Drunk Sex – What Can Go Wrong?

January 25, 2016

Are you anxious to go out, have a couple of drinks and hook up with someone hot and maybe get laid? Of course you are because you think that alcohol makes you sexy and smart, and gives you the best nights of your life: the ones that you can’t remember.

The reality is different than the YOLO way of thinking. Nobody is actually against one or two glasses of wine ( or whatever your drink of choice is)! but before engaging in an orgy with a few bottles of alcohol, you should know what can go wrong when you get drunk and look for sex. Because that’s what you actually do when you are intoxicated. I know that. I’ve been there and have done that.

Now, alcohol affects each of us in a different manner, but it usually makes us less inhibited, as well as more open. And even though that might seem like happiness for many of us, the drinks we have affect our life in more complicates ways.

Unfortunately, with inhibitions, we also lose our balance, coordination and of course judgment. Or else, how can you explain going upstairs using all of your four limbs? Or did you magically turned into an elephant after drinking one bottle of tequila?

Also, do you think “whiskey dick” is a myth? Or that “beer goggles” won’t affect your confidence during the years? Have you ever heard about date rape?

And, what do you think about…the hangover? Is it obvious for you that the happiness magically turns into depression? This doesn’t actually happens from just a couple of beers, so nobody says you should institute prohibition into your life. But, how about moderation?

Avoid Turning Alcohol into Regret

So, people drink because alcohol makes them happy and confident enough to hook up with each other and have some sex. Well, unfortunately, excessive drinking turns good sex into bad sex and happiness into regret. What can go wrong? Why is it that sex and excessive alcohol consumption just don’t mix?

Whiskey Dick and Vaginal Dryness. If you are a hard drinker you know that when you drink a lot of alcohol your body gets dehydrated. What do you think happens because of dehydration? Well, women experience dry vagina and an extreme difficulty having an orgasm.

And if they do have, it is less intense. At the same time, men deal with the well-known “whiskey dick” which is far from being a myth. Yes, large amounts of alcohol make it difficult for the penis to get and stay up!

Beer Goggles. Besides feeling more attractive, intelligent and confident, when intoxicated, people also see their potential partners in a better light. Now, don’t tell me you never woke up near somebody who looked slightly different than the lady you left the pub the night before? And I only say “slightly” when I talk directly to men because it seems that the beer goggles effect lasts longer on guys.

Yes, both men and women see the others hotter and sexier when drunk. But women’s beer goggles come off the next morning while men tend to not realize anything until later. Yes, that happens even though both hooked up with people they wouldn’t like when sober.

Also, I’ve noticed that women tend to be more disturbed and ashamed with their choices. At the same time, though they feel down because of the alcohol depression, men tend to joke around and make fun of their choices. Of course, this could be just the power social stigma has over women, but that’s another story!

Cloudy Judgment. Unfortunately, hooking up with less good looking or less intelligent people than you normally do is not the only issue alcohol comes with. When you are drunk you risk making many worse decisions. For example, unprotected sex. Many people don’t even think about condoms when they are drunk, do they? I am pretty sure all of you can find a moment in their life that made you see the doctor.

Well, unprotected sex might lead to unwanted pregnancies and STDs, but how can you think about that? When you are drunk your IQ is down 30 points and you might not even be mentally present. And this can even lead to something worse than gonorrhea: date rape.

It’s Time to Talk About Consent

Unfortunate, when they are really drunk people might lose their ability to consent. And even though they don’t want to hurt each other, when both people are drunk bad things happen. Just like you can lose the capability to say “no”, the other can drop the power to understand when the other doesn’t want something.

Consent may not be guessed and it is required for all sexual activities. Yes, when somebody says “yes” to kissing, can always say “no” to a blowjob.
Consenting one activity doesn’t involve desiring all.

So yes, excessive drinking can make people do things they wouldn’t normally do. And not only because they are not inhibited anymore, but because they are not thinking properly.

Drunk sex is not always fun. Most people have “ Remember that moment when I was so drunk, I fell out of the bed while having sex? “, moments they never talk about, and “good” nights they can’t remember though they know they woke up in the wrong place.

And yes, you can get hurt or be the one that hurts people when you drink excessively. Why do you think that in our escorting guide we specifically mention “ Don’t turn up hammered”? Did you believe that we don’t want you to have a good time?

Helping you have a good time is the XEscorts main purpose. But so is the escorts’ well-being as well as your safety. And as I said before, alcohol can easily turn good sex into bad sex. So, what’s the point in paying for it if you plan to ruin a perfect, hot rendezvous?

As you can see there are many things that can go wrong when sex and alcohol are mixed. This is why you should always drink wisely. If you have an advice or a story that involves both sex and being drunk and you want to share it with us, please do. You can use the comment box below.

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Throwing up during sex and getting it all over the girls bed and floor isn't a great way of meeting a girl on a night out. I was kicked out straight away and never saw her again.

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