Does Eating When Pregnant Chicken Give Kids a Small Penis?

April 27, 2016

a roast chicken

We keep being bombarded by all kinds of people telling us what to eat, what do drink, when and how to do it. I get the fact that there are many trained and well-intended nutritionists out there, but can you give us a break?

According to a new ad created by PETA, all women who eat chicken during their pregnancy are in danger of giving birth to boys with smaller penises. Yes, you read this correctly! Chicken gives small penises to your sons! At least that is what PETA says because, in reality, doctors and researchers never mention chicken when it comes to what pregnant women should not eat.

What the organization claims is that the small penises are given by the phthalates, the chemicals that have been found by researchers in small quantities of chicken.

Do Absurd Ads Work?

If you know who PETA is and what it does, you already know that this isn’t the first time the organization throws an absurd ad in our face. Another scientifically questionable message was sent through commercial that compared the qualities of a vegan and a meat eater in bed. Since PETA promotes veganism, the meat eater didn’t last for too long. I am sorry, WHAT?

I mean, we all know that an unhealthy lifestyle is not helpful, but no research confirmed what PETA spread all around the world. The commercial couldn’t be shown on TV but a huge number of people saw it online!

“The More Chicken, the Smaller the Penis!”

Anyway, back to the small penises given by eating chicken, besides the fact that chicken isn’t among the foods that should be avoided by future moms, I have a question. How many of you heard pregnant women worrying about their sons’ penis? Are they the target audience? Or is PETA thinking to scare all future dads who lived with insecurities, thinking they will throw away the chicken in the freezer? Who falls for this?

I might say that sensitive people can stop and think twice before eating chicken since the ad begins with a baby crying. I don’t have babies, but I am pretty sure that having a small penis is not something that bothers a baby, is it? So, why are we shown a baby covered in tears? Does chicken also give babies depression and anxiety?

The Study Cited Doesn’t Say Anything about Chicken

Any normal human being who hears rumors tries to find out how true they are. Well, in this case, it seems that PETA cites some sources that never stated anything about how eating chicken gives your kids small penises. The study is indeed about phthalate and how pregnant women are exposed but there is limited involvement into their son’s penis size.

Also, as mentioned, there is no reason to worry about eating chicken. At least, there isn’t one yet, since phthalates are everywhere, in water, food as well makeup. So, until other researchers tell us, there are no motives to believe that eating checking during your pregnancy is going to give your son a small penis.

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