How to Give a Woman Oral Sex

September 17, 2015

Oral sex is as important for a woman as it is for a man, even though the blowjobs seem to be more “advertised”. That’s only because men talk about their sex life more than women. Also, most men have no idea what’s going on between a woman’s legs and that makes it harder for them to pleasure her with oral sex.

Many women think their guys just don’t want to go down on them. Well, girls, they do, but they are just scared of not doing a good job!

So, dear men, what should you have in mind when giving oral sex?

1. Every woman is different but…

I totally agree with the fact that women are all different and they love distinct things, especially when it comes to sex. But before finding out all your partner’s fetishes you have to start from somewhere, right?

First of all, women are a little bit different than men. If you feel comfortable as soon as a woman takes off your pants and starts “the job”, a woman won’t. You have to make her feel comfortable. This means that you shouldn’t just undress her and stick your tongue into it.

Women love attention and tenderness before they like it rough. So, maybe kissing her slowly on her lips, neck, making a way down her body until you get down and open her legs widely ( the wider, the better!!!). Also, putting a pillow under her butt might be a good idea, for her comfort.

What’s the point? The idea is to turn her on before you begin the oral sex. Just make her tingle and don’t act like you just want to get over with it. She will feel your rush!

2. Tease before you please

Now that you got between her legs, don’t “jump into the final destination” making it seem like you just want to finish as soon as possible. Instead of acting like you are eating a burger at McDonald’s, be more like when you are tasting a menu at a gourmet restaurant.

TEASE her! You liked to be teased, don’t you? Just touch her tights, kiss them, tingle her outer labia ( Yes, use your tongue and hands to warm her up ), then return to the tights and play a little bit more before you begin kissing and licking her labia minor.

Only after you played around for a while, you can make your way in and aim for the clit.

3. Keep your head down and be patient!

Now, women love it when you pay attention to their clit. However, focusing all your attention on one spot is not a great idea. Well, yes, the clit is like a small penis and has loads of nerve endings that wait for you to stimulate them. However, it’s also super sensitive and licking it too much or too rough might make the whole experience painful.

So, when you’re giving your girl oral sex see yourself as a mixologist, mixing a perfect orgasm: use your whole tongue in different ways, making it soft and then hard, flat and then sharp. Lick it fast, lick it slow, up, down and then change the technique again!

Remember that women don’t reach climax as fast as men do. So, if you’re just thinking about making her cum, you’ll just make her see you’re rushing and that just doesn’t help her relax and enjoy the moment!

3. Don’t forget your hands

Using your hands is very important. You can begin by touching her boobs, her inner tights, her butt and then slowly reach her pussy. Most women love one or two fingers inside her vagina while your tongue is playing with her clit.

Focusing on both your fingers and tongue might be hard since, you know what they say, “ men cannot focus on doing two things at the same time” (except Napoleon, of course), but you have to try. And if you want to pleasure your girl, you will make it.

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