Can You Have Sex With Just One Partner Forever?

April 20, 2016

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The idea of having sex with the same person for the rest of your life is not only difficult but also boring for many people. At the same time, there are some who find it romantic and incredible, though pretty hard with all these temptations.

Many people question whether they are able to be loyal. Though for some, loyalty has nothing to do with sexual intercourse.

Can You Have Sex with the Same Person for the Rest of Your Life?

Well, since there are people who stopped fooling around and stayed faithful to only one person, it means that people can have sex with one person. How can somebody ignore all the “invitations” their life meets?

Well, according to the multitude of psychologists who are focusing on this human sexuality, it seems that everything begins with acceptance. What I mean is that people who want to stay faithful to one person should accept the fact that they are not going to have sex with anybody else.

The next problem is related to the time spent together. The fact that people who want to have a long and healthy relationship should not spend all the time together is well-known. However, just as important as doing things without each other, is doing things together. Quality time is crucial for the health of every couple, so make sure you do great things together!

In addition, if you want to have a good sexual life with one person for the rest of your life, you should definitely forget all about the myth of spontaneity. If you think you should be spontaneous, you won’t be happy unless you are. And let’s be honest after 20 years living with somebody, spontaneity isn’t always going to happen.

People who are happily married know that sex is not all about spontaneity. Committed sex is about being present and loving each other’s bodies.

The Question Is…Do You Want to Sleep Only with One Person?

So, many of you can have sex with the same person for the rest of your life. The question should be which one of you really wants to share his body only with one person? The truth is that if you don’t want to be faithful but you try to do it anyway, it’s going to be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done.

And that is not all. Trying to be with one person even if you want to have sex with other people will make you very unhappy. In addition, according to many psychologists and psychiatrists, people who don’t take care of their desires, end up having many mental problems.

This is why people are advised to do what they want, in order to be mentally healthy when they grow older. But how do you have everything? I mean, there are people who love one person for the rest of their life but when it comes to body desires, they want more. How do you do it and not hurt the love of your life?

Unfortunately, this is far from being easy, unless you are lucky enough to have a partner who is more understanding than jealous.

However, there are many gentlemen who take good care of their relationship and marriages. Seeing escorts is considered by many men, as well as women, not cheating. It’s quite easy to see why.

Paid sex is all about sex, so ladies know there is nothing between their partner and the escort he has been seen. This is why women are more forgiving and it’s totally understandable since, it’s hard to be with somebody who might be in love with another woman, too, isn’t it?

Therefore, escorting is something many men do, not only in Europe, but all over the world. They love somebody for the rest of their life, but when it comes to sex they just slip once in a while.

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