Are You a Sex Addict?

January 18, 2016

Do you really love having sex and the fact that you are always ready to let somebody’s hands down your pants makes you worried? Are there moments when you want to spend the night with somebody so badly that you start thinking of the word “addict”? Did your friends and family tell you that paying for sex is just a step forward towards a dependence?

Well, you’re reading the right thing. Let’s talk and see if you are a normal human being who is longing for feeling loved and desired or your addiction issues are real and serious.

Sex Is Beautiful. Addiction is Dangerous

Sex addiction is not only referring to people who have an uncontrollable desire to have sex with somebody, but also to those of you who can’t stop themselves from watching porn, masturbate and even flirt all the time.

There are people whose sexual compulsive behaviour make them go further than that, and even engage in activities like exhibitionism, voyeurism, rape and child molestation. But you don’t have to be a sex offender to be begin thinking about joining an SAA group.

What makes people have compulsive sexual thoughts and acts? Well, this answer might not satisfy most of you, but there are many things that cause such a disordered behaviour. Yes, you can connect the issues with the past, you can connect them with the brain mechanism, as well as associate your actions with other pathological disorders like gambling.

Furthermore, sex addicts are considered to have abnormal levels of the brain chemical dopamine or serotonin. And that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it? Do you think there is any difference between how a sex addict uses sex and an alcoholic uses alcohol? Well, there’s not!

Also, as you probably expected, there is a high chance for a sex addict to come from a broken family. In addition, a large number of people with this dependence have been sexually abused when they were young.

Desiring the Things that Eventually Will Destroy You…

Even if you might find being a sex addict funny and intriguing, this is something serious that consumes a lot of your energy! Also, it can easily cause problems that many find difficult to deal with. There are addicts who lost their jobs, relationships, families and even had legal problems.

Yes, the effects this unhealthy lust can have are more dangerous than you expect. Besides the ones mentioned above, you should also take into consideration the increased possibilities to get a venereal disease, to bring to life unwanted babies, as well as psychological disorders like anxiety depressions and other addictions ( to alcohol, drugs).

But how do you know you are an addict? Well, the strong desire to have passionate sex does not mean you are sick and you should be treated. But the feeling of not having power over your sexual thoughts and acts is.

Also the fact that you think only about sexual adventures, while non-sexual things don’t appeal to you at all is also an issue. Furthermore, you might drown in shame and embarrassment after getting sexually or emotionally involved with people even when you have no idea who they are.

Now, I know that you might all yell “ Damn, Tinder is full of sexual addicts and offenders”. To be honest, it might be. But it is also full of eccentric Millennials who are trying to find their way to a “normal” grown up life, love and stability so don’t rush to being judgmental or diagnosing people.

Also, there are many sex addicts who are so afraid of being dumped that they stay in an unhealthy relationship or rapidly move from one relation to another.

Is there any treatment for this addiction? Well, you can join SAA meetings, go to a psychologist or a psychiatrist and maybe be given anti-depressants or some of the medicine they use to treat obsessive compulsive disorders. But before even thinking about something like this, make sure you have an issue. Most people feel the need to be loved and pleasured, but that doesn’t mean they suffer from an addiction.

Sex Addict or…Sex Enthusiast?

So you like to have sex…a lot. And you are always open to trying a new position or having fun in different places. Well, good for you! Sex is awesome and healthy for both your body and mind. Yes, sex is the best!

And as long as it doesn’t interfere with the rest of your life, your work, habits and relationships, there is nothing to worry about. So what if you like a bit of BDSM between the sheets? It doesn’t make you weird and it definitely doesn’t mean you are an addict.

And if your acquaintances scared the hell out of you saying that hooking up in clubs or seeing escorts and paying for pleasure make you an addict, tell them to cut the bullshit! As I said, as long as it doesn’t stop you from having a normal existence, sex is the best medicine for a healthy life!

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