex. Well, I always knew we paid more attention to details than men do, so I am quite far from being surprised!

Dear Men, Please Stop Assuming!

What you guys should do is stop assuming that ladies are not so into sex, because they are. According to this study, the reason why men tend to underestimate the women’s sexy wishes is strongly related to their fear of being rejected.

I can see why it’s easier to assume she doesn’t want sex, than to risk getting a “no”, but you can just talk about it, and understand each other!

At the same time, the fact that there are many women who, just like men, are afraid and feel very uncomfortable when it comes to initiate sex, doesn’t help anybody. Sending signals is something that can be unclear and misleading.

Therefore, even though the research also found that ladies are more satisfied when their companions underestimate their sex drive and try harder to put them in the mood (sneaky , sneaky!), all couples should communicate more when it comes to being intimate.

Talking about sex is for many something that shouldn’t be done. Well, this is why there are so many broken marriages and relationship. Being open about sex shouldn’t make things awkward, but it should help you understand each other and become able to satisfy your needs, as well as your companion’s desires.

It is important to initiate sex the way your partner finds it hot, and just like the study shows you, it is important to listen to what they want, instead of assuming things.

Start by making it clear that they can talk about the things that the want. The more open you are together about sex, the better things will be for you both! You won’t have to try to figure out what they are thinking as they can tell you. What could be better than that?

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