Dating, Hooking up, or Seeing Escorts – Which is Better?

April 1, 2016

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Today’s world is all about casual sex, relationships being something that is meant to happen “later” in our life. We have to admit that when financial security is not so secure, we all have to spend more time thinking about a career instead of dreaming about love and marriage.

So, dating, hooking up and seeing escorts seem like better ways to keep your sexual life healthy and your brain concentrated on work, at the same time. But which of these relationship alternatives work better?

The answer to that question actually depends on you. Are you the kind of guy who usually has one too many drinks and then hooks up with the first lady he encounters? Or maybe you like using dating apps and go out with ladies hoping for a happy ending?

Should You Say “No” to Hooking up and Start Seeing Escorts?

The intriguing part is that more and more people prefer seeing escorts instead of dating or hooking up. Why do they make this choice? Well, for instance, though hooking up might seem like a fantastic, sexy and spontaneous idea, being “low risk” for people who want to concentrate on work, it’s kind of dangerous when it comes to STDs. Who is that person you are hooking up with? What if you drink too much and you forget to use condoms?

Now, let’s move from sharing bodily fluids to sharing your feelings. Dating is not similar to having a serious relationship. However, it involves time spent chatting before, during and sometimes even after the date. As mentioned, many of you prefer working hard for a while in order to achieve their dreams. So, time is precious…Think about that!

This leaves you with escorting, doesn’t it? Well, though it is the best choice for an impressive number of men, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your perfect option, does it? Before you forget all about dating and hooking up and move to seeing escorts, you should understand the benefits as well as the negative aspects of your choice.

Men say that seeing escorts is the best way to keep their sexual life active and their mental state healthy since it implies no risk and complications. Well, that is true. Escorts don’t see you if you are drunk and they always use condoms. Not to mention the fact that they get tested for disease periodically. So, no STDs for you!

Furthermore, there’s always hotness when it comes to escorting. Cyber dating or drunk hooking up can easily make you end up near somebody you normally don’t feel attracted to. So, why have sex with a person you don’t actually like when you can see hot women who not only look the way you want but also like the same things you do?

Since we are talking about the things you like, we should also mention the fact that seeing escorts can easily take you to fantasy land. Meanwhile, fulfilling your deepest fantasies during a first date might be quite difficult even when we talk about Tinder dates.

As I said, we have to be honest, and admit that there are some negative aspects, too. Well, negative for some. So, you cannot fall in love and hope for a relationship. This is actually the reason why many women forgive their partners for seeing escorts instead of hooking up with other women. They know for sure that they just wanted a bit of fun and good sex. This means that if you easily fall in love. you have to be very careful because there is no room for you in an escort’s heart.

Another aspect you should know is that if you are shy and you are used to drinking or using substances to “get the ladies”, seeing escorts is not going to work for you. I know that you might be a nice guy even when you are drunk, but you might well get over excited and act badly. Therefore, no one should take this risk.

However, the good news is that the ladies know how to take care of your timidity. Unlike the awkward moments when because of your shyness you get rejected, when meeting an escort you are more than welcomed no matter how bad your pick up lines are.

So, What Is Best for You?

These are the most important reasons why most people choose to forget all about hooking up and dating in favour of seeing escorts. But before you do that, you have to decide if this is best for you. Yes, seeing escorts affects your wallet, but getting an STD or going to work with a hangover can affect you in a higher degree, right?

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Hooking up for 1 night is better, just go out, shag a girl and go home after, sometimes you get to stay over night and fuck in the morning. An escort, you pay for it, but I still enjoy seeing escorts, you get no hassle for the ladies.

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