Oral Sex – The Most Common Mistakes

December 9, 2015

Oral sex is not only a great prelude to sex, but it is the real deal in many cases. Your partners can blow your mind with their oral techniques, right? But how about when they do it completely wrong? Or when you mess up?

As you probably have heard a million times before, communication plays a big role during sex. Unfortunately, many people go down on their lovers without asking what they really like. This can be perfectly fine, as long as you pay attention to their reactions. But do you? Or do you just go down and do your thing? Do you know your partner’s sweet spot? What about their dislikes?

If you want to be sure you’re doing everything right, make an effort to talk to your partner or observe the reactions their next time you are giving oral sex. Also, to keep you from doing them, here are some of the most common oral sex mistakes. Which one are you guilty of making?

Being Fast and Furious Doesn’t Really Work With Oral

Most men are satisfied with their partners’ manner of giving oral sex. However, just going directly to the penis and starting to suck on it, doesn’t sound as erotic as it would if you offered your partner a bit of a prelude.

Kissing his ears, his neck and playing for a while is quite a big deal for everybody, not only for women. Yes, we know that women get aroused slower than men, who are famous for turning on like a light. But still, unless we are talking about a fun and crazy quickie, being fast doesn’t help anybody. So, take your time to be sensual and offer pleasure to your partner!

Damn Right You Have to Change Positions!

The well-known positions for having oral sex are perfectly alright and they work for all of us. However, why not change the position when there are so many alternatives? Wouldn’t this be a fantastic surprise for your partner? Believe me, it would actually be for both of you since a new position can definitely offer new sensations.

Depending on what you both like, you can have oral sex while standing, kneeling, from behind and the list can continue with an impressive number of ideas. So, why using the same position every time, when there are tons of them?

Keep the Tempo when He’s Climaxing & Change the Moves when She’s Not

As you know, when men are going to have an orgasm, nothing can stop them… except their partners’ change of the rhythm. It can also happen to women, of course, and the only way to avoid this unpleasant moment is by paying attention to your partner.

It is obvious when both women and men are about to have an orgasm, especially if you’ve seen them in this position before. So, notice that moment and keep the tempo of your oral sex technique until they come.

Regarding your techniques, giving a man a blowjob might be a bit less difficult since they easily get excited. However, with women it is a bit more difficult. Most of them have an orgasm from oral sex, but many require a lot of time to get there. This is why different techniques, as well as changing or alternating them are necessary.

Use Your Lips & Watch the Teeth

When you give oral sex to a woman, using the lips is mandatory. The tongue is important, but you should never forget the power that sensual lip touching has. At the same time, men have a problem with teeth. They like their girls’ smile, but they kind of dislike having their penis bitten when they are expecting to be licked and sucked.

In order to prevent scraping his penis with your teeth wrap your lips around his penis and suck it in. Or course, this is one technique and you should remember not to stick to one move! Just, don’t bite!

Keep Your Hands Where You Can Use Them

Now, we talked about the mistakes most people do with their mouths. But, how about the hands? First of all, not using them is a huge mistake. Both women and men love a bit of hand play.

This can mean rubbing his penis and playing with his testicles or massaging the vulva and stimulating the G-spot from the inside. Either way, hands are an important part of oral sex, as long as you’re not overusing them. Also, some of the mistakes mentioned above can apply to using hands, as well. So, don’t go fast and furious when fingering or rubbing your partner!

Are You Handling His Testicles with Caution and Being Gentle with Her Clit?

Your partner’s testicles are also included in the oral sex game, aren’t they? Playing with your man’s balls can increase his satisfaction! But you have to be careful since this area is extremely sensitive. Not only because the lack of softness might be annoying for your partner, but it will actually hurt him a lot.

At the same time, being gentle with the clit is also crucial. You can apply pressure when playing with it, but you must be careful with the amount of force you are using. Also, remember that rubbing it too much and too hard can provoke a lot of pain. Therefore, take it easy!

OK, Marco Polo, It’s Time to Explore the Area

When giving oral to your partner, you have to remember the other parts of their body, don’t you? Giving oral doesn’t only involve the clit, though its 8,000 nerve endings make it quite important. Stimulating the whole vagina is a great idea and so is playing with her breast and butt, depending which position you are using.

Regarding the guys’ areas, you might want to switch from sucking to licking and from that to kissing the whole area. Men like having their balls and their anus area taken care of also.

The Less Routine the More Orgasms

Sometimes, a routine is good, since it makes us feel safe. Having your own special moments with your partner and repeating them is not bad. Actually, this sounds great. However, doing the same thing every time might bring boredom into the bed. Therefore, keep your habits but replace them once in a while with other things.

Oral sex games could be fun, right? Why not use some delicious food to intensify the feelings? You can bring something new to your sex games every time if you want to. Some people enjoy the hot and cold sensations for example. Do you? If you don’t know that yet, next time you are having oral sex, remembers to put ice and hot tea near your bed and use them to make your partner have electrifying sensations.

If You Like It Put Some Feeling into It!

Oral sex should be enjoyed by both the giver and the receiver because it is a sensual and erotic act of intimacy. If you are not taking pleasure in doing this, no matter how hard you try, your partner will know. The best thing all of you can do is not offer oral sex unless you want to. Isn’t it better not to be offered this sexy treat than to see your partner very unhappy while pleasuring you?

These are the most common oral sex mistakes from my point of view, but I am sure we can put some more on the list! Do you have anything to add? If you do, share your thoughts with us by commenting below! Cheers!

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