A Guide To Doing Striptease For Beginners

October 29, 2015

Every man dreams about being surprised with a private striptease, and every woman fantasise about being the star of a lap dance show. Not all women have enough courage or succeed in performing a good dance because it’s not as easy as you might think.

However, it’s not difficult either, and if you take into consideration the tips below, you will be able to control your moves, and be sexier than ever while teasing and maybe afterwards, pleasing your partner with your looks and moves.

Set Your Stage

Before talking about how to create the perfect atmosphere in the room where you plan to dance, how about the ambiance you must have…down there? Yes, I am referring to a bikini wax!

So, the first thing you have to do is visit a salon and make yourself pretty. Looking good helps with your confidence, as well!

Now, how can you create a sexy vibe? It’s quite easy, actually! Whether you use perfumed candles, or a scarf to drape the lights, it’s your choice as long as you create a reddish or dark pink effect. These colours scream “sexy”!

What else do you need? You could get a pole in order to use it in your choreography, but since you are a newbie, you probably want to stick with a chair.

Besides the lights, and the chair you also need to prepare your playlist. There are many good songs you can use, like Feelin’ Good by Nina Simone, but you should go for the music you love. Take into consideration what he likes, but in order to move sexy, you must dance to your favourite songs, as long as you’re not an AC/DC fan!

Once your “stage” is prepared, you can concentrate on what to wear!

Dress to Undress

I am sure you know you should smell great, arrange your hair and wear something hot. But besides the fact that you must pick an outfit that makes you look good, you also need to feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

So choose carefully! If the outfit doesn’t make you feel comfortable, pick something else. The sexy school girl might be a turn on but so is the hot teacher! What suits you?

Don’t forget you should have a few layers ( Not too many though) that you can slowly take off while teasing your partner! Also, choose a pair of sexy high heel shoes and spend some time when buying the lingerie.

If you want an extra tip, besides the bra and knickers you should also wear a garter belt and stockings. What colour? Well, it depends on you but remember that red and black make all women look sexy!

Tie Him Up and Blow His Mind!

The big moment is close. So, bring your man, sit him on a sofa or a comfy chair and offer him a drink. His favourite! And if you are thinking about having a cocktail or a glass of wine, go for it but don’t have too much alcohol! Feeling more at ease is good, but getting drunk will ruin your sexy dance.

If you want to make sure your man only looks and not touches until he is allowed to, you can tie him up! Use sexy handcuffs and make him even more anxious to see what’s next!

You Can Leave Your Shoes On…

Now, assuming that you didn’t go for a pole, begin your private dance by standing near your chair. Listen to the music and move sensually until you completely lose yourself in the sexy rhythm. Move slowly, TOUCH YOURSELF using elegant gestures and then start teasing your partner by easily removing your clothes.

Use the chair for hot moves. For example, sit on it and open your legs widely, then close them! Yes, tease him! You can also go closer and touch him!

If something unexpected happens ( you are a beginner and all kinds of things can happen) just smile and even laugh at yourself without stopping your show!

However, at some point you have to end it, right? When? How? Well, when you are ready to change from striptease to an erotic show. If you want an advice, keep the high heel shoes and the stockings on!

Stop Teasing. Start Pleasing!

What’s next? Well, you can keep dancing for as long as possible, while letting him kiss you and touch your body! And then…move to pleasing him, and yourself of course!

Your man must be very aroused at this point so he will definitely spend a lot of time on giving you pleasure! You deserve it, don’t you?

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