Are Sex Robots the Future of the Amsterdam Sex Industry?

June 1, 2016


What would you say if somebody told you that the young women that are now waiting for you in brothels all over the world might be replaced by robots?

Some of you might be freaked out by this idea, while other are probably already imagining themselves being pleasured by robots.

Well, this can be an interesting fantasy, but is it still interesting when it becomes reality? Scientists Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars say that android sex workers will improve our life, and they already imagine how the future sex industry in Amsterdam will be like. Are you ready for this?

‘Robots, Men, and Sex Tourism’

In accordance with the weird study made by futurologist Ian Yeoman and sexologist Michelle Mars, in 2050, the red-light district will become the home of the robotic sex workers.

When they created this whole image of the future and wrote the thesis entitled ‘Robots, Men, and Sex Tourism’, they based it on Yub-Yum, one of Amsterdam’s most exclusive brothels, which closed in 2008. Those of you who have already seen this brothel can actually imagine it with robots, instead of the warm, sexy ladies that please them.

According to their statements, the robotic sex workers will make the world a better place, not only because they will offer a range of services from lap dancing, massages, and full sexual intimacy, keeping you completely satisfied, but they will also prevent disease, as well as the human trafficking issues.

At first sight, this sounds incredible, especially since they also warn people, that many STIs can mutate and become resistant to vaccines. However, I am not sure if creating robotic sex workers is the answer for this problem, is it?

Are Sex Robots a Good Idea?

Now, the scientists’ statements make us believe that the tourists who want to go to a brothel in 2050 will have an incredible experience because the robots are programmed to satisfy all their desires. Also, they will be safe because the robotic sex workers are made of resistant material, and they are cleaned of fluids, making the whole thing safe.

But is this really something humanity needs? I mean, yes, mutations might make certain viruses immune to treatment, but is creating robotic sex workers the answer? Shouldn’t scientists’ work harder on, you know, finding treatment, like they used to, and leave sex in the hand of…humans? Are they actually trying to alleviate human trafficking, or they are just creating expensive sex toys, because….sex sells?

Just imagine the world where robots satisfy us all. Won’t this make the world full of people who don’t connect to each other, who don’t think and create anything but robots, which are meant to do everything for them?

While I am profoundly support evolution and technology, I strongly believe that there are certain things, such as nature and human connection that we should not mess with. What are your thoughts? Would you replace the warm, hot and talented ladies available on XEscorts with a robotic sex worker? Share your opinion by commenting in the box below.

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